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Chapter Fifty-Three – It Is Finished

Sirius, Remus, and Dumbledore came up behind Harry and Severus cautiously. Harry was close to hyperventilating and he was so confused and scared and he felt guilt like he'd never felt before. He forced himself to breathed out heavily as he clung to Severus with his eyes tightly closed. He'd never killed so many people before and it was sitting heavily on his soul…

Harry looked up and then suddenly pushed away from Severus and took several steps away. He looked around himself in panic as one by one the ghosts of Hogwarts floated into the hall, all with sadness in their eyes. And he knew. It was finished. Voldemort was dead.

The students and professors, who had followed the Headmaster out of the hall, looked around at all the ghosts, all staring at Harry. "What's happening?" Hermione asked quietly to no one in particular.

Harry looked at his friends, at the professors, at Severus. "I'm sorry," he whispered shakily.

"Harry," Severus began with trepidation and fear in his eyes, but Harry only shook his head and stepped back further and then backed away even quicker with his eyes wide.

"N-no," he choked out. He wasn't ready for this, he thought when the time came, he would be, but he wasn't. He backed himself against the wall and stared at the figure no one else, but the ghosts could see.

Death held his hand to Harry and Harry closed his eyes as tears fell down his cheeks. He took in another deep breath and then steeled himself. He'd made a deal. Voldemort was dead, the Horcruxes gone. Harry took another deep breath and then stepped forward and lifted his hand.

"Harry?" Sirius questioned in alarm, watching his godson staring at something that wasn't there with fear and resignation in his eyes.

Harry clenched his out stretched hand into a fist. "Please," he whispered. He didn't know what he was pleading for; his life, a chance to say good-bye, an understanding of why he was forced to go through all of this, only to die in the end.

Death stepped forward and Harry lowered his hand.

Harry closed his eyes. "I don't want to die," he whispered fearfully.

"Death is inevitable, Harry Potter. Everyone has to die."

Those around them gasped at the hollow voice, that again sent shivers up their spines. They looked around them, unable to see Death as Harry was. The ghosts as one bowed their heads and Harry's breath caught in his throat as he felt a cold hand run lightly down the side of his cheek. His eyes sprung open.

"I release you from your obligation, Harry Potter, Protector of Hogwarts," Death said and then stepped away from Harry and disappeared. "Until it is your time, Harry Potter," the hollow voice whispered and Harry sunk to his knees as the heaviness lifted from his soul.

"Harry," Severus whispered and Harry looked up to him and then shakily smiled, it was over.

The Entrance Hall doors suddenly burst open and Dumbledore, the staff and the several students standing around the Entrance Hall, were quick to raise their wands.

Dumbledore immediately took charge. "Lower your wands, all of you," he ordered as the hall filled with Aurors, lead by Rufus Scrimgeour.

Scrimgeour took one look around the hall and then pointed his wand at Harry. Severus raised his wand and placed himself in front of Harry. "No! You will not harm him!" he growled dangerously.

"S-Severus, w-what did I do," Harry whispered, staring at the Aurors in apprehension, who all now had their wands pointed in his direction.

"Stand aside, Severus," Kingsley Shacklebolt ordered. "We don't want to harm you."

"I will not let you have my son!" Severus snarled, not moving an inch.

Harry stilled and then pushed himself up cautiously. He didn't know what he'd done to cause the Aurors to turn their wands on him, but he had to. He had to know what he'd been forced to do.

"Please, Severus, tell me what I did. I need to know what I did," Harry pleaded.

Severus looked down at Harry hesitantly, but before he could answer, Scrimgeour had disarmed him and several Aurors surrounded them and grabbed Harry. "Please, what did I do?" he pleaded again as Severus was forced to move aside. He stared at Harry with fear and sadness in his eyes as Harry's hands were bound behind him. And though the Aurors were being excessively rough, he didn't fight, just stood there, with confusion in his eyes.

Scrimgeour came to stand in front of him, an unforgiving gleam in his eyes and Harry could only stare up at him. "By order of the Ministry of Magic, Harry Potter, you are hereby arrested for treason and the murder, by Killing Curse of Cornelius Fudge, Minister of Magic, and Vernon Dursley, Muggle of 4 Privet Drive. The torture by Cruciatus Curse, of Petunia Dursley, and the dismemberment, and harm through various curses of twelve British Aurors, of the Ministry of Magic. And the serving of the Dark Lord Voldemort and taking of the Dark Mark through free will. You have no rights, everything you say and do from this point forward, will be held against you in the court of the Wizengamot. Do you understand all that I've said?"

