It was early afternoon, when Sakura decided that while she was skipping Nun-school, she should take a break, and walk through

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It was early afternoon, when Sakura decided that while she was skipping Nun-school, she should take a break, and walk through the hills. As she was doing so, she decided to sing a little.

"The hills are alive, with the sound of music. Nah, that sounds corny. Okay, how about Debbie just hit the wall! She never had it all. Wait. Am I sure that I'm cut out to be a nun? Oh well," murmured Sakura. She was walking along the rocks in the middle of the stream, when she caught sight of the Reverend Mother, Lady Tsunade. Who just so happened to be slightly drunk (A/N: only slightly?) and collecting random herbs.

"Lady Tsunade, what are you doing out here, aren't you supposed to be at morning chapel?" asked Sakura, walking over to the reverend mother.

"Oh? And what about you? Aren't you skipping as well?" asked Tsunade, getting up.

"Oh, well, I- oh shit, Lady Tsunade! Sister Shizune's gonna be looking for us! And I doubt we could pull off the whole " We went down to the village to save sinners who were too far gone to actually step foot in the church, and you're their to show me the ropes" thing again! Especially after she's been checking into the village, to see if we're telling the truth! You'd think she doesn't trust us or something…" rambled Sakura.

"Sakura! You're rambling! We'll think of something when we get there, for now, come on!" shouted Tsunade, running in the direction of the abbey. Sakura followed along behind.

After fifteen minutes of hard running, they finally made it to the abbey. Fortunately, they were in time for mass. Unfortunately, Shizune was waiting outside for them.

"Reverend Mother, Sister Sakura. You seem to have missed morning chapel. Reverend Mother, YOU were supposed to lead us. Instead, I had to." said Shizune, barely controlling her anger.

"And I'm sure you did a wonderful job Shizune, you have my thanks. Now come along now, Sakura. I have something I need to discuss with you." said Tsunade, trying to avoid divine punishment, wrought by Shizune. Unfortunately, as every nun and monk, and other religious official know, sinners have to be divinely punished.

"No, you will not leave, Sister Sakura! I can't make you stay, Reverend Mother, but you both need to here this! This is the 598th time that both of you have been absent from a service or duties, just this month! There aren't even 598 days in a month! Now, Sister Sakura, since you are new here, I can maybe see where you might think that it is okay to skip a service here or there. But you Lady Tsunade, as Reverend Mother, there is no excuse for you! You should be leading the newbie's in proper nun etiquette! Instead, you're just- Hey! Are you two listening to me?" screeched Shizune in outrage.

"Yeah, yeah. It's just that you give this speech every time we get caught." said Sakura, quickly putting her sock puppet of Shizune away.

"You know how to not have me say this again?" asked Shizune in a deadly quiet voice.

"Don't- get caught?" asked Sakura sheepishly.

"No! Don't make trouble in the first place!" shouted Shizune.

"Call down Shizune; you'll bust a vein, or an artery. Also, you're starting to get high blood pressure…" said Tsunade, bored with the conversation, and her sacramental wine, aka sake, was starting to go away, leaving her sober.

"And who's making me have high blood pressure, huh?" asked Shizune, to nobody in particular while shaking her hands in the air.

"Uh, heh heh? Um, sorry?" mumbled Sakura.

"Sorry she says, sorry, but will sorry fix my health? Will it change the fact that she is never here for services, yet wants to be a nun? Will it, oh Kami-sama? Please help your poor servant!" said Shizune to the sky again.

"Ano, Sister Shizune? I don't really need help from Kami-sama, I'll just start coming to services."

"Who said the help was entirely for you?"

By now, Tsunade's alcohol had completely gone from here system, so she was sober. And Sober-Tsunade did not like to hear groveling, unless it was for mercy from her. She's a strange Reverend Mother.

"Alright, that's enough groveling Shizune, I'll talk to her. Sakura, wait in my office/chamber thing, I have something that I need to tell you." said Tsunade, taking charge for once. Shizune stood in awe, her life's dream fulfilled. Sakura just looked at her quizzically, and at Shizune like she was crazy, which she has been lately, since Sakura joined the chapel. As Sakura left, Shizune turned to Tsunade.

"Reverend Mother, out of curiosity, where were you two? And don't tell me that you were in town, that was the first place that I looked." asked Shizune.

"Hm? Oh, we were, uh…" Tsunade looked down at her hand for ideas, and saw the herbs that she was gathering. "Oh, yeah, we were collecting herbs, and I was teaching Sakura how to identify and how to use the herbs."

"Oh really? 'Cause those herbs are poisonous."

"Well, yeah, I was teaching her how to make antidotes out of them, to counteract the poison." Tsunade thought up on the spot.

"What did you use to test the poisons and antidotes?"

"Oh, local village children who called my old and ugly."

"Reverend Mother!"

"Oh please, Shizune, I'm joking. Anyways, what do you think of Sakura? As a nun and as a person?"

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