Hello, folks! This is my first foray into Labydom, though I am a veteran of ff-dot-net. It would probably have safer to get my feet wet with a one-shot, but I live dangerously. So here we go! A chapter fic from a baby Labyrinth author. I'm going for modern Fairy Tale, with some throw back to Brothers Grimm. And those who are Grimm fans know the original stories are rather dark, and I plan on implementing that in this fic. Because, honestly, who doesn't like their Jareth a little (okay, a lot) evil? He's just sexy that way.

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The Slumbering City


Once Upon A Dream

I know you

I've walked with you once upon a dream

I know you

The gleam in your eyes is so familiar a gleam

Yes, I know it's true

That visions are seldom all they seem

But if I know you, I know what you'll do

You'll love me at once

The way you did once upon a dream

Once Upon a Dream; Disney's Sleeping Beauty

Her lungs burned. Every time she inhaled it felt as if a hot knife were being stabbed right through her chest – and yet she continued to run.

It was not the quick, springing step of a distance runner. Sarah was not conserving her energy, she was not taking even breaths, she was not visualizing the finish line. This was the desperate gate of the possessed: stumbling forward through exhaustion, ignoring the pain in order to obey the one, all consuming need that drove her.

Search! Find! Awaken!

Her footsteps echoed against crumbling cobblestone as she ran down the twisting corridors of the Labyrinth. Her heart was in her throat and her breath was coming in shallow, painful gasps. Still, she continued onward, unable to slow because if she did then she would – would... would what? What was she searching for? Why was she running as if demons were on her tail?

Sarah paused, green eyes narrowing in confusion as she finally slowed and took a look around herself. She was just beyond Hoggle's gate, in the straightaway corridor with the hidden turns. But she had already run this way, hadn't she? She had championed the Labyrinth years ago. Toby was safe. What was she doing back here? She couldn't even remember how she had gotten in.

The dark-haired woman leaned back against the glistening stone wall, the sense of urgency fading as she fought to regain her breath. Her head was pounding and she reached up to rub her temples, pushing back the long hair that clung to her sweat-dampened brow. This hall was disorienting – each end stretching as far as the eye could see, seemingly bereft of any turns or angles. She knew better, of course, but still found herself shutting her eyes against an odd feeling of vertigo.

After several moments, Sarah straightened and faced the wall opposite her. She knew if she walked forward, she would find a turn into the main halls of the Labyrinth, but something kept her from stepping closer. Something felt wrong.

Frowning, Sarah looked to her left, then right. There were still tree branches blocking the pathway and rotting where they had fallen, but something... else... was off... She looked up again, examining the wall more closely. The stones glittered eerily – as they had before – but this time she realized they were bare of the odd eye-ball lichen that adorned the cracks before.

In fact, now that she thought about it, in all the time she had been running (hours, she was sure) she had not seen any of the strange eye-ball plant. For some reason this made her uneasy, because she remembered the last time she had run the Labyrinth they had been everywhere, watching her, the eye stalks all turning to stare at her in unison.

Sarah took a deep breath – and the sound was so sharp in the utter silence that it startled her.

That was another thing, it was quieter than she remembered. But underlying the silence was a throbbing that she had first mistaken as her own heartbeat. It was more like a vibration than a sound, and it tickled something in her mind. When she focused on it, it sounded... almost...


That sense of urgency was building in her again. She stood up straighter, looking uncertainly at the wall before her. She felt as if she should be searching for something...


But who? She had already done this. She had won. Toby was at home, probably curled up with Lancelot and dreaming of sugar plums at this very moment. So why did she feel compelled to continue? Who was she searching for?

Unbidden, an image rose in her mind. A tall, slender figure with wild frost-blonde hair and a cruel smile on his sensuous lips. Something glittered in his hand and he held it toward her.

"This is not an ordinary gift for an ordinary girl."

The image twisted, changing into something darker. They faced each other in the Escher room again, this time his mismatched eyes were wounded and his finger pointed straight at her, accusing.

"How you've turned my world, you precious thing."

Sarah shook her head, trying to dispel the haunting images of the Goblin King. The sea of questions swelled within her once more. What was going on? Why was she here? What was she looking for?

She tilted her head back, running her hands through her hair and squinting upward. She pushed up onto her toes, and there, over the wall and in the distance she could just make out the spire of the Castle beyond the Goblin City.


"Jareth," She murmured.

The Labyrinth lurched around her and Sarah was suddenly thrown to the ground. She looked up, frightened green eyes searching for the cause as the stones shook beneath her. The thrumming that had been little more than a tickle moments ago had now crescendoed into a deafening, angry roar.


She bolted up in her bed, tangled in the sheets and scrambling toward the head board. When she finally came to her senses she was clinging for dear life to the heavy wooden frame, trembling. Her hair was stuck to her sweaty cheek and her heart was pounding in chest. Her ears were ringing.

At breakfast, when Toby asked her why she had screamed in the night, Sarah had been unable to answer.

She honestly couldn't remember.

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