Harry could only nod his head shakily as he felt his legs give out from underneath him at the charges being leveled against him. He looked up to Dumbledore, Remus, Sirius, and Severus, as the Aurors held him up, taking in their regretful and sad expressions, and knew what they were charging him with was all truth. He lowered his head as guilt and acceptance washed over him. Now he knew why death had released him of his obligations, he'd have him soon enough anyways. He only wished he could remember all they said he'd done.

"You should know," Dumbledore said calmly, stepping forward as Kingsley readied a Portkey. "Lord Voldemort is dead," he announced seriously. "Harry Potter killed him, no more than a few minutes ago." Dumbledore nodded to the piles of ashes, that even the ghosts had steered clear of. The Aurors stilled in their actions as shock settled over them and Harry looked up again. "Keep that in mind while he is in your custody. You have our savior among you."

Scrimgeour looked at Harry and then nodded. Harry felt the Portkey activate and panic started to come over him again.


The Wizengamot hadn't wasted anytime in gathering. It couldn't have been more than three days before Harry was dragged out of the holding cell and down to Courtroom Ten. Unlike the last time he'd been here, the chains were snapped firmly in place as soon as he'd been forced to sit. He hadn't looked up at the audience before him at all. Even as Amelia Bones had called the courtroom to order, and listed off all that he was charged with. Apparently, she was acting Minister of Magic.

"Do you understand these charges?" Madam Bones asked for a second time.

Harry finally looked up. "Yes," he forced out and then finally let his eyes roam the courtroom.

He was saddened to see that not even Dumbledore was there to stand in his defense, and he looked away from the Wizengamot. Was it so hopeless, he thought to himself, but already, he knew the answer to that. He had been forced to do what he'd done, but how does one prove that? He didn't even believe Veritaserum would work in his favor because physically he had done these things even if he had no memory of them.

"What do you plead, Mister Potter," Madam Bones asked sternly.

Harry looked up again. What did he plead? Guilty, he certainly felt guilty. Anger suddenly washed over him as he stared almost through Madam Bones. Why should he feel guilty? It was all Voldemort, it was always Voldemort, and it had always been Voldemort! They'd tortured him, they'd manipulated him, taken control of him; used him!

Harry was so sick of feeling guilt and remorse for something he didn't even have control over. He'd done nothing of his own free will! He was tired of being manipulated, he was tired of taking the blame willingly for everything, when it hadn't been him, never him! Not in this time, and certainly not in the last; Ginny's death hadn't been him, he wasn't responsible for Ron and Hermione! It had all been Voldemort!

Harry, for the first time in the last few days, felt no remorse for what he'd done to Voldemort and his Death Eaters. They'd brought it upon themselves. He didn't feel guilty for his Uncle's death, or his aunt's torture. He didn't feel responsible for the Minister of Magic, or those Aurors. He felt sadness, regret that it had all happened, that it had to be him to destroy Voldemort for good. But he no longer blamed himself for any of it and he finally felt for the first time in his life as if the world was free of his shoulders.

"Mister Potter, what do you –" Madam Bones began to asked again.

"Not guilty," he said firmly, focusing back on Madam Bones.

There was gasps and then those in the stands started muttering and whispering with those next to him. Madam Bones called for quiet. "You do understand, Mister Potter, that by pleading innocent, if found guilty, your punishment will be much more severe for lying to this Wizengamot?"

"Yes," Harry said without hesitation. "My plea stands, not guilty. I have done none of those things of which you are accusing me, it was all Lord Voldemort." The gasps and shrieks at Voldemort's name was almost comical to Harry now.

"Very well, present evidence one, Harry Potter's wand."

Harry didn't look away as a member of the court placed his wand on a table and then pointed his own wand at it. He was a little shocked and disconcerted at the number of Killing Curses that had come from his wand recently, intermingled among many other curses and spells, but he didn't bat an eye at it. When the Prior Incantato was finished, the wizard stepped back, leaving the ghost image of all the dark spells, he'd ever performed hanging in the air. They were numerous.

"Do you still wish to plead innocent?" Scrimgeour asked seriously and with anger in his eyes.

Harry raised an eyebrow at the Head Auror. "My plea stands."

"I warn you, the evidence we have, Mister Potter, is substantial. We have eyewitnesses to come, memories, and testimonies under Veritaserum," Scrimgeour said evenly and Harry nearly rolled his eyes. Did they really think that he was going to just plead guilty and confess everything?

"Memories, from whom?" asked Harry with a small scoff. "Certainly none from me, for I have given no memories. If all you have is evidence against me, how can I expect a fair trial? Or are you all going to simply condemn me?" he asked scathingly. "I see no one here who will speak up in my defense, which I must admit, I'm a bit bothered by, for I know many who would, if allowed to!"

"That is enough, Potter, you will remain silent," Scrimgeour demanded.

