Chapter 5 - Humility and Wonder

While work continued in Mobotropolis, it seemed all eyes were focused on a group that had gathered near the road leading to Minoc Grove. The group included eight hedgehogs, five foxes, and two squirrels. They were all well known to everyone in Mobotropolis, but one observer knew what brought them together...

Anthony was on Vista Point looking down at the group that had gathered. It included four families recently reunited, namely Sonic's, Tails's, Amy's, and Sally's. The Acorns had arranged for the four families to go together on a picnic to celebrate the recovery and derobotization of the last of the roboticized citizens. Anthony was also invited to join them, but refused saying this was a family affair.

Anthony watched as the four families got together and made the final preparations. Queen Alicia Acorn was currently using Anthony's old hoverchair, a precaution due to her previous condition, but thankfully wasn't the target of old comic book references like Anthony was. Of course...she still was having trouble convincing her husband and children that she wasn't an invalid.

Manic and Queen Aleena had traveled from Mobara to help comfort Sonia after David had to leave to take care of his father's problems. Anthony noticed that, besides Chuck and Sonic, another hedgehog had joined them. Anthony was told who this was before this event. He was Commander Wallace Julian Hedgehog, Sonic's, Sonia's, and Manic's father and Chuck's brother, who had been leading the freedom fight in Station Square, and who also was recently reunited with the rest of his family as well.

Tails and Amy seemed to be the most excited of the group, perhaps because they were also the youngest. Their families were also invited to this celebration seeing as how they were friends with members of both royal families. As the preparations were going on, only Amy seemed to notice Anthony's looking down at the group, and smiled in his direction, which Anthony acknowledged with a small nod.

As soon as the group started their trek towards where they were going to picnic and had left the area, Anthony leaned back against a tree. He was smiling and had tears of joy running down his face. This reaction was to be expected...he had helped reunite all four of those families, and couldn't find a way to express his happiness for them any other way. He was hoping no one would see him doing this, but...

"Enjoying the fruits of your labors, Anthony?"

Anthony snapped to attention and looked in the direction of the voice, seeing Mario, Luigi, Link, Megaman, Protoman, and Bass approach. He quickly wiped away the tears under his glasses and faced the approaching heroes. "I guess you saw my reaction to seeing them, huh?" Anthony asked.

"Yes, and we a thought you created a power to block their feelings from you," Luigi said. "You're a not have a relapse, are you?"

"No," Anthony said, regaining his composure. "These tears of joy are mine and mine alone. I guess seeing how happy all four of those families were got to me."

"That's understandable," Protoman said. "Are you SURE you don't want a statue?"

"I'm POSITIVE, guys!!" Anthony exclaimed. "In fact if you want to thank me, would you PLEASE stop treating me like I saved Mobius by myself?!? Jesus H. Christ..."

"Sheesh, fine..." Link said, and then asked, "Jesus who?"

"I'll explain later, Link..."

"So, what's next for you, Anthony?" Megaman asked. "Looks like all the loose ends have been tied up regarding this world!"

Anthony then looked up towards the sky. "Not sure, Mega. I may look into how I can train my world's race in the use of psionics. I may have to start or two students to start with...then..." He then saw the floating form of Angel Island pass over close to Mobotropolis, and then frowned. "Actually...there is one more loose end to take care of..."

Mario looked up where Anthony was looking and asked, "What a loose end? Something onna the Floating Island?"

"Yes...something of a personal matter. If you will excuse me, I'll be back a little later..." Anthony said, then disappeared as he used his new Teleport power.

The remaining heroes looked at where Anthony disappeared from and were confused. "Huh? What was he talking about?" Bass asked.

"I think I know," Protoman said. "If I'm right, Anthony has an apology to make..."


In a hidden base on some unknown stretch of Mobius, a small band of echidnas gather. They all looked like normal echidnas, save for the fact that they were all partially roboticized. The only difference was, this robotization was willing...

Dimitri and Kragok looked upon their fellow members of the Dark Legion and smiled. They had a plan set in motion to attack the members of the Chaotix and wrestle control of the Floating Island from them.

"Do you understand what you need to do, Kragok?" Dimitri asked his second in command.

"Yes, Dimitri..." Kragok answered, looking at the band of warriors that had gathered. "And with this fine army, I very much doubt the Chaotix and that traitor, Julie-Su, will survive."

