Title: Drunken Kisses

Chapter 1

Rated: M

A/N: I recently saw Yu-Gi-Oh and I was thinking about using the characters from them. I don't own the show or manga just the story plot. This is a Seto Kaiba x Joey thing or Katsuya. I never knew that Joey was actually Katsuya Jounichi in the Japanese version. Ain't that something? Enough rambling! Onto the story!

It all started with a kiss…a drunken kiss. The only thing I remember was that I kissed him, in the rain. Seto Kaiba…his lips were soft…and he tasted like cake.

I do remember that I got drunk and that someone was bleeding. After that I can't remember what happened.

"Joey!" Yugi called. I looked to my left and then down. I think Yugi might have shrunk over the years. He asked me if I was still hung over I answered by asking him if he had any aspirin. Yugi sighed and demanded that I go home.

"I can take notes for the other classes…go home and sleep it off," Yugi told me.

"I guess so," I said.

"Just go home Joey! You're practically useless when you have a hang over." I waved goodbye as I left the building. I don't live that far from campus but it is a long walk. Long enough for me to get soaked in a surprise shower.

I hope Yugi's fine on his own but then again he does have Yami to depend on. Ever since the whole duel monsters thing passed surprisingly the Millennium Puzzle split Yugi and Yami into two people. At least they don't have to share the same body…that's good.

I decided to seek shelter inside a library. I should have bought some aspirin at the pharmacy I had passed but it was to late to go back. As I watched the rainfall, arms wrapped around my waist and slid down to my hips. I quickly turned around to see who it was.

"K-Kaiba?! Seto Kaiba?!" I shouted. I could feel him breathing on my neck. He pulled the hair on my neck up and kissed the nape of my neck.

"You still have the hickey I gave you…all five of them," he said. My eyes widened, could this be from when I got drunk. I frantically looked through the library to see if someone was there…absolutely no one.

"This place isn't a library, it's a house. I recently bought it and it seems that you've wandered in," Seto whispered into my ear. As he whispered in my ear I felt his tongue stroking the inside of my ear. He lightly bit the top of my ear causing a small moan to escape from my lips.

"S-S-Seto…what did I do last night?" I asked him. My face was already beginning to blush.

"A lot of things…and I liked them all," he told me. I looked back at him and could see that he was blushing a bit. I was a bit shocked to see this new reaction from him. Usually he was so cold and unfeeling.

"Seto…why did I…why did I kiss you?" I asked him. I remembered the kiss but I couldn't remember what led to the kiss.

"If you can't remember…then I should refresh your memory." After he said that he grabbed my arm and dragged me up the stairs. I was slammed into something soft as I heard the door behind me slam shut and then locked. I was looking at the ceiling from someone's bed.

Kaiba was now in front of me, his body towering over me like a blimp. Seto was pretty tall and he was pretty handsome but…wait a minute! Just what the hell am I thinking?!

"Seto let me up," I demanded as I tried to get off the bed. Seto answered by slamming me back down and pinning my arms down to the bed. They pressed hard into the sheets located under me.

Seto was panting, hard. There's no way he could have gotten turned on that quick.

"I can't hold back any longer," he told me between his panting frenzy. I was about to ask him what he was talking about but his tongue occupied my mouth. He was pretty good at kissing. He licked the bottom of my lower lip prying it open and pushed my tongue back when he was finally inside. He slid his tongue deeper into my mouth until I could feel it in my throat. Each second he pried deeper and deeper into me. He pulled himself away from me and his panting got louder. I was left gasping for air.

His grip on my wrists tightened as his panting got out of control. He managed to pull my arms together and pin them down with one hand. With the other he stroked the outside of my pants. I could already tell he was turned on.

"Don't stress about it so much…you have to relax and I swear I won't make it hurt," he told me.

"Like hell you will! Get the fuck off of me!" I shouted at him. Seto wasn't listening anymore. He tore my shirt open causing some of the buttons to fly onto the ground. When he tore off my shirt there was a brief moment where he had let go of me. I tried to crawl away but that proved to be useless.

I realize now that I had only given him more access to me. He pressed his hand down in the center of my back, which slammed me into the sheets. I could feel his hand unzip my pants.

"Stop it Kaiba!" I shouted. I don't know why I screamed at him…it was useless anyway. His hand managed to completely take off my pants along with my boxers. I was completely naked in front of him. My bare body exposed.

"Your skin is really pretty Joey," he told me.

"Shut up!" I snapped at him. He answered by slamming my head into a pillow. He let go of me but only to unzip his pants. I took that moment to crawl away from him but I was still on the bed. Which was a completely dumb move on my part.

"Where do you think you're going?" he asked me. He grabbed my legs and pushed me back towards him. My ass facing him and was now upright.

"I was going to prep you but I can't wait that long. It looks like you can't either," he told me. I looked back, he was hard already. He was hard and big. I heard that your first time was always painful but this would be extra painful for me.

"If you don't relax it'll be harder for me to come in…Joey, are you listening?" he asked me. I buried my face into the sheets. That's when I felt it.


Extreme Pain.

Unbearable Pain. I bit my lip as my eyes teared up at the feel of Seto putting his entire length inside of me. I could feel the skin of my entrance stretch to make room and it hurt. This kind of pain wasn't human. My vision was blurry from the tears that filled my eyes and the ones that dropped down to my cheeks.

"It hurts! Oh god it hurts!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. Seto hadn't moved yet and that hurt even more. Then without warning he plunged it deeper into me, I jolted when I felt the sudden impact. Then he pulled out of me…slowly and forced himself back inside of me.

One of his hands that had a hold of my ass let go and stroked my un-erected cock. He was going to make me enjoy this whether I wanted to or not. The slow thrusts lasted for half an hour, one thousand eight hundred seconds of pure pain.

It didn't end there; of course it wouldn't be over so easily. He was picking up speed. Seto was getting used to the ecstasy that had completely taking over him. He pulled me into him so that he could drive his hardened cock deeper inside of me. He was thrusting into a rhythm, a fast steady rhythm. Coming harder and harder into me for what seemed like an eternity.

He began to pound into me faster and faster until he completely stopped. I could feel him coming into me. His hot cum filling the inside of my ass as he stopped but continued thrusting at a slower pace.

I collapsed onto the bed…panting, out of breath. My throat was dry from all the screaming and noise I had made. I remember myself moaning a few times but a scream would soon accompany it. Seto slowly slipped out of me as his cum overflowed from my insides.

I was sore, exhausted, and my hangover made it worse. Seto kissed my back and kissed the nape of my neck again. Tears still fell down my face, I couldn't see anymore. I didn't try, my vision was too blurry.

"Joey…Joey…" Seto called my name.

"Shut up! Don't touch me! Get the fuck away from me! I hate you! I HATE YOU!" I shouted at him. I curled up into a ball and pulled the sheets over me.

"Joey…I'm sorry but I couldn't…" Through the sheets I could see his hand reaching for him. I didn't want him to touch me; he had touched me enough already.

"I said get the fuck away from me! Don't fucking touch me!" I shouted at him. Through the sheets I could see him sigh and look away from me. After a few minutes of silence he finally left, closing the door behind him. In the silence I cried, cried like a two year old. I felt so pathetic but the feeling off exhaustion took over me. It wasn't long before I fell my world turned black.

A/N: I was trying my hand at a rape scene. It seems that rape is in this season for seme and uke relationships. I don't know why though. Oh well, leave me a review! It'll be updated soon. BUH-BYE!