"You will have to silence me then, for I certainly intend to speak up in my own –" Harry clamped his mouth shut with a click of his teeth as the silencing spell was placed on him.

"You will wait your turn then, silently," Scrimgeour said smugly.

Harry simply glared at the man and then leaned back in the really uncomfortable chair as more evidence was called forth. He would wait his turn and then they would understand, for he intended to make them all understand. He wasn't going to sit idly by and wait for his life to come to an end. He was going to fight for it.


It had taken hours to go through all the evidence, and Harry had to admit, the evidence against him was more than enough to convict him. He was guilty of many things, but he wasn't guilty of these crimes and he maintained his not guilty plea, though he'd been asked several times to rescind it as if they wanted to take pity on him and save him the harsher sentence for lying.

They had taken him out of the courtroom and back to his cell for a recess not long ago. No doubt, they were deliberating over the evidence against him. Harry leaned back in his cell and closed his eyes, trying to figure out just how he was going to get himself out of this one.

"Are you guilty?"

Harry snapped his eyes open. "Tonks, Shacklebolt," Harry said evenly, sitting up on his cot. "Perhaps its not such a good idea to be speaking to me."

"Are you guilty?" Shacklebolt asked again.

"No," Harry said evenly. "But surely Dumbledore has told you as much."

"He's told us nothing, Harry," Tonks said. "No one's seen Dumbledore for the last few days. Sirius, Severus, and Remus are missing too."

Harry stood up in alarm. "What do you mean, missing?"

"Just that, Harry," Shacklebolt said. "McGonagall said the four left Hogwarts almost directly after you were arrested. They haven't been seen since."

"And no ones looked for them?" questioned Harry.

"Of course we have, Harry. But with no idea where they went, we don't know exactly where to start," Tonks said and Harry sat back down heavily. "Do you have any idea where they may have gone."

Harry shook his head. "I don't know." He really didn't know where they could have gone. It didn't make any sense that they would all just leave.

"Is there anything we can get you, Harry?" Tonks asked.

Harry almost said out of this cage, but then shook his head. "No, nothing, thanks though."

"Do you have any evidence to show the court?" Shacklebolt asked after a moment.

Harry hesitated. Did he? "I suppose my own memories, but I have nothing to back them up. Everyone who was witness to them is dead. I killed them," he said bluntly. "I suppose if you could maybe get Ron and Hermione, maybe Draco, but I doubt they'd be allowed them to testify, would they?"

"I don't think so, Harry," Tonks said regretfully. "They're too young. But perhaps I can find a seventh year willing to testify for you?"

Harry shook his head. "Cedric Diggory, maybe, but I'm fine on my own, and there isn't much he'll be able to say that my memories won't show anyways. Just keep looking for Severus, and the rest of them."

Tonks nodded. "Good luck, Harry," she whispered and then left.

Shacklebolt stayed behind as Harry called him back. "Is there something else you need, Harry?" he asked.

"If they find me guilty, is it going to be the Kiss?" Harry asked not looking up at the man.

Shacklebolt looked hesitant. "It's a possibility, yes," he said after a moment.

Harry nodded and leaned his head back against the bars. "Don't let anyone I know see me get it, okay?" he whispered.

"I'll try," Kingsley nodded. "Good luck, Harry," he said and then left as well.

"Yeah, luck," Harry sighed out after a moment. "I'm going to need it."


Harry looked around Courtroom Ten as soon as he was brought in this time. He held his head high as he was forced back into the chair in the center of the room and chained down, not that it mattered, the most he could do was run anyhow. Voldemort had so kindly left the magic suppressors active when he died and the Aurors were conveniently taking advantage of them, as they couldn't remove them anyways. Harry frowned slightly when he noticed that the courtroom was still absent of anyone who could testify for him.

"Do you still wish to submit evidence, Mister Potter?" Madam Bones asked after she'd brought order to the court.

Harry nodded. "I do, I wish to submit my personal memories as evidence, and I wish to be questioned under Veritaserum when they are through being viewed. So you will know the validity of them."

Madam Bones whispered quietly with someone beside her and then nodded. "I will allow them. Bring forth a Pensieve," she ordered and a wizard to the right of the courtroom stood and then brought a large Pensieve over. He set it down and then went back to his seat. "As you aren't allowed a wand, Auror Scrimgeour will remove the memories. Tell him when you are finished."

Harry nodded and started to organize the memories he wanted. They were numerous and they were going to give away everything. All the secrets he had. If they were going to convict him and sentence him to the Dementors Kiss, they would at least know who he was and what he'd gone through before they did.

Harry kept his eyes closed as each memory was taken from him and placed in the stone basin. He kept them in order, from his furthest back, to his most recent, yet rather scattered ones. With each memory taken, he felt lighter, and he almost wished he could never have the memories returned. It took Scrimgeour a good thirty minutes to extract all the memories and the court was getting restless by the time Harry told him he was finished.