"Excellent. Not only will we finally have control of Angel Island...but we will have the Gardenia portal as an added bonus. Ready your men."

Kragok then went down to address the gathered army. At the same time, a female echidna stepped out from the shadows, an act that Dimitri noticed.

"And how long were you listening, my dear Lien-Da?" Dimitri asked.

"Long enough to enjoy the confidence you were spewing," Lien-Da answered, "and enough to wonder one thing. Aren't you afraid of Gardenia's or any other Arcadian forces getting involved?"

Dimitri snorted in disapproval. "The thought had occurred to me, but I am confident in Kragok's abilities to lead the men to battle. Even if the Gamemaster were to appear, I don't think he'd be a challenge."

"So confident..." Lien-Da exclaimed. "Too bad we have to kill my sister, Julie-Su. But then, she was a bit soft-hearted for the Legion."

"Don't worry, my dear," Dimitri said. "I asked Kragok to see about keeping her alive. If she cannot be turned...the pleasure of killing her will be all yours."

Lien-Da then smiled an evil smile upon hearing that, and watched as Kragok addressed the army...


Anthony's sudden appearance near the Master Emerald and the Mobius/Gardenia portal made the two Troopa portal guards jump. Once they realized who it was, they regained their composure and saluted Anthony.

"Gentlemen," Anthony said, addressing the guards, "do you happen to know where Knuckles is?"

"The Guardian?" one of the guards answered. "I believe he is at his home right now."

"Thank you. If he comes by, tell him I'm looking for him."

The guards nodded in understanding as Anthony walked towards where Knuckles's home was. It was located fairly close to the Chaos Emerald chamber and was a small dwelling compared to what Anthony had seen being built in Mobotropolis. Before he even got close to the door, he heard a voice...

"HALT! Who goes there?"

Anthony turned towards...apparently nothing...and spoke. "Espio, you know damn well who I am, and that camo trick is lame..."

Espio then appeared out of thin air as he removed his camouflage. "Geez...between your psionics and Knux's Guardian abilities, I can't fool anyone anymore, Gamemaster!"

"Well, that camouflage trick tend to get old amongst allies, Espio," Anthony said. " your leader in?"

"Actually, he's over near the edge of the island over there," Espio answered, pointing in the direction where Knuckles was. "I think I saw Julie-Su with him as well."

"Oh...hmmm...sounds like a private moment..."

Espio smiled at that. "Yeah, I'm sure. However, I don't think he'll mind the interruption. I think they're just looking at the view."

"If you say so, Espio..."

Anthony walked over towards where Espio indicated and saw Knuckles and Julie-Su sitting down and looking over the side of the cliff towards the land below. They appeared to be just looking over the side at the scenery, just as Espio said. Julie-Su turned around just as Anthony walked up. "Oh, Gamemaster, this is a surprise! Come to check out the scenery from the island?"

"Actually, I'm here to speak with Knux," Anthony said.

Knuckles turned around upon hearing that. "Really? What did you need?"

"It involves something I need to do regarding you," Anthony said, "and that's to apologize..."

"What for?" Knuckles said, confused.

"For upsetting you when I showed you that fanfic when we first met. I didn't want to use it...but I was so desperate to get you to help that..."

"Gamemaster..." Knuckles said, "You don't need to apologize for that. In fact, I owe you for that."


"Well...After the Battle of Mobius I began thinking back to what you had said...about the fic representing what might happen if I turn my back on those that want to be my friends. I realized I had been acting too much like the lone wolf as of late, an I'm not talking about Lupe! Sometimes I didn't even want the company of the other Chaotix...and those are the guys I consider my closest friends! In a opened my eyes as to what I had been missing because of how I had been acting with my role as Guardian. I've been trying to improve my relationships with people as of late as a result...some relationships more than others..." Knuckles then placed his paw on top of one of Julie-Su's paws, causing her to blush slightly.

Anthony smiled at this exchange. "'re not upset by what I did?"

"Not at all, in fact..." Knuckles then stood up and extended his paw in friendship. "I would be honored to call you a friend as well, Gamemaster."

"In that case..." Anthony said, shaking Knuckles's paw, "I would be honored as well, and none of this Gamemaster crap...the name's Anthony." He turned towards Julie-Su and continued. "That goes for you too, Julie."

"Alright then, Anthony..." Knuckles said, then turned back towards where Julie-Su was sitting. "Come should check out the view from here. It's one of the few wonders of this island."

