Title: Drunken Kisses

Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: You Getting A House…On Love Nest Lane

I had decided that I was going to move in with Seto, much to my dismay. In short, I really didn't want to but that damn conniving rich bastard dragged my sister into it.

That Morning…

"But big brother," she whined.

"I said forget it and I meant it," I shouted back.

"You're not being fair!"

"Stop following me!" Serenity had decided to become my second shadow until I gave into her demands. I knew she had school somewhere else but she insisted on following me. I knew what she was going to say and I did not want to hear any part of it. I had overheard Seto confiding in her the other night. He wanted so desperately to play the lovey dovey couple he was practically going insane. A good and bad thing for me.

Serenity finally managed to corner me in the bathroom. It didn't matter to her that it was the boy's bathroom and that a few guys were in there either. When she was determined she was determined. I have no idea where she gets that unbearable stubbornness from.

"Joey Wheeler, you are going to listen to me whether you like it or not and don't you dare try to get away from me," she ordered. I rolled my eyes; I didn't want to hear anything at all. I hated it when people tried to tell me what to do.

"Fine, fine, just talk…I'm not coming out," I said. I was still a bit defiant but the bathroom stall door managed to hide the sudden surge of embarrassment that I felt.

"Joey, you know how much Seto loves you. He's not asking you to wear a dress and prod down the aisle, he just wants to live with you," she explained calmly.

"My place is too small," I countered. I could hear her disgruntled sigh from the door and imagined her rubbing her forehead in frustration.

"Then move in with him."

"Are you kidding? His house is too big, I'd get lost every morning."

"Then just buy a house!"

"That's too much money." I could hear her sigh once again but the sigh was then greeted by a swift kick meeting the bathroom stall. The door swung open almost hitting me in the face. Serenity's face was completely red, showing her fury with me.

"Look you, I don't have a big sister and since you refuse to get married I'm not going to be able to plan a wedding either. And since you refuse to have sex and risk the possibility of getting pregnant I won't have any nieces or nephews to spoil either. Now you are going to let me have something and that is helping you decorate your house! Now get your ass out there and seduce Seto into getting you two a damn love nest! Got it?" she pointed angrily. Despite Serenity's mostly meek behavior every once in a while she lost her temper and when she did…look out. I flinched in terror until she breathed out her frustration and smiled at me.


"Yeah…sure, whatever you say sis."

"Good, see you big brother." She gleefully pranced out of the bathroom and probably went back to her school. I sighed in relief, this was going to be a nightmare, I just knew it.

I decided to call Yugi and have him take a few notes for me in class. I knew already that I wouldn't be back in time for class. I had to go see Seto, and I knew exactly where he would be.

A few minutes later…

"How many times do I have to ask you to stop waiting for me to get out of class, it's still early," I complained. As usual Seto was waiting at the entrance for me to come out. He was always here at least 2 or 3 hours before classes ended, I guess he had figured out my skipping pattern.

"You've only told me at least three times, I remember, am I getting punished again?" he smirked, circling his arms carefully around my waist and moving closer to my face.

I couldn't help but meet his face with my lips. Our tongues occasionally clashing into one another until he forced me to open my mouth wider so that he could explore any regions that he hadn't been able to the day before. Once we separated he hugged me gently and kissed my forehead. He smelled really good today.

"What do you want to do today Joey?" he asked me, a tiny hint of a smile placing itself onto his face. For some reason my brain wasn't working and my horniness managed to take over.

"Have sex."

My brain froze when I realized what I had just uttered. Seto even froze, his face turning a beet shade of red. He inched closer to me and stuck his finger in my mouth.

"What are you doing, stop that?" I smacked his hand away and he sniffed his saliva covered finger.

"You haven't been drinking, so why would you say that you want to have sex?"

"Because you asked me what I wanted to do."

"I ask you that every day and you usually say stop asking or go away but never have y ou said sex."

"It's because you smell good today and I think I want to…smell more of you." Seto's eyes grew wide and he smirked, placing a hand under my chin and pulling me upwards into another kiss. This time the kiss was different. He didn't even wait for me to react, he shoved his tongue inside of my mouth scraping it against my inner cheek, tongue, and deep into my throat. The moment he paused I gasped for air and nearly collapsed into his arms, that was a kiss. A serious kiss.