"Is there anything you would like to say before we begin the memories, Mister Potter?" Madam Bones asked.

"Just… keep an open mind and – and remember you all hold my life in your hands."

Madam Bones nodded and then waved her wand over the Pensieve. The first memory was projected in the air like a Muggle movie projector, enlarged so that everyone in the courtroom could see. It was the first memory, Harry could really remember with any clarity, one that had haunted his dreams all his life. The memory of the night his parents were murdered by Voldemort.

A bang sounded at the front door and then it flew open. "Lily, he's here, take Harry and run!" James yelled.

"Avada Kedavra," a cold voice hissed and his father fell.

Lily disappeared with Harry's one-year-old self, up the stairs, and Voldemort followed. His mother pushed the door closed and set Harry in his crib and then grabbed her wand, raising it, just as Voldemort threw the door open.

"No please, not my baby, not Harry!" Lily pleaded, standing and blocking Harry in his crib. "Take me instead, he's just a child, how could he ever harm you?"

"Stand aside girl, and I'll let you live to have other children," Voldemort said smoothly, with his wand pointed at her.

"I would rather die then let you harm Harry!" she shouted and flicked her wand, sending a curse at Voldemort, who easily stepped aside.

"Avada Kedavra!" Voldemort hissed and Lily fell. He pointed his wand at baby Harry. "I won't let you live to be my down fall," he whispered. "Avada Kedavra!" he incanted again and then the memory ended abruptly with a flash of green light.

The courtroom sat in shocked silent as the memory paused for a moment, before continuing on to another. Harry had never seen the memory so clear before, not even during Occlumency and he had to force himself not to look away from the much more detailed Pensieve memory. The next memory, Harry was about eight years old. It was a memory he'd shared with no one. He wasn't running to get away, he wasn't running from his cousin, or from his uncle. He was running to something so much more important.

"Harry," a voice called from behind him and Harry skidded to a halt, breathing heavily and he turned to smile at a boy just a few years older than himself, with light brown hair and deep blue eyes.

Harry smiled slightly himself at the memory.

"Jace, I thought I'd missed you," Harry said after catching his breath.

"Then you've changed your mine? You'll come with us?" Jace asked hopefully.

Harry looked over Jace's shoulder. Back towards Privet Drive with hesitation in his eyes, "I don't know, Jace. America's a long ways away."

"Yeah it is, but, Harry, whatcha got for you here?"

Harry's eyes flickered back to Jace's. "Nothing," he answered honestly. "There's nothing here for me."

"My family loves you, you're like my brother. Those good for nothing relatives of yours ain't gonna miss you. You come with us and we'll take care of you," Jace said grabbing his arm and pulling him down the street.

Harry stopped and pulled back at the corner. He looked back over his shoulder again and then to Jace. He pulled away completely. "I'm sorry, Jace, but I can't go. They might not like me, but they're the only family I got. I can't just leave them."

"You're sure, Harry?" Jace asked sadly.

"I'm sure, Jace."

"I'll miss you, Harry," he said quietly and then ran off down the street.

Harry stood and watched him go for a long moment and then turned back to Privet Drive with a heavy sigh.

It was the strongest memory Harry had of his only Muggle friend. He'd always sat and wondered what life would have been like had he chosen to go with Jace's sorted family, a family of four orphans, all of different ages. Would he have still received his letter? Would he have gone to another Wizarding school? Would Hagrid still have come to find him? It was one of the hardest choices Harry had ever had to make and he still, to this day, didn't know why he'd chosen to stay.

The next memory, was of the day Hagrid had come to give him his Hogwarts letter. The one after that was of the first time he'd gone after the Philosophers Stone. He'd put in almost every major memory from before he'd died the first time. Every major happening throughout all his years at Hogwarts the first time around, and he could see confusion on many of their faces as the memories continued to become darker and darker.

Madam Bones almost had to stop the memories when it came to the night of Dumbledore's death, because of the outrage and confusion in the courtroom. She'd questioned Harry, but he had simply said, keep watching and then he'd answer questions. Almost everyone was on the edge of their seats, as Harry had discovered he was the Protector onward. Many had turned pale as they saw their world turn upside down through all the attacks, through all the deaths, as magic was exposed more and more frequently to the Muggles with no one to clean up the mess; through his capture and torture and rescue. Many had looked away through the worst of the memories. Harry had looked away.

When it came to his death during the final battle, and the memories went blank for a time, no one spoke. No one interrupted even though it appeared the memories were complete, but several let out a squeak of surprise at Harry's very first memory of waking up as a ghost in the chamber of the Philosopher's stone. They all watched carefully from that point onward as their knowledge and memories started to match up with Harry's own experiences.

