For Love or a Kingdom For Love or a Kingdom Written By: Ashlie Baire

Chapter One

" How in the world did I get myself into this Gabriella?" asked princesses Xeniah as she got ready for her wedding. " I don't know if I should be doing this." " What the heck is that supposed to mean girl?" asked Gabriella. Gabriella was Xenaiah's best friend and also maid. She had a kick-butt and was always the one to get advice from. " Well, it means, well..., I'm not sure. I think I'm making a mistake. My head is telling me to, but my heart says no. I might have lost the one true person I really care about." " Start at the beginning girl. Maybe I can help. Tell me what happened while I was away!"

Xenaiah woke up one beautiful morning in Athens. The birds were chirping, the sun was shining, and the sky was as blue as can be. she got ready for her daily walk in the town. She put on a beautiful gown laced with silk. she put her long brown hair up to perfection. " Xenaiah? Are you ready yet?" asked Xenaiah's mom. She was the queen of Athens. Xenaiah's father had passed away long ago and since then she has been running the kingdom herself. She was desperate for a new ruler. " Mom? What's with you today? You seem all, well you know, jumpy!" "Well, my dear daughter, you know how Auto can get when your late." "I thought I was just walking around town today. I didn't know that he was going with me. What dose he want?" Autolocus was Xenaiah's boyfriend. Or so he thought. They had only met a few weeks ago and started to bond. Auto was tall and very handsome. He had blond, wavy, hair that shone and shimmered in the sun when he walked. He was gorgeous. Xenaiah left the golden palace and began her walk. She walked down the dirt filled road and watched the commoners as she passed by shops and stands trading and exchanging goods. " How I wish I could be like them said Xenaiah. Xenaiah longed to live a normal life. She was tired of being a princesses. She met Autolocus in the town hall. She seen Auto standing there smiling as she walked towards him. "What is it Auto" she asked. " Xenaiah, I have something to ask you. We haven't known each other for very long, but you mean the world to me. I want to get to know you better. I love you." Xenaiah was shocked when he said it. " Will you be my wife?" he asked. Xenaiah stood there in complete amazement. She couldn't believe what he said. She had mixed feelings inside and felt like this was a little too soon. That they were moving too fast. She was confused. " Auto," she said," this, this is so soon. I mean.." He cut her off. " I know it is, but I love you and I want you to be mine forever. "Forever," Xenaiah thought, " I just met you. How could you love me?" Xenaiah pondered the thought for a while. It was a big change in her life. She still wanted an adventure in life, but she agreed. She didn't know why she did. " Ok Auto. I will." He jumped up in exhilaration. He picked her up and swung her around, and hugged her. That night in her room, she sat out on her balcony just looking at the stars and thinking. " Xenaiah? Can I come in?" Xenaiah's mom was at the door. " Yes mom." " So, how was it with you and Auto today? he asked you to marry him didn't he.?" " Yes." she responded, " Is that why you were all jumpy this morning?" " Well, yah. My baby is growing up. I've already arranged for the plans." " I don't know about this mom," she said," I mean, its quite to early don't you think? He jus came out with it out of no ware. " Now don't be second guessing this Xenaiah. We need a king. I've been waiting for this ever since your father passed. We can't rule it alone. Auto is a fine man for you. He's the perfect one to be a king." "I know mom. I like him. I do. At least I think I do. It hasn't been a very long of a time. I don't know if I should be getting married this soon. Her mom was desperate for a ruler that she would say anything to convince Xenaiah to get married. " Xenaiah Marie! your going to go through with this. This is our last chance. Think about the people. The kingdom. They need a new ruler." "But your their ruler. Why should I.." " Xenaiah! You will do this. I may be queen, but I'm also your mother. You have to do this." Xenaiah sighed. "Yes mother. Whatever's best for the kingdom." "Good. Now go to bed. it's late." said her mom as she left. Xenaiah walked in out from the cold. She sat on her bed and started to pet her black Labrador retriever. " Hey Shadow. You get it so easy don't you?" You don't have a care in the world. Me? Well I think being in this palace all the time has gotten to me. I'm stuck being prim and proper, waited on hand and foot. It may seem like the life to live, but it's just not to me. If Gabriella were here, she'd know what to do. I just need a journey. I just need to go out one night and live the life's of my people. To have an adventure. What I wouldn't give to live a normal life. This wedding is just too soon. I need to just leave. Xenaiah smiled real big. "Get out!" "That's it! " she shouted. "Shadow, tonight I'm going out.