"I don't think I'd be able to stop in the middle even if you wanted me to Joey, not this time. Do you understand what I'm saying to you?" I could hear the concern in Seto's voice. He wanted me, he really wanted me. I blushed slightly at the thought of his concern for me. I buried my face into his chest.

"I want to have sex, and I want to have sex in Seto's bed and I want to feel Seto's warmth until it's the only thing I can feel," I said, a bit muffled by his clothes. Seto stroked my hair and pulled me into a kiss, not as deep and serious as the first but enough to where my face turned red again.

I really did like him. I think.

The walk to Seto's was quick; he took a barrage of short cuts and walked very quickly until we reached the front door of the massive house. He shooed me inside and took his shoes off at the entrance. Before he even had time to take his jacket off something inside of me switched on.

Maybe it was hormones, maybe it was because I was feeling extremely horny but I had attacked Seto. I flooded his lips with sweet tiny kisses, showing my impatience with him. Seto pushed me into him, kissing me as deeply and sensually as he could. Before long Seto had picked me up and carried me up the stairs into his room. I remembered the room from the last time I was here.

Except this time I wasn't worried about what he was planning to do. I knew what was coming and I wanted it, I wanted it so bad. Seto spread my legs open and placed his knee in between them, slowly moving it up to my groin. I was already hard; I had been hard since the kiss he had startled me with earlier.

He gently kissed me until he reached my neck where he began to work on giving me hickeys. His hands gently caressed my body until they slipped through my shirt and found my nipples. He circled them lightly before pinching them slightly and flicking them in between his fingers. I moaned at the new sensation, wanting him to kiss my lips more.

"You like it when I play with your nipples don't you Joey?" he cooed, licking my neck as he did. I shivered and moaned into his ear. He pushed me down toward the bed so that I was now facing the ceiling.

"Hey Joey, do me a favor…" he began, I was already gone, lost somewhere between pleasure and ecstasy. Seto had been sucking the tips of my ear whispering every single dirty thing that he wanted to do to me. For some reason, dirty talk seemed to turn me on.

"What is it?"

"Tell me you love me." I bit my lip as I felt a hand suddenly undo my pant buttons and dive into my underwear, stroking me from outside the cloth. I gasped into his ear and Seto chuckled, waiting for me to grant him his favor.

"L-Love you, love you, I love you Seto." I moaned outward, as he started touching the base of my cock, tickling me slightly until I could feel myself getting wet. Seto kissed me again; I could feel his tongue roaming inside of my mouth as he began to stroke me. Once we separated he pulled me into his lap and quickly slid my clothes off, say for my shirt. I was a bit irritated that I was the only one mostly naked compared to him.

Seto stopped stroking me and cooed me closer to him, trapping me with his lips when I did. At this point I started to undo the buttons on his shirt, feeling my impatience he quickly undressed, his boxers the only piece of clothing remaining. He slid my shirt off of me and immediately began sucking and pulling my nipples harshly. I moaned each time his tongue slid across them.

"You've gotten so hard so quickly, what do you want me to touch Joey?" he asked, smiling as he licked and sucked my chest until I could feel the pre cum leaking out of my cock.

"All of me, touch all of me," I gasped, he was beginning to lick my navel and was now working on giving me a hickey there. I moaned loudly and as taking it as a cue he shoved a finger quickly into my ass. My body convulsed at the sudden change but relaxed into the addicting pleasure. As he thrust his finger into me he began to suck the tip of my cock, running his tongue across it before swallowing it whole.

"Seto, that's not enough," I whined. Seto sucked me more and thrust another finger into me, knowing full well that it still wasn't enough to satisfy me.

"Stop, I'm gonna cum if you keep doing that," I pleaded. As if he didn't hear me Seto shoved another finger inside me and my body arched at the sudden pleasure. He had found the spot he was looking for and was now repeatedly hitting it with his fingers. The stimulation was too much for me and I moaned as I felt myself come.