Harry showed the Chamber of Secrets and the Chamber of Salazar, and of course, Mortedolv. He had to bite his lip to keep from laughing as they all watched wide-eyed as he conversed with the Basilisk for the first time in what appeared to be English, but Harry knew was Parseltongue. Because English, was what he heard when hearing Parseltongue, that's what they all heard as well. Remarkable things, Pensieves were.

When the memories finally got to memories of that year, and Harry revealed the full Prophecy, the Wizengamot demanded that the original be put in as evidence. Harry wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing for him. But Madam Bones had sent for a copy from the Department of Mysteries anyways. Harry asked to pause the memories before the last few were shown, these were of his capture, of the parts he remembered anyways.

"What you are about to see is everything I remember from the time I disappeared from Hogwarts to the time of my arrest. Keep in mind, if you are will, that I remember virtually nothing and have no sense of time. You can begin the memories again."

Madam Bones hesitated before starting the memories again. It started on the morning before Harry left. All of what Harry remembered was there. The memory went blank shortly after Harry had left Madam Bones' niece, Susan, outside the Great Hall. Harry had no memory until he's woken up in the cell. Many gasped at that memory, watching as Harry realized that he had no defense, no magic, as he was tortured by the three Death Eaters into unconsciousness. The next time Harry woke up, he was sitting in a chair, similar to the one he was currently in, but a bit crueler.

Harry pulled at the chains, wincing as pain ran through his arms as they shocked him. The mark on his arm burned as Voldemort entered the room and he clenched his fist against it. He stared up at Voldemort with hate in his eyes, but he didn't bother talking. Bellatrix Lestrange walked around him, running her hand along his bare shoulders. She leaned down close to his ear.

"Did you enjoy your time with us?" she whispered.

Harry clenched his jaw, refusing to give an answer to that.

"Come now, I wasn't too mean, was I? I only hurt you a little, I could have been so much worse. Crucio," she hissed and Harry wreathed against his bindings and clenched his jaw to keep from screaming.

"That's enough, Bella," Voldemort hissed lightly and Bellatrix lifted the curse with a small pout. She smirked at Harry, who was still twitching from the after effects, as she walked behind her master. "I came across this… curse I suppose you could call it, a few months before you were born," Voldemort said almost conversationally. "I've hesitated in using it for some time now, because of the consequences on myself. They were much too dire back then. Now, however, thanks to you, the consequences don't seem to apply. Would you like to know what the curse does, Harry?"

Harry glared up at Voldemort. "Go to hell!" he spit out.

Voldemort laughed almost giddily. "I'll tell you anyways. It's most fascinating, really. You see, with one cast I can make you my personal slave for as long as I live. You will have no free will, no thoughts or emotions unless they are complimentary to my own. You will do everything I say, simply because you want to please me," he said succulently and Harry looked at him in horror. "There are, of course, a few minor side effects. Your father, taught you Occlumency a bit too well, so you'll have to be under a great deal of pain when I cast it. Fortunately for you, you'll feel little pain while under it, well unless you displease me, but really, why would a loyal servant ever want to do that?"

"I'll never serve you! I'll never be loyal to you! You can do what you want to me, I can't stop you anyways, but know this Voldemort, in the end; I will kill you!" Harry shouted.

Voldemort laughed again and then pointed his wand at Harry. Bellatrix did the same. "I do not think so."

Harry's scream ended the memory and Harry's scream started the next one. The memory showed him breaking free from the curse for the first time. Voldemort's displeasure and a round of torture before he'd reapplied the curse. The next couple memories were of him coming out of the curse as well, each time, showing his struggle to find a way to escape his imprisonment and how much he fought against Voldemort. There wasn't as much pain in those, but they showed Voldemort's growing frustration. The last memory before his memory of coming too, at Hogwarts, Harry had to smirk at, as he watched himself attack Bellatrix. He only wished his curse had managed to actually harm her. She was dead now though, so he supposed it didn't much matter anymore.

Harry smiled slightly as he saw Tonks and Shacklebolt slip into the stands as his last memory played out for the Wizengamot. At least he had someone on his side here. The memory was scattered and hard to follow. There were flashes of the Great Hall, some with Dumbledore as the focus, others with McGonagall or Severus. One was longer than the other and Harry remembered his struggle to lower his wand. And then finally the memory came back full force as Harry finally managed to break out of the curse and attack Voldemort.

When the memory finally ended with his arrest, the courtroom was completely silent, all staring at Harry, who simply stared back.

"Well," Madam Bones said, looking a bit distracted. "Return his memories," she said after a moment, and Harry wished she hadn't, though he knew why she did, it was to give her and the Wizengamot time to process it all, and Harry was surprised she didn't call another recess.