Anthony stepped near the edge of the cliff and noticed just how high up the island was. To him, the view was breathtaking...

"Niiiiiiiiiiiice..." Anthony said. "I'm just glad I don't have a fear of heights! How high are...?" Suddenly he noticed what appeared to be a warship coming towards the island. "Knux! What's that!"

Knuckles and Julie-Su saw where Anthony was looking and gasped. "Shit!" Knuckles said. "It's the Dark Legion, and it looks like they mean business!" He then turned towards Julie-Su. "Get the other Chaotix and get them ready for attack!"

"Alright, careful you two..." Julie-Su said, then ran off to get the other Chaotix.

"Hopefully she also gets some help from Gardenia," Anthony said.

Knuckles then had a worried look on his face. "We may not have time for that. Let's hope we can hold them off..."

"Let's not hope, Knux...let's do it! ARMOR ACTIVATE!" Anthony said, causing the red armor to encase his entire body. He then looked towards the ship and readied both his sword and a psionic blast...


"Commander Kragok," one of the pilots of the warship said to his commander. "We're approaching the island."

"Excellent," Kragok said, smiling evilly. "Once we near the island, order the troops to be ready to disembark with weapons firing! Make sure you find us a landing spot near the Master Emerald."

"Aye sir," the pilot replied. Suddenly, without warning, the entire vessel shook as they appeared to take a hit from something. "Commander," the pilot said, checking his instruments, "we've been hit on the port side, minimal damage, and there appears to be two sentries near the edge of the island!"

"Get the shields up and show me those sentries," Kragok ordered. He then moved to a nearby viewscreen and saw two red figures in the monitor: an echidna and an armored being holding a sword.

"So..." Kragok mused, "the Guardian DOES have the Gamemaster with him." He then turned back towards the pilot. "Continue course towards the Master Emerald!"

"Aye sir," the pilot replied, turning back towards the console.


"Well, THAT was useless!" Anthony said after seeing the psionic blast did little damage to the ship. He and Knuckles then started rocketing towards the Master Emerald after seeing the ship fly over their heads. They soon saw the ship starting to land.

"Huh? Strange..." Knuckles said as they kept moving. "Usually they try to grab the Emerald in mid-flight! Why are they landing?"

"They must want something..." Anthony replied, then made a realization. "They must want the Portal!"

"Doesn't look like they'll get it anytime soon! Look!" Knuckles pointed towards the growing army of Koopa troops assembling along with the Chaotix.

"Excellent, Julie got help," Anthony said. "Let's join them!"

As they approached the Emerald, they saw the Dark Legionnaires beginning to file from the ship and open fire upon their friends. Luckily, the Chaotix and company were well prepared and had established a defense, firing back at the Legion.

Anthony and Knuckles soon entered the fray, Anthony landing cutting blows to the Legionnaires' weapons and parrying the incoming shots with his sword. Knuckles was also fighting close range, KO'ing Legionnaires left and right.

Suddenly, Anthony noticed something gleaming near the top of the ship, and saw who looked like Kragok aiming a weapon straight at Knuckles.

"A sniper...KNUCKLES LOOK OUT!!!" Anthony yelled, but it was too late. Kragok fired a shot towards Knuckles which impacted him on his left side near the heart.

"NO!!!" Anthony yelled, as he pulled Knuckles to safety behind where the Chaotix and Troopas were stationed. Espio and Charmy ran up to tend to their leader as the others continued to fire on the Legionnaires.

"Oh man...not good. Charmy, get Archemedes and hurry!" Espio ordered as he tended to Knuckles.

" bad is it?" Anthony said, a look of worry on his face.

Espio looked up at Anthony, a sad expression on his face. "Gamemaster...unless something is done, this wound could be mortal..."

Anthony, shocked by what Espio said, deactivated his armor and placed a hand on where the wound was. He tried concentrating on the psionic technique to heal wounds, but could not seem to heal any of the damage. "Please," Anthony pleaded as he tried to heal the wound, "don't fail me now. Heal him..." Unfortunately, Anthony made little headway with his power, and the wound remained. As Archemedes came up to tend to Knuckles, Anthony could see that Knuckles was very still and even noticed Julie-Su starting to tear up.

Anthony then stood up and looked towards the Legionnaires with a look of absolute rage. "YOU...BASTARDS!!!!!" He then activated his Descendancy Powers in order to create the Master's Armor.

But this time the transformation was different...

