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Konoha Preparatory Boarding Academy For Girls...And Sasuke

Written in the first person at times. I'll let you know when and whatnot.

Today sucks. I mean today really sucks.



My name is Uchiha Sasuke, son of Uchiha Fugaku and Uchiha Mikoto, younger brother to Uchiha Itachi. Don't listen to anything he says. I'm totally better at everything...including life.

Why does today suck?

I might have forgotten to mention why, huh.


"Sasuke-kun! We're going to be late for dinner!"


"Hn," I growled out miserably to my new roommate, Yamanaka Ino.

This isn't one of those new coed boarding schools, oh noooooo.

"Come on! Tenten's saving us a seat and it's sushi night!" she whined, pouting at me. I narrowed my eyes but accomponied her down to the dining hall anyway. Maybe I can just order room service for the rest of the year...

Huh? Where was I?

Oh yeah.

I am the only boy in an all-girls boarding school.

Yeah, I like girls. Surprising, I know. Naruto had actually spread a rumor that I was gay. Everyone bought it. I mean, is it that surprising to find out that I actually like girls? I do! But I really don't want to be surrounded by them all the time.

And the best part? My mom didn't even know this was a single sex school. And she went to it!!

Oh yeah. My life sucks.

Third person POV

Sasuke and Ino entered the dining hall where they were instantly greeted with noise, sushi, and yelling and screaming and giggling females. Ino grabbed his hand and pulled him over to the table where Tenten was located and proceeded to jabber on and on about how he was going to love it here and how all the girls were real nice except for that one over there and how there are only male teachers and Sasuke was about ready to puke.

He did not care about nail polish.

He did not want to attend an all-girls school. How was he even accepted anyway? He knew they sent in pictures of future students...

And he most certainly did not to room with a preppy prep.

Sasuke frowned as he stared at the sushi in front of him; he wanted to be at Konoha Boarding Academy for Boys, the sister school to this hell hole, where the main food was ribs and there was no sign of anything pink. Lee didn't count.

"Hn," he mumbled when Ino tried to include him in her conversation.

"Hey, Ino!"

"Forehead? Since when do you go here?" asked Ino. She sounded surprised, not that he cared.

"Since right now. My parents are traveling for business and I didn't want school to be messed up, and then I remembered how you said this was such a great school so I decided to apply."

"Great! Oh yeah, Tenten, this is Sakura. Sakura, Tenten."


"It's a pleasure."

Sasuke closed his eyes and tried to find his happy place.

Sad Itachi. Sad Itachi. Sad Itachi. Sad Itac-

"And this is Sasuke."

"I thought this school didn't allow boys?"

"It doesn't."

"Then how-?"

"Sasuke's a special case."

Sasuke looked up and saw a smiling Ino, a giggling Tenten, and a blob of pink. A very nice blob of pink. The pink haired girl leaned close to his face and smiled.

"I'm Sakura. You're cute. Too bad you're emo," she said jokingly. His eyes widened, and Sasuke knew.

I hate this place.

TheAmazingItachi: Hn?

EmoXPrince: Hn.

TheAmazingItachi: Hn hn.

EmoXPrince: Hn!

BetterTHANtheTEME: Could we not use 'Hn's?

TheAmazingItachi and EmoXPrince: Go die. We r emoing right now.

BetterTHANtheTEME: Fine. Naruto out!

BetterTHANtheTEME has loged out.

EmoXPrince: So now I'm at an all-girls school. Help me out.

TheAmazingItachi: ur problem

TheAmazingItachi: not mine

TheAmazingItachi has logged out.


TheAmazingItachi has logged on.

TheAmazingItachi: At least I didn't go 2 a girl school.

EmoXPrince: ...

TheAmazingItachi: I win again.

And that's why my life sucks. Naruto's off having the time of his life in boy haven. Girls think I'm cute. I'm a guy. I'm sexy, NOT cute. And my mom has made me finish the school year hear.

Someone, shoot me.

"Hey, Sasuke-kun! Me and some of the girls are gonna go hang down in the lounge. Want to come?" asked Ino. I gave her a look that basically said 'Go-fuck-off-and-die'.

"Aww, don't feel bad, Ino-pig. He's the emo bunny. Going about and spreading emoness to everyone!" giggled Sakura as she joked about me. I cracked an eye open and glared at the giggling females. They would have to die. As soon as that whole emo bunny thing dies down.


Life is crap.

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