He sat patiently as his memories were returned, the process was much quicker than the opposite, but Harry had a slight headache when it was done. Scrimgeour almost looked like he was going to be sick as he walked back to take his seat. Harry probably would have felt the same way had he not already lived it.

"Have you any witnesses, that you'd like to come forward before we administer the Veritaserum?" Madam Bones asked.

Harry shook his head. He only hoped they believed he was unable to lie under the effects of Veritaserum. "No," Harry said simply.

"Very well," Madam Bones said. "Please, administer the Veritaserum."

Another wizard from the stands came forward and Harry held out his tongue, he really hoped this went well. The three drops were placed and Harry swallowed them and immediately felt himself relax in his chair. The feeling was actually quite liberating.

"What is your name?" Madam Bones asked after a moment.

"Harry James Potter," Harry answered in an almost bored sounding tone.

"And who are your parents?" she asked, obviously to make sure the potion was fully working.

"My birth parents are Lily and James Potter, my adoptive parent is Severus Snape."

Madam Bones nodded, though she looked a bit annoyed. "Are all the memories you have shown us here today factual and unaltered by yourself or any outside influences?"

"Yes, they are completely accurate and unaltered," Harry answered, well that was a plus for him. Though, the Wizengamot took to muttering amongst themselves at Harry's declaration.

"Are you guilty of any of the charges brought against you today?" Madam Bones asked after someone leaned up to whispered in her ear.

"Yes," Harry said simply and if he had more control over his emotions at the moment, he would have cursed himself.

The courtroom erupted in noise and Madam Bones called for silence. Once she had it, she turned back to Harry. "Did you murder the Minister of Magic?" she asked coolly.

"No," Harry answered and more, albeit quieter, dissent followed.

"Did you murder Vernon Dursley?" she asked over the low hum of whispered.

"Yes," Harry answered and the courtroom exploded in noise again, and Harry was more than a bit confused. He certainly couldn't remember doing that.

"Silence," Madam Bones yelled over the noise and the courtroom fell silent. "I'll ask again, Mister Potter, did you murder, of your own free will, Vernon Dursley."

"No," Harry stated. Harry's confusion only grew, was he not under the same spell when it had happened? When had it happened?

The Wizengamot whispered amongst themselves and Madam Bones nodded to one beside her before turning back to Harry. "Did you curse Petunia Dursley with the Cruciatus Curse?" Madam Bones asked.

"No," Harry said and he was really glad to hear that.

"Do you know who did?" Scrimgeour asked.

"Peter Pettigrew," Harry answered, the noise wasn't as loud this time, but it was still there. How did he know that? He couldn't remember it.

"Did you take the Dark Mark willingly?" Madam Bones asked, almost hesitantly.

"Yes," Harry said, and he was surprised again, as the noise level rose. It was again another part of his memory that was blank. But he'd had the Dark Mark when Voldemort had used the curse on him for the first time. It must have happened before he's woken up in the cell.

"Why did you take the Dark Mark, Mister Potter?" Scrimgeour suddenly asked and the courtroom fell silent again.

"To stop the pain," Harry said. "He said he'd let them stop if I took the Dark Mark. He made me begged for it…"

Harry suddenly clamped his eyes shut as memories assaulted him, memories he definitely now knew he'd blocked out, and why. He shuttered against them as a tear fell down his cheek. They'd used him like a puppet, like a doll. He felt bile rise in his throat, but he swallowed hard against it and snapped his eyes open, hoping to free his memory from the images. He now knew why he'd begged for the Dark Mark, why he'd not fought against the imperious curse, Voldemort had put him under to force him to kill his uncle. How he'd disappeared from Hogwarts, why he'd not had the use of his legs when he'd awoken.

The people around him were staring and whispering amongst themselves while Madam Bones and Scrimgeour were clearly trying to snap him out of it. "Administer the antidote," Madam Bones ordered when Harry opened his eyes and he accepted it. "I have no further questions," she stated shakily, and sat back down. It was quite obvious she didn't want to know what Harry was remembering.

"Do you have anything else to add, Mister Potter?" Scrimgeour asked.

Harry only shook his head and looked away from the Wizengamot, he really didn't care right now.

"We will recess for one hour," Scrimgeour announced. "Take him back to his cell." The Aurors who had brought Harry into the courtroom came and led him away. Harry barely noticed the walk and only fully came too when he was sitting down heavily on the cot in the small cell.

Harry wasn't left alone long, Shacklebolt and Tonks came down the hall and stopped outside his cell a few minutes later. "I'd really rather not talk right now," Harry said and then laid down on his cot, curling in on himself.

