"But you know what's scarier, don't you?" Sarah inquired.

Rébecca's stomach flipped. "Well, no, I can't say I do…"

"There's nothing to clean, no one is bothering us, and Carlotta is acting to what could be remotely identified as kindness. I'm getting scared!"

Rébecca chuckled and entered their room and talked a few hours of Carlotta's personality change, why it changed, and how long it would last. They enjoyed the conversation till dinner.

"Well, Rébecca, talking of strange occurrences has made me just as hungry as a day of cleaning does; let's go to the kitchen and catch some dinner."

"Sure, Sarah, but I took off my shoes, so I have to put them back on."

"All right, see you in a bit."

Rébecca put on her shoes and as she stood, she barely touched the doorknob to exit when she heard a majestic voice just above a whisper, "Aren't you glad that Carlotta is kind? Don't worry, this change will last!"

Rébecca turned from the door, facing the rest of the room, "Erik, what did you do?"

"You think that I have done something? You should not always listen to your friend, Sarah! I have done nothing. How do you mean?"

"To Carlotta!"

"You think I did something simply because a mere imprudent girl changed her ways?"


"After years being separated, and only a mere night of reunification, you know me too well! Ah, yes, I talked to her."

"Talked to her?"



"Rébecca, if you heard a disembodied voice and didn't know that it was your good friend, Erik, would you obey the voice to what it told you?"

"Well, yes, but—"

"I have done nothing! I simply convinced her that her old way of living would…bring her no good."

"Well, all right. You must have given her a fright!" Rébecca said, trying to hint at if he had anything to do with the missing necklace of Carlotta's.

"Ha, ha, yes, I suppose I did. Now go sup with Sarah, she is waiting for you. Good bye, Rébecca."

"Um, good bye!"

Rébecca went to the kitchen to sup with Sarah, her mind buzzing as fast as her legs were going.