Espio and Charmy watched as Anthony's armor, instead of becoming the silver Master's Armor, turned ebon black. Even his cape and soon his sword were pitch black as well. They also noticed that his face had almost a permanent look of rage as he reentered the fray...


"The...HELL?!?" Kragok said as he noticed the transformation as well. "How did the Gamemaster's armor turn black like that?" He decided to join the troops to coordinate the battle, sure that he would win now that the Guardian was down, and the Chaotix demoralized.

But what he saw next sent chills down his spine...

Anthony rushed forward, the Master Barrier raised to prevent any shots from going through, and managed to paralyze several Legionnaires coming towards him. However, instead of just leaving them to fight some active troops, he went to each Legionnaire and stuck his sword into their hearts, causing them to collapse in a heap and bleed profusely. As another Legionnaire came from the side to attack, Anthony sent a psionic blast towards him causing him to explode in a shower of blood and body parts.

Kragok was stunned. He soon realized that Anthony was fighting on pure rage from seeing Knuckles get hit and possibly killed, and had become homicidal as a result.

As Anthony made his way through the troops, the deaths became more and more horrific. Several Legionnaires were hit with cyrokinetic blasts and turned into ice sculptures, only to be broken apart by Anthony's sword blows. Others were hit with powerful pyrokinetic attacks and burned to death screaming horribly. Those that avoided those attacks and got too close ended up getting a sword stabbed in the heart and the sword later cut upwards through their heads.

Espio and Charmy could do nothing but watch what Anthony was doing, horrified and paralyzed by what they were seeing. Both were wide eyed as Anthony continued his attack.

Soon, as the Legionnaire numbers began to dwindle both from the Chaotix and Troopa attacks and from Anthony's tirade, the Legionnaires began a retreat towards the ship. Anthony, however, sent psionic blasts to reduce several of them to bloodied body parts and then made his way towards where Kragok was directing his troops.

As soon as Kragok turned to get on the ship to escape, he soon found himself facing an enraged Gamemaster face to face, and soon found himself paralyzed by his powers.

"No...please!" Kragok pleaded. "You can't do this! I surrender! Don't hurt me!!!"

Anthony didn't listen and raised his sword to strike at Kragok. Just as Kragok yelled a final "NO!!!!!" Anthony quickly slashed the sword in an X pattern across Kragok's heart, causing the Legion leader to fall to the ground in four parts and in a pool of blood.

As the ship took off, Anthony looked towards it and fired a powerful electrokinetic blast towards the ship. It did no physical damage, but did short circuit several parts of it, causing the ship to crash to the ground off of the floating island.

Espio and Charmy were shocked by what they had just seen, and Charmy even threw up at the sight of all the carnage. Espio then worried...would he turn his rage towards them next? Julie-Su even had a look of worry on her face, since her robotic arm made her look like one of the Legion.

As soon as the ship crashed, Anthony began walking towards where the Chaotix and Troopas were. His ebon armor was badly blood stained and his sword was literally dripping with crimson. Espio began readying everyone to beat a hasty retreat, when suddenly Anthony's armor reverted to the red breastplate of his original armor and his sword turned back into its original form. He then collapsed on the ground, unconscious.

Espio ran up to see to Anthony as Archemedes ordered everyone to take both him and Knuckles to his hut...


Dimitri watched what had transpired from a monitor in his base, which cut off just as the ship crashed. He was both stunned and angered by what had transpired, and was even more enraged that he had lost Kragok, one of his best men.

He shut off the monitor and began walking towards his private chamber to think about what happened. Off to the side, a teary-eyed Lien-Da cried from the loss of Kragok...


"He will make it," Archemedes said after patching up Knuckles's wound. "Thankfully the shot did not do any significant damage to the heart or lung areas, so they should heal with time."

"Thank Destiny for that," Mighty said, then turned his attention towards the human which occupied the other bed in the hut. "What about the Gamemaster there?"

"Psionic energy depletion no doubt," Archemedes answered. "No doubt from the expenditure of psionics he displayed out there. He should wake up eventually..."

"I figured he collapsed from that, Arc, but...what was that...THING he became?"

Archemedes pondered the form Anthony took and said, "I'm not sure...all I can describe it as is...a Dark Gamemaster. Apparently seeing what he thought was Knuckles being killed was enough to unleash a rage within him, which in turn affected his being and apparently the Descendancy Powers as well."