"Madam Bones wants to announce your innocents," Tonks said. "The Wizengamot still has to deliberate of course, but she thinks your memories will have a lot of sway."

"I said, I really rather not talk right now," Harry whispered without much force behind his words.

"What did you remember?" Kingsley asked.

Harry closed his eyes and then breathed out heavily. "I resurrected my parents, now go away," Harry said dully and then buried his face into the cot.

"Oh, Merlin," Tonks whispered in a choked voice.

"Harry," Shacklebolt began, but then stopped. He sighed. "I'm sorry, Harry," he whispered and Harry heard the two shuffle away.

Harry lifted his head and looked around his cell as he remembered how they'd been tortured to death, how he'd been forced to watch. How he'd begged for their release, after taking the Dark Mark while they'd watched. He wished Severus were here, or Hermione, or even Ron or Sirius, or someone, anyone he trusted to stop him from doing what his thoughts were telling him, screaming for him to do. He looked at the small mirror, over the sink and wondered if it were breakable and then with a scream, he buried his head in the cot again. If he started, he'd never stop until he was dead, and as much emotional pain as he was in right now, he still really didn't want to die.


Not much less than an hour later, Harry was led back into the courtroom. He'd managed to compose himself in his time away. He wasn't fully accepting of his memories or what he'd done, but he'd deal with them in time. He looked around the courtroom again and frowned, at again not seeing even Severus. Where were they? He couldn't believe that they would leave him like this, not when he needed them the most.

Madam Bones stood once the courtroom was filled and silent again. "The Wizengamot has deliberated," she said heavily and then turned her attention on Harry. "Do you have any further evidence, or witnesses that you wish to present, Mister Potter?"

Harry shook his head. "No ma'am."

"Very well," she said. "Harry Potter, this court and the Wizengamot finds you –"

The courtroom doors suddenly banged open and Sirius came running in. "Wait, we have evidence and a witness that can prove Harry Potter was being controlled!" he shouted, slightly out of breath.

The members of the Wizengamot whispered amongst themselves, some of them looking amused, others rolled their eyes and shook their heads. Madam Bones spoke up over them. "Indeed, and were is this witness and evidence?" she asked.

"Here," Dumbledore said, walking into the courtroom as if nothing was out of the ordinary. Behind him, Severus and Remus were dragging a rather reluctant and tied up Peter Pettigrew. Dumbledore held up a wand as he approached. "I have here, Lord Voldemort's wand as evidence and Peter Pettigrew can testify that he was there almost every moment that Harry was under Voldemort's curse."

"That's all very well and good," Madam Bones said and Harry frowned. Were they not going to allow it? "However, we have deliberated and come to a decision.

"What?" Sirius shouted. "You won't give my godson a fair trial?"

"We already have Sirius Black. We have seen Mister Potter's memories and questioned him under Veritaserum," Scrimgeour spoke up. "Believe me, they were more than enough evidence."

"What are you saying?" Dumbledore asked.

"If you would let me finish," Madam Bones said firmly and then took a deep breath. "This court and the Wizengamot, finds Harry Potter not guilty of any charges brought against him. He was not in control of his own actions and coerced to take the Dark Mark. We owe you a dept of gratitude for once again putting an end to Lord Voldemort's war against the Wizarding world," she announced and the bindings holding him to the chair, disappeared as the noise level rose in the courtroom.

Madam Bones stepped down and then came to stand before Harry, who was looking decidedly shocked, and more than feeling it. She smiled at him. "If you don't mind, Harry, within the next few weeks if you are willing, I believe a few people from the Department of Mysteries wish to discuss with you the prophecy and your amazing ability to time travel, not to mention that shield of yours. That could come in quite handy in the Auror Department."

Harry could only nod. He took a deep breath. "Sure, why not. Can I leave now?"

"As soon as you collect your wand from Rufus, yes Harry, you are free to go," she said and Harry stood.

"Thank you, Madam Bones," he said quietly and she nodded and then watched with a slightly amused smirk as Harry liberated his wand and then slipped out of the courtroom without anyone taking notice.


"So you say, the Dark Lord put these on you?" Ollivander asked, looking over the cuffs. Harry nodded and took back his wrists. "And they seem to work as both a suppresser and a focus?"

"Yes, I think he may have made them with a wand in mind. I only have to figure out how to activate them again. They give me much more focus and control with my wandless magic as well as my wand magic, allows me to minimize my spell work actually, or maximize it. The only problem is, I don't know how to turn them back on, or reverse it or whatever he did. Voldemort did it with a thought."

"With wandless magic then?" said Ollivander. "I would guess, that you would simply have to over power it. Or find a way to take them off."

"I've tried both. It's odd, I know I'm more powerful than Voldemort was, but if he made these with a wand in mind, is it possible that they too only work correctly for the Wizard they've chosen?"

