Title:Like a Machine

Pairing: NaruGaa, NaruSasu

Inspiration: heavy metal, the magazine

Summary: How much can a person take? How far will he be willing to go for love?
Is it truly all the same?


It's like a machine.

Those eyes, pulling me into their emerald abyss.

Hazy, clouded, encircled in black tombs that slide close, head tilting backwards.

Face shadowed... Hands, searching... Body pleading...

Soft moans breaking the silence of this dateless night.

He entangles me in his warmth, he uses me.

Luring me out of uncertainty.

Crying out my name, anchoring me to him, pledging his devotion.

His moans are louder.

"I love you Naruto."

He uses me...

...and I can't help but like it.

"Naruto? Are you ok?"

Sometimes it feels like I'm sleeping awake.

"Yeah... just a little out of it."

"Excited? Couldn't sleep?"

"Something like that."

"Did you hear? Sasuke's back in town."

"No, when did he get here?"

"Who knows... He's looking for you, ya know."

"Yeah... I know."

Have you ever known a person that always brought trouble?

"He came by here a little while ago. Told me to tell you where he'll be once I see you. Want the address?"

And even though you knew that you were about to walk into a world full of shit… again...

You just couldn't say no.


"Where were you, Naruto?"

"You know. Just out..."

...With him. Stealing caresses, kisses.

My being devoured beyond recognition.

Dying, in the lap of another, as he did the same.


... I know nothing of the feeling.

That's what hurts him the most.

"...fooling around."

Gaara trusts me.

Why, I don't know...

...That's how he is now.

He smiles rarely, but just enough to show that he is untroubled.

He laughs occasionally, at me, I couldn't say.

Devotes himself to me out of want rather than obligation... Just like Neji.

Argues with me about trivial things... like Kiba once did.

Kisses me on request... kind of like Shikamaru.

Tells me that he loves me...


He is everything I've ever asked for.

And so much more…

So why am I leaving him again?

"So you're back? I knew you'd come. No matter what, you always follow me. I'm everything you could ever want, Naruto."

"No you're not. Gaara is more than I could ever want in a lover. But right now... you're what I want."

I know it's wrong, but I can't help myself.

Our clothes, tossed needlessly to the floor.

His legs, wrapped lovingly around my waist, devoid of the actual emotion.

Our bodies come together and I feel...

... Absolutely nothing.

"No... no way."

His eyes are wet...

Tears flow as river down his cheeks.

"Gaara! Wait! Listen to me!"

"Let him go. You've got me here instead."

"No. Get off of me! I have to go after him! I... I love him."

"You don't need him! Why would you want him when you've got me lying right in front of you?! I'm better than he could ever be!"

"I don't care! I don't want you! I WANT GAARA!"

I could swear I felt the bone give way to my fist.

His blood darkens my knuckles.

I have to follow Gaara.

I love him, just like I loved Neji.

And I betrayed him, just like I did Kiba.

I just broke the perfect lover's heart…

Just like I always do.

"Gaara! I'm sorry. Please. Come to me."

"Why? I loved you, Naruto. More than anything, I loved you so much."

"Please, Gaara. Just get away from the ledge."

"No. I won't. I can't be with you anymore."

"Please... DON'T DO THIS!"

"...I love you Naruto."

He looks back at me, for a split second, his eyes pleading.

He turns and flies...

... and I follow.

I am fed up with this chase.

I don't fear death.

Together we are lost, collapsed inside the dark abyss.

My sins laid bare...

Love is like a machine…


You have no control over where it'll take you.

Gaara - So we just... die.

Naruto - Aww... and I follow you... ((cuddles))

Kyo - OOC much?

Sasuke - ((raises hand)) I'm not sure I fully comprehend what happens to my character.

Kyo - YOU DIE!!

Sasuke - ((lowers hand)) Understood.