Seto swallowed and released me, slowly sliding his fingers out of me. I panted, moaning slightly at the loss of stimulation that I was experiencing. Before I could fully fathom what was happening, Seto had flipped me over into a dog like position and opened my ass up more for him. My face immediately went red from the embarrassment.

"It's such a cute color," Seto complimented, running his tongue across my opening. Before I could even respond I could feel him jab his tongue into me, thrusting until I couldn't think straight anymore. He was increasingly good at this. He told me to place my hands on the wall, without even thinking I obeyed.

"You're so cute Joey," he cooed again. I could feel his hands run up my leg and rest on my ass, opening me up again. Then I could feel it, his cock sliding across my entrance. I moaned and groaned at the new visitor, wanting so bad for it to come inside me. Seto teased me like this until I came again.

Seto leaned forward, resting his head against my shoulder and nuzzled deeper into it. When he was sure that I had come to what little senses I had he whispered sweet things into my ear as he toyed with my entrance.

"Joey, I love you." After his declaration I felt him plunge into me, my eyes rolling into the back of my head as I savored the bliss of having him inside me. Without warning he started moving back and forth in a steady but fast pace. He was so big that each time he moved I moaned in pleasure; I could feel every inch of him inside me.

"Aah…oh god, Seto…ah…hah, love you, love you," I panted.

"You're so tight Joey, and it's so hot inside you. It's so good," he moaned. He pulled my hands off the wall and gripped the underside of my knees. Holding me up as he forced me down on top of him, I bit my lip, trying to keep in the screams of pleasure that I felt.

"Seto…inside, I want you to come inside," I begged.

"Not yet, you have to scream for me more." Seto flipped me over while we were still connected and placed his fingers in my mouth. I still hadn't controlled my breathing and he didn't want me to pass out, yet anyway. He thrust into me and let me listen to the sound of him coming in and out of me. The dirty wet splishing sound that the both of us made echoed inside the large room.

"You're so wet Joey, it's nice and slick inside. It's so good inside you, it's incredible." I moaned loudly as I felt him ram against that special spot of mine. He knew exactly where it was and how to hit it each and every time he entered my body. I arched and convulsed every time he thrusted inside me, ready to come at any moment. Knowing that I didn't have much control left Seto grabbed the base of my cock prohibiting me from release.

"Not yet, almost Joey, hang in there," he cooed. He kissed me passionately as he thrust inside me more and more, harder and faster than I had ever felt before. He was so deep inside and everything he did felt so good that I couldn't keep up with anything anymore. Seto lifted me on top of him so that we were forehead to forehead. I lifted my body and he pulled me into him deeper and deeper as I came down on top of him. After tiring of this Seto told me to wrap my legs around him.

Once I complied he leaned forward, my back against the bed, and his hands securely around my head. He thrust into me harshly as I moaned in pleasure. I could feel it coming again, the feeling that I was going to come. I reached out my hands towards Seto and stroked his cheek as he leaned forward and kissed me passionately.

With a few thrusts he came into me, feeling the spurt of come inside of me hit my prostate I came and rode the waves of pleasure until I was close to losing consciousness. Seto knew that I couldn't take it anymore and was about to pull out but I grabbed his ass and pushed him into more.

"Just a little longer, I want to stay like this for just a bit longer," I whined. Seto answered by kissing my forehead before I finally gave up and fell asleep.

A few sweet hours later…

When I awake I was lying on Seto's chest. I lifted myself up slightly shuddering as I felt his come dribble out of me.

"What's wrong Joey, you hungry?" Seto asked, he had stirred from the absence of weight. His hand stroked my cheek and ran across my lips.

"Um…Seto…," I started nervously. He tilted his head and waited for me to ask. I usually never asked him for anything and he wanted to give me his full attention.

"Um…I want to be able to do this again, in our own house, if that's ok." Seto lifted himself off the bed and met my nervousness with a gentle kiss on the lips.

"Joey, of course it's ok. After all, we are getting married aren't we?" My face instantly turned red at the mere mention of the word married. Seto was so stupid sometimes. I hid my embarrassment under the sheets and Seto spent the rest of the day trying to suade me out of them.

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