Ollivander's face lit up. "Yes, indeed, you may be correct, Mister Potter."

"But how does one get a wand, or a focus in this case, to accept a Wizard."

"How indeed?" said Ollivander. "Now, why is the real reason you are here, while they looking for you?" he asked and motioned toward the window. Harry turned and saw Dumbledore, Severus, Sirius, Remus, Hermione and Ron, all looking through shop windows. He was more than certain they weren't window-shopping.

Harry held out the palm of his right hand where two tiny fragments sat. "I was wondering if you could put these into focuses or talismans."

Ollivander's eyes widened. "Are those shards from the Philosopher's stone?" he asked.

Harry nodded with a sigh. "They don't have the full properties they once hand, but I'd wager they can still stop a Killing Curse."

"I may be able to, but where did you obtain them?"

Harry shrugged. "They've been in my hand for several years now. I was able to remove them early this morning. They've served their purpose and I'd like to give them to my two best friends now."

Ollivander could only nod as he carefully took the shards. "I will do what I can. These are an amazing gift you give them."

Harry smiled. "They gave me an amazing gift, the gift of friendship."

"Indeed and through two lifetimes."

Harry raised an eyebrow. "I'm not even going to ask how you knew," he said with a shake of his head. "I should go and tell them where I am."

"Perhaps you should. I'll have these set for you in a couple of pendants and send them to you when they're finished, free of charge, for saving the Wizarding world and all." Harry nodded with a small smile and then made his way to the door. "One more thing, Mister Potter, do you remember what I told you about your wand?"

Harry nodded. "It's only a tool."

"Indeed, perhaps you have to accept them, as much as they accept you?" he said and then disappeared into his shop.

Harry looked down at the manacles with a sigh. "They do seem to be a part of me now," he whispered and then raised his hand and called a nearby wand box to him with his mind. The box zoomed into his hand and then he sent it back. He chuckled as he left the store and a smirking Ollivander in the shadows.

Harry was just about to make his presence known to the group when he suddenly smirked. He was going to have to register eventually, so why keep it a secret anymore. And now that he could use his magic again…

Not a few seconds later a smiling black and grey coon-cat was sitting in Harry's place. He wondered how Severus liked house cats as he crept up behind the group and then weaved his body around their legs, making them all jump in surprise. He purred and then looked up at them with big green eyes.

Sirius' eyes widened and then he smirked and knelt down and scooped him up. "What a cute little kitty, can we drown it?" he asked with a smile and the others stared at Sirius appalled, and Harry hissed.

Severus grabbed him from Sirius. "Of course not!" he said looking almost scandalized. "Kitty Potions ingredients are so much more useful."

Harry yowled and then swiped out a claw at Severus' hand, who ended up dropping him. He landed smoothly on all fours, lifted his tail and placed his head in the air before trotting away to Hermione. He purred as she picked him up and started running his hand over his back.

"You're such a cute little kitty," she said, nuzzling his nose. "I could just hug you and squeeze you and…"

Harry squirmed out of her grasp with a growl.

"I don't think he liked that idea very much," Sirius barked and Remus shook his head.

Harry darted over to the Headmaster and looked up at him imploringly. Dumbledore chuckled and then scooped him up, scratching him on his head. Harry purred again, hanging limply in the Headmaster's grasp.

"Poor, Harry, wanting to be used as Potions ingredients by own father and squished to death by his best friend," Remus said with a lamenting sigh and Ron sniggered.

"No wonder he's run off," Dumbledore said with and aghast glare. The others started laughing.

Harry meowed and squirmed out of and then jumped from Dumbledore's grasp. Halfway to the ground he shifted. He land in a crouch and Dumbledore jumped back with wide eyes at suddenly having Harry standing in the cats place.

"Surprise," he said to the astonished Headmaster.

Dumbledore recovered quickly, it seemed nothing could faze him for long. "When did you become an Animagus, my boy?"

Harry shrugged. "Not long after I found out Professor McGonagall was a Protector of Hogwarts."

Dumbledore opened his mouth as if to say something and then closed it again. His eyes got real wide and then he laughed. "Dear Merlin Minerva? Are you sure?"

"Quite," Harry said simply, and then he leaned in and whispered conspiringly. "How else do you think she moves around the school so fast." Dumbledore's eyes widened further and then the others laughed at the old man's stunned expression.


A/N: Well it's finally finished. I may do a little one-shot at some point, kind a follow-up, but it won't be anytime soon, I'm going to go on to other things for now. Hope you all enjoyed it, I certainly had fun writing it and I'm sure eventually I'll have fun revising it too, and then maybe I'll get it posted on my yahoo page finally, lol. :)