Mighty then looked concerned. "Do you think Anthony knows what he did?"

"I doubt it, Mighty," Archemedes replied. "It might be likened to temporary insanity where the person who does something had no cognitive thought throughout the deed..."

Espio and Vector came into the hut just after Archemedes had finished speaking, and they had a very teary-eyed Julie-Su and Chuckles following them. "'s Knux?" Vector asked.

"He will live, he just needs time to heal," Archemedes answered, causing Chuckles to cry tears of relief with Julie-Su attempting to comfort her. At that moment, they heard a groaning sound coming from Knuckles, and the echidna soon had his eyes open.

"Naki..." Julie-Su said, saying Knuckles's real name as she and Chuckles ran to his bedside.

" I?" Knuckles asked weakly, and soon found himself staring straight into the eyes of Julie-Su.

"You're in Archemedes's hut, recovering after that Dark Legion attack," Julie answered, then collapsed near the bedside and putting her head near Knuckles's. "Thank the Walkers you're alright..."

Knuckles placed his arm around Julie-Su as best he could and brought her into a light embrace as she cried on his shoulder. He then noticed Chuckles on the other side of the bed and allowed her into the embrace as well.

As the rest of the Chaotix were observing this and breathing a sigh of relief, they soon heard a quiet voice say, "Why? Dammit...Why...?" They soon turned towards Anthony's bed and saw Anthony was awake and cursing to himself.

Espio walked up to his bed and spoke to him. "Gamemaster, are you al...?"

"I have no right to that title anymore, Espio..." Anthony answered quietly. "Knuckles died because I didn't notice Kragok in time..."

"He's not dead, Gamemaster...the wound wasn't fatal..."

"WHAT?!?" Anthony yelled as he sat up in his bed. He then noticed Knuckles being hugged by both Julie-Su and Chuckles and then collapsed back into the bed, letting loose some tears of relief. "Thank God...oh, thank God..."

Vector then walked up to Anthony. "Yeah, we managed to rout the Dark Legion too. I don't think they will be bothering us for a while."

"Good," Anthony said, breathing a sigh of relief, then noticing where he was. "Where am I and how did I get here?"

"Archemedes's hut," Espio answered. "You had collapsed after seeing Knuckles get hit and were brought here after the battle. Are you alright?"

"I am now..." Anthony said, sitting up once again. "Though I may need some high grade aspirin for this SERIOUS headache I have..." Anthony then realized something. "Wait a minute...I feel like I used quite a bit of psi power but I don't remember..." He then turned towards Espio and Vector. " there something you aren't telling me?"

Vector and Espio looked at each other and then Vector said, "Not that we know of. Maybe the shock of seeing what happened to Knuckles affected you somehow..."

"Perhaps..." Anthony said, then motioned for the two to come forward. "Can you guys give me a hand getting up? I want to see how Knuckles is."

The two reptiles nodded and lent Anthony a couple of shoulders to lean on and helped Anthony up. "Thanks guys, oh, and Espio?"

"Yes, Gamemaster?"

"Forgive me..." Anthony said, and then quickly placed a hand on Espio's head. Anthony then used his telepathic ability to read Espio's mind and caught the images of what happened at the battle.

Anthony's eyes glowed as he replayed the events of the battle as seen through Espio's eyes. As the images passed, Anthony's face looked more and more shocked and horrified by what he was seeing.

Eventually, the eyes stopped glowing and Anthony fell to his knees, appearing to be gazing off into space at what he had just seen and still showing a look of horror on his face. As Espio and Vector went to help him up, Anthony pushed them away yelling, "GET AWAY FROM ME! I'M A MONSTER! A FUCKING MONSTER!!!!" He then ran out of the hut and into the night, disappearing as his Teleport power kicked in.


Anthony reappeared outside his home in Mobotropolis, where he entered and locked the door behind him. He then ran up to his room, removed his armor and sword, and threw them across the room as far as he could. After which, he closed the door and fell against it, dropping down to the floor and crying loudly out of fear and horror. These acts, however did not go unnoticed, as two plumbers approached the home and heard the crying coming from inside.

"Mama mia..." Mario ran up to the door and, finding it locked, knocked on it yelling, "Anthony! What's a wrong?!? Open up!!!"

No answer. All he and his brother heard were the continuing sobs coming from the second floor where Anthony's room was. It was at this time that the Sonic, Tails, Amy, Sally, and their families returned, and saw the panicked plumbers.

