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Summary: Drugs. Alcohol. Sex. This is what Chris turned to moments after his wife filed for divorce. Now months later Chris is forced to go into rehab. While there he meets a willing young lady to help him get back on the right path. Will she be on that path with him?

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"You have gotta be shitting me Vince." Chris exclaimed.

"Don't swear around me Chris. And no I'm not. We gave you enough chances and you won't take action yourself." Vince told Chris.

"This is bullshit! I just came back and now your sending me off again?" Chris yelled.

"You're a mess Chris! Ever since Jessica…" Vince started to say before Chris pinned Vince against his office wall.

"Don't EVER say her name around me again." Chris said through his gritted teeth.

"Fine. Ever since SHE left you, you let yourself go. I can't keep covering up for you. The press is up my ass the production is bugging me about you." Vince admitted.

"I'm not going." Chris stated letting go of Vince.

"I'm not giving you anymore choices Chris." Vince said as a warning.

"I told you I'm not going. End of story." Chris told him.

"Either you go or your fired." Vince told him.

"You wouldn't fire me. I'm fucking Chris Jericho! The Sexy Beast! You'll lose ratings without me." Chris said boasting.

"I will fire you Chris. Don't push me." Vince said getting closer.

"You wouldn't…" Chris started to say before he saw what Vince was doing.

Vince had Chris's contract in his hand. He was dangling the contract over a shredder. Chris stared at the contract with wide eyes. Vince stared back at him with no emotion.

"Don't. Push. Me." Vince said slowly.

Chris gulped as he continued to stare at his contract. Vince really wouldn't shred his contract would he? He didn't really know. Vince could do a bunch of things that no one could ever expect.

"How long would I be gone?" Chris asked.

"A month minimum. Depends in how much progress you make." Vince told him.

Chris sighed as he put his hands in his pockets. In one pocket were cigarettes and a lighter. In the other was a bag of weed. Vince slowly set the contract down on the table and walked over to hug Chris.

"You leave tonight." Vince told him.

"Whatever." Chris said backing away and out the door.

"And Chris?" Vince asked.

"What." Chris said blankly.

"Get rid of that damn weed. Someone could smell that shit miles away. Vince told him before slamming the door in his face.


"Christopher Irvine?" A lady called out to the almost empty lobby.

Chris raised his hand up to show the lady that he was there. The lady smiled as Chris slowly got up and walked over to her.

"Right this way." The lady said smiling and leading him to the back.

Chris sighed as he followed the lady through the big wooden door. Around him were recovering patients of alcohol or drugs. He avoided eye contact with anyone in the room. Now and then he would hear people whisper about him being here. He scowled as the lady opened a door for him. Chris walked in and sat in one of the big leather chairs. The lady closed the door and sat in the black computer chair across from him.

"Welcome to Promises Medical Center. I'm Dr. Sharia Wilson." Sharia introduced herself.

"That's great." Chris said emotionless.

"And you are?" She asked.

"I'm sure you know who I am." Chris said looking at Sharia.

"I know your name but not who you are." Sharia stated.

"I'm Chris Jericho. The first undisputed champion of the WWE. I was the ECW Television Champ, WCW Television Champ, four time WCW Cruiserweight Champ, two time WCW Champ, European Champ, three time World Tag Team Champ, seven time Intercontinental Champ and WWE Champ." Chris said counting on his fingers.

"Great to know your stats." Sharia said rolling her eyes.

"I'm also a New York Times best selling author and a musician." Chris said gloating.

"Yes because your time on 'Singing With the Stars' was such a long run." Sharia said sarcastically.

"So you did know who I was." Chris found out.

"Everyone here does. The whole place was buzzing about it when Vince called us." Sharia said entering something into her computer.

Chris sat back and looked at Sharia. She looked too young to be a doctor of any kind. Her hair was red and wavy and her eyes the deepest green. She had freckles on her cheek bones crossing the bridge of her nose. Her nails were long and the color of a dark red and sparkled in the light. Dr. Sharia turned her attention back to Chris and got out a notebook.

"So. What brings you here?" Sharia asked.

"You should know." Chris spat out.

"I do. But do you?" She asked.

"Yeah. But I don't understand why." Chris told her.

"Just tell me what you know." Sharia said clicking her pen.

"Look. My wife told me she wanted a divorce earlier this year. I went crazy and turned to some bad shit. I bought drugs off the street. I was drunk about every single day. I showed up at events and wrestled drunk. The divas are my sex toys. As are cheap whores off the street." Chris said smiling.

"And your proud of that?" Sharia asked confused.

"Not proud. I just don't see anything wrong with it." Chris said shrugging his shoulders.

"There's a lot wrong with it." Sharia said sighing.

"Like what?" Chris asked.

"Drugs can kill you. You could get alcohol poisoning or die of too much of it in your blood system. You could get STD's from having unsafe sex." Sharia pointed out.

"Oh but I am safe." Chris said winking and taking a swig of the brandy in his flask.

Dr. Sharia leaned over the desk and swiped the flask from Chris while he was in mid drink. She opened her drawer and threw it in there. She locked the drawer with keys and looked back at Chris who was staring at her in disbelief.

"What the fuck?" Chris cursed.

"No drinking here. It's not good for recovering people here." Sharia stated.

"I'm not recovering yet." Chris stated.

"Starting now you are. As we speak your bag is being checked for anything we think is improper for one of our guests to have here." Sharia said smiling.

"Are you shitting me?!" Chris said jumping up.

"Pretty serious." Sharia stated.

"Fuck this shit!" Chris yelled as he headed for the door.

Chris walked over the door and was reaching for the handle. Suddenly Sharia got a hold of him and pushed him up against a wall. Chris looked into her deep green eyes. He could see the anger building up in them.

"Listen up you cocky son of a bitch. Vince hired me to help you got it? I'm a big fan of yours and I wanna make sure you get some help before you kill yourself. Now you can walk out of here and I'll just call Vince and told him you left and you can get fired and live on the streets for all I care. Or you can stay here and get better to keep your damn job and not go under the category of wrestlers that died too young because they were so damn stupid." Sharia spat out at him.

Chris stared at Sharia in disbelief. He didn't think all that would come out of her. She seemed to prim and proper. Seeing her blow up like that made her…sexy. Chris shook his head and moved his mind back to the situation at hand. He didn't want to lose his job. Wrestling was all he had. But he didn't want to be here either. But Dr. Sharia pretty much scared him shitless…

"Okay okay I'll stay here." Chris told her.

"Good choice," Sharia said backing off, "Now get to your room. Your schedule starts tomorrow. Welcome to Promises Chris."


This was mostly a filler and introductory chapter. Yeah there's gonna be a lot of swearing in the story just FYI. Please review!

Next chapter: Chris had his first session of therapy with none other then Dr. Sharia. They go over the contents that the staff of Promises found in his bag. What does Chris say to defend himself? Keep reading!