Bonds Of Blood


Tables are turned and the bonds of blood may turn out to be the most dangerous weapon of all.


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Chapter 3

"Bobby, what did you do?" Dean's voice whipped out and cut into the elder hunter.

"I'm sorry." The gruff man's voice was little more than a whisper.

"Bobby, dammit, tell me!" The older brother demanded.

"Sam is doing the right thing." Bobby said softly.

"For who?"

"For us all, boy." The hunter's voice seemed to gain a little strength. "Sometimes...sometimes you have to sacrifice a soldier to win the war."

Bobby felt sick at his words. Grief, harsh and unforgiving, was breaking his heart. Already battered, he was not a one to care easily anymore, but these two young men had somehow crept in unnoticed until it was too late.

He would never get past this. He had made the hardest choice of his life and in doing so, he would lose both his surrogate sons. One to a fate that had hounded him all his life…the other to an utter lack of forgiveness for the actions he had taken.

Bobby's eyes burned as Dean's voice, disbelieving and betrayed, continued. "Then sacrifice someone else, not my brother."

"No-one but Sam could do this, son. I'm sorry. If I could take his place I would." God, please, save my boys from this. They don't deserve this. Neither of them deserve this.

"What are you on about, old man?"

If nothing else, Bobby was determined to at least save the life of one of the brothers. "Dean, this is important. You must not, under any circumstances, leave that circle where Sam left you."

"WHAT? Do I sound like I give a shit where I stand?" Dean's voice barked out in brutal agony. "And if you're thinking I'm going to stay here when Sam is out there, on his own, carrying our some hair-brained plan, then you are out of you mind." There was a moment's hesitation. "Circle? Damn you Bobby, how much did Sam tell you?"

Bobby refused to avoid the responsibility for his actions. He had earned Dean's anger, in fact he had warranted much more than that.

"This wasn't just Sam's plan, Dean. I'm the one who gave him the information he needed." Bobby stiffened in anticipation of the blow he was about to deliver.

"I trusted you. You could have stopped him, you should have told me." Dean hissed, seething, and Bobby could understand why. It wasn't as if Dean trusted many with his brother.

"He's cursed, Dean." He spat it out, the words leaving a vile taste in his mouth.

"Don't you start too, Bobby, Sam's no more cursed than you and I are."

"You misunderstand, son. Sam put a curse on himself. Or rather, he asked me to."

"He what?" Dean's voice was taut with fury, over-controlled, and Bobby knew that there was no going back now.

"He asked me to curse his bloodline, so that whatever fate befell him would pass through to whoever shared his blood."

"Why would he do that?" Dean stood aghast listening to the words spilling out from the mouth of a man he had once trusted, a man who had help condemn the one person in the world Dean needed to protect.

"Sam didn't want you to know this, but you need to understand. That yellow-eyed bastard fed blood to your brother the night your mother died. Demon blood. It's a marker, and Sam's going to use that marker so that if Lilith defeats him and he dies, well, he takes every son of a bitch that shares a tie of blood with him."

Dean's blood ran cold at the hunter's admission. Horrified, he looked down at the circle he still stood in and finally recognised it for what it was. He had not seen these symbols in years, not since he was a child and John had a particularly nasty run in with a voodoo priestess. It was a protective charm. A curse-nullifying sigil.

This wasn't a protective circle for demons; this was a protective circle from his brother. And Sam's unbelievably stupid plan.

"He left me here to protect me? To keep me alive while he surrendered himself? That suicidal, self-sacrificing, moronic son of a bitch. I'll kill him. I'll have to save him first, but then I'll kill him."

"Dean, he'll take out Lilith, the whole damn demon army with him. He's doing the right thing." Dean could not believe the words spouting from Bobby's mouth. Logically, it might have been the right call, one life balanced against many. But not when that one life was Sam's. The whole world could go to Hell as long as Sam survived.

"Not for us, he isn't. We'll take them down another way." You can't do this to me, Sammy, please. I cannot lose you again. Not for me, god, not for me…

"At the expense of how many lives, Dean? Do you think Sam could live with the knowledge that not only could he not save you, but that he could have saved hundreds of others?"

"I don't care." And he didn't. It was selfish and god knew his selfishness had driven Sam to this desperate choice, but protecting his brother was as necessary as breathing. He could live no other way.

"Yes, you do, Dean. You've been saving people all your life; this is the end most hunters face. You know that, you've even accepted that for yourself. Hell, boy, you're the one that dragged Sam back into hunting. You and Sam both know the risks that come with this job."

Again, Bobby, in the cold, light of day, was right. But Dean had never been rational when it came to his family. Could never be calm or coldly logical when they were in danger. Especially Sam. "There's always a risk, Bobby, but this is suicide. And it's my job to protect him."

"Who would have been there for Sam when you died and went to Hell, Dean? The kid's a damn fine hunter in his own right, but with everyone and everything gunning for him, it would have only been a matter of time. We were always going to lose him one way or another, son. At least this way, he will go down as Sam."


Sam felt himself roughly pulled away from the Colt and flying through the air. He crashed with numbing velocity against a headstone. Breath knocked from his body, he could only stare as Lilith approached.

"Sammy, Sammy, Sammy. Did you momma never tell you, it's naughty to hit girls?" She wiped the blood from her face with the back of her hand. "Boys go to hell for that, you know?" She continued in an almost childlike voice. "But then again, your momma didn't live long enough to teach you to walk, never mind anything else did she, child?"

A cruel smile flickered across the youthful face. "But it was such a good idea; I think I'll steal it. I'm rather good at stealing things you'll find. Souls mostly but I don't want to typecast myself."

She looked around. "A couple of hundred demons would take a year or two more to turn this world into a Hell of our own making. But now, thanks to you, I can release the rest of my children and do the work in less than seven days. Show God how it's done, eh?"

She turned towards the Devil's Gate and frowned.

"Why isn't it opening?" An almost petulant look settled across her as, with folded arms, she walked back to the doorway.

"The lock's not turning. Why?"

The sound of soft laughter made her spin around.

Sam sat back against the headstone, an almost serene smile gracing his features, returning the youth that had been stolen over the last year.

"What did you do?" She growled.

"That's not the Colt. " He laughed, "Do you really think I would bring it anywhere near you?"

He stood and sat casually on top of the headstone, crossing his legs as if he was leaning against a tree in a park in the sun. The sight only seemed to infuriate the Demon more. She stalked up to him.

"Did you think that we wouldn't figure out that Samuel Colt was a demon?"

"How…" The demon looked shocked.

"Everyone knew the gun could kill anything, so the hunting community though he was a hunter. But Dean and I figured out months ago that if he was a hunter, then why would he have a gun that could open the gates of Hell? He was keeping you in. Not to protect the world from demons, but to give himself and his followers' free reign."

"What good does that knowledge do you?"

"All we have to do is send you back to Hell, and you're stuck there. No way out. You see, Ruby intercepted the Colt a week or so ago, stole it from the demon you had left guarding it. We melted it down into a rather tasteful ashtray. Kind of symbolic really, stubbing out the flames one by one." He smirked at the woman in front of him.

"You fool!" The demon's fury flowed like a wave across the cemetery, and the other demons moved closer, sensing a kill. "You've just signed your own death warrant!"

As she raised her hand, she felt a sharp sensation in her heart and glanced down. Ruby's knife was buried to the hilt in her chest.

"No." She whimpered before snarling and raising the hand that had started to fall.

The world lit with an unholy bright flash, but not before Sam saw the white fade from the young woman's eyes, and not before he knew that his brother was finally safe.

And a soft whisper of gratitude soared out into the night….

"Best birthday present ever."



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