"Mario bros, what's wrong?!?" Sonic said as he sped up to them. The entire group that return then heard the crying, and Tails flew up to look in the window.

"Guys...Anthony looks terrified! What happened?" Tails asked.

"That's a what we're trying to find out, Tails!" Luigi answered. "Anthony ran inside his house looking like something just scared him out of his a pants, and then he locked himself in!"

"Something must have a happened onna Angel Island!" Mario responded. "Come on! Let's a get to the transit gates!"

Sonic took that as his cue and grabbed the two plumbers and headed towards the gates. Tails, on Amy's request, hoisted Amy up to the second floor balcony to attempt to coax Anthony into letting them in...


Mario, Luigi, and Sonic arrived on Angel Island and were shocked at what they saw. The ground was littered with bodies all over the place, some of which looked like they were hacked apart by a wild animal, others which looked like they were burned beyond recognition. Sonic recognized the bodies as those of Dark Legionnaires, and all three of them were trying hard to avoid throwing up at the carnage they were witnessing.

Eventually the three of them saw Espio and Mighty surveying the damage and discussing what to do with the bodies, and ran up to them.

"Guys," Sonic said, "what happened here? It looks like the Dark Legion got slaughtered!"

"They attacked us trying to get control of the Master Emerald...again," Mighty explained. "With the help of Koopa's troops, we managed to fend them off, but Knux took a really bad wound..."

"Oh no..." Sonic said with a look of concern on his face. "Will he...?"

"He'll be fine, Sonic! Archemedes has already patched him up and he's currently under Julie-Su's and Chuckles's watchful eyes."

Sonic breathed a sigh of relief and then continued. "Might...that doesn't explain one thing...the Dark Legionnaires look like they were butchered! What happened, and why did Anth come running back with a look of horror on his face?"

Espio and Mighty looked at each other and then turned back toward Sonic, Mario, and Luigi. "That's something we need to tell you about," Espio explained. " may want to get the Heroes Council together for this..."


"Dark Gamemaster? By Nayru's grace..."

The entire Heroes Council had gathered in a meeting building on Angel Island to hear what the Chaotix had to say about the attack. Espio even explained what happened to Anthony, and Link's statement seemed to mirror the feelings of all present. Amy, who had insisted on joining the group to find out what happened, had burst into tears and was currently being comforted by Luigi. Peach, Zelda, and Tails had also all broken out in tears, and were being comforted by Mario, Link, and Sally, who had also joined to find out what happened.

Protoman's reaction was just as strong as he pounded his fist on the meeting table, leaving a sizable dent in it. "Dammit, this isn't fair! After all he's done for us, he has to have THIS happen to him?!?"

"Calm down, Protoman," Megaman exclaimed. "Getting angry won't help and neither will wrecking the furniture."

"Then tell me what WILL help!" Protoman replied. "This is more than just our ally, guys, this is our friend we are talking about! There has to be something we can do!"

"There might not be anything we can do," Bass said, partially to himself. "He might be this way for a while until he calms down."

Amy began to cry harder upon hearing that, causing Luigi to glare at Bass and say, "You're a not HELPING, Bass!"

"Look, I'm just trying to be realistic here," Bass explained. "The best thing I can think of is to get his family and see if they know what to do."

"Yeah? Who's going to tell them what happened?" Sonic asked. He noticed no one was rushing to answer, and, for the first, he also wasn't willing to rush into this.

Suddenly, Amy's quiet voice was heard between sobs. "I'll...I'll tell them..."

Sally looked up upon hearing this, wiping some more tears from Tails's face. "Amy, are you sure? You..."

Amy sniffled and said, "My mom and I are friends with his family. We'll tell them what happened. I'll *sniff* I'll be fine..."

Sally wasn't sure and looked towards the rest of the group, and all they did was nod in agreement. "Alright Amy. Luigi?"

"I'll a go with her."

The group watched as Amy and Luigi headed towards the transit gates, then Sonic stood up and said, "I'm going to go check on Knux and see how he's doing." Sonic then walked, yes walked, out of the meeting area towards Archemedes's hut.

Sally saw this and couldn't help but comment. "Oh dear...Sonic must really be upset with what happened to Anthony..."

"Can you blame him?" Link asked. "We may have lost not only our best ally...but our friend as well..."


The outside of Anthony's house was eerily quiet as Mary and Amy walked up with Anthony's parents in tow. Toni was visibly distraught by what she had heard, and was worried about what she would find upon seeing her son. Would she see an empty shell of a person where her game loving son once was? She was secretly hoping there was a way to help him through this.

Noticing the door was locked, Bill took a small key out of his pocket. A spare to Anthony's home he kept while helping with the move in. Upon unlocking the door, the group made its way upstairs to Anthony's room. They quietly opened the door, expecting to see disarray from Anthony's emotions.

Instead, the room looked like it was still in good shape, the only thing out of place being the suit of armor they saw looking like it was thrown across the room. They also saw his glasses on a nightstand next to his bed, as if he removed them carefully. As for Anthony himself...

Anthony was sitting in a far corner of the room away from the door. His head was in his hands and his hair was badly messed up.

"Tony?" Toni said, hoping to capture her son's attention. As he looked up, the entire group saw his face and gasped.

Anthony's face was haggard, his eyes had heavy rings under them and were badly red rimmed and bloodshot, and there were visible tear tracks running down both cheeks. It was as if he had seen every horror known to man all at once.

Mary led Amy away so Toni and Bill could talk to their son alone, Amy beginning to have fresh tears well in her eyes. As Anthony's parents approached their son, they heard him barely whisper, "Please...go away...I don't want to hurt you..."

Toni walked over and picked her son up from the floor, hugging him tightly despite his weakly whispered protests. The embrace was enough to cause a fresh batch of tears to surface in both mother and son, and they both cried as Bill entered the embrace as well.


As Mary and Amy left the house, they were met by Mario, Link, Megaman, Sonic, Elrond Prower, Sarah Prower, and Tails, all showing concerned looks on their faces.

"His parents are with him now," Mary explained. "Hopefully they will be able to figure out what to do."

"I hope so..." Link said. "Right now, I don't care if we get the Gamemaster back...I just want our friend back..."

The others nodded in agreement, looking up at the window of Anthony's room. Tails then looked at the teary-eyed face of Amy and hugged her tightly as the two kids cried out of fear for Anthony.


"I never thought my temper would get to that point..." Anthony said. His parents had managed to calm him down to the point where he was talking. "To think that I was capable of such...hatred and was if I had turned into my own worst enemy..."

Toni sighed at this. "I thought your temper wold get you into trouble someday...but this is different. thought that a friend of yours had been killed, so your anger was more than understandable..."

"Understandable?" Anthony said, shocked. "Mom...I wouldn't stop until every last one of the Legion died! I managed to paralyze several of them...but instead of just leaving them there...I sliced them much meat..." Anthony shuddered at that sight, returning to his memory. "I didn't even let those who were escaping get away...I even, somehow, managed to down their ship causing the rest of them to die in the crash. can you say it was understandable?!?"

"Tony..." Bill said, "when people are highly agitated or have seen something personally shocking to them, they may do a lot of things without thinking, acting purely on emotion. You may have these powers...but even you are still human and still subject to your emotions."

"We'll help you through this," Toni said. "There's sure to be a way to control these emotions..."

Anthony sighed. "I hope so...I don't want to become worse than Robotnik was..."

"You won''re too good a person for that," Toni replied. "Why don't you rest? You look like you could use it..."

"Alright..." Anthony said, and then was helped to his bed by his parents. He then closed his eyes and let himself drift off to sleep, a few tears falling as he nodded off.

Toni kissed Anthony on the cheek and then he and Bill walked out of the house, where they were met by Mario, Sonic, and Link.

"How is he, Mrs. Bault?" Link asked.

"Still upset," Toni said. "He's asleep now. Hopefully after some rest he will be able to figure out how to control his emotions. We may have to get some professional help..."

"As long as we get our friend back, Mrs. Bault, it will be worth it..." Sonic said.

Bill then spoke up. "He may not be willing to be the Gamemaster anymore..."

"We don't a care..." Mario said. "We just a want Anthony back..."

Bill and Toni nodded in understanding and the five of them started to walk off, but then Toni looked back at the house with something on her mind. "Just one moment guys, I need to ask Tony something..."

Toni ran back inside the house and walked towards where Anthony was sleeping. "Tony, I wanted to ask you a question..." She nudged Anthony to try to wake him. "Tony?" She then shook Anthony and began to panic. "TONY?"

She ran towards a patio that was attached to his room and yelled down to the group. "Somebody get a doctor! I think Tony relapsed!!!"

Sonic ran off to get Bookshire while the others ran up to Anthony's room.


Anthony looked around at the scenery surrounding him. It comprised of several buildings and landscapes connected together looking like reality and an Escher painting had become one.

"I must be dreaming," Anthony thought to himself as he looked around. "Last thing I remember was falling asleep. Well...might as well look around at..." Suddenly he spotted something over to the side. It was a small crop of land that was jutting out to a lake...the same outcropping he remembered staying at when he was in a coma from using the final power.

"What the? I back here? Oh no...if I relapsed..." He then noticed something else. "The hell? There's a water park over there...I've seen that in a previous dream! And...those fairgrounds...they were in a previous dream too! Great...I'm dreaming in reruns...when did my dreams turn into summer television viewing?" He then spotted something which shocked all too familiar arcade...


Anthony, age three, ran up to the arcade as fast as he can, knowing the demon had struck again. Sure enough, half of the game players there were mesmerized and weren't looking to well. The games had already hypnotized them and were already sucking their souls as he watched.

"Better do this," Anthony thought as he ran up to the games. He knew the spell would be broken if he could figure out the solutions to the puzzles within the games. One by one he went to the machines and beat the games within them, freeing their victims. As soon as the last of the victims left, Anthony noticed the demon in his human guise...smiling as if to say, "Well done...but I'll be back..."


"So, I'm even getting reruns from my childhood," Anthony thought to himself. "And the stupid ones too...the Demon of the Game Dimension? I know I was three back then but sheesh..." He ran up to the arcade and peeked inside the door, expecting to see several mesmerized people staring at the games.

Instead the arcade was empty, save for a lone inhabitant who was noticed Anthony approach and called out to him. "Ah...good. You've finally arrived..." But Anthony recognized him...

"YOU!!!" Anthony cried as he recognized the Demon. "So, back for more, huh? Well, THIS time I think I beat you again...this time literally..."

"No need for violence, Anthony...I'm not a villain this time," the Demon said, standing up. "Actually...I'm here to help you..."

"Yeah, right!" Anthony said. "Pull the other one, it plays the Final Fantasy 9 battle music...which would be appropriate for bringing you down."

"Anthony...I'm serious. I wasn't a villain back then either. I am actually the caretaker of this world you are in."

"World?" Anthony said, standing down and looking confused. "What world?"

"Why...the world of Relm, of course! My name is Jaben."

"Jaben, huh?" Anthony said, still not convinced. "OK, Jaben...if this is some new world, why do the landscapes look like places I've been to before in dreams? And why the HECK is it named after a character from Final Fantasy 6?!?"

"Well...I'm not responsible for naming it, and it did exist before that game did. As for why the lands look familiar, it's simple. This is the world that exists inside your own it a brainscape if you would."

"So...this world is to me what Magicant would be to Ness? Interesting...will I be able to return here after I wake up?"

"Well, yes...but for right now you cannot wake up..."

"Oh, I see...CAN'T WAKE UP?!?!?!?!?"


"He's not in the same coma he was before," Bookshire said, examining the instruments he was using to scan Anthony as his parents, Mario, Sonic, and Link watched in anticipation. "He is in REM sleep, and a very deep version it would seem."

"You mean...he's a dreaming?" Mario asked.

"Essentially yes. Apparently, Anthony's unconscious mind must've been alerted to what happened to him as the Dark Gamemaster and must be trying to utilize his abilities to counteract the effects."

"Will he awaken?" Toni asked, desperate for an answer.

"He will, that is certain. How long it will take is still unknown," Bookshire said, then turned towards Sonic. "Sonic, I need you to get some IV units from my office just in case Anthony is in this state for an extended period. I cannot risk moving him right now."

"I understand. I'll be back in a Sonic second!" Sonic said, then rushed out the room and out of the house.

All eyes then turned back towards the prone Anthony, and both Toni and Bill began to show extreme worry in their eyes.


"What the HELL do you mean I can't wake up?!?" Anthony yelled, almost looking as if he was going to kill Jaben. "Why was I brought here?!?"

"To combat the Dark Gamemaster," Jaben explains. "He is here in Relm and unless he is stopped somehow he will manage to take over your mind."

"Oh that's just GREAT!!!" Anthony said. "And HOW am I supposed to fight him here?!? I don't have the same psionic powers in my dreams!"

"True, but you have other abilities," Jaben explained. "If you remember from your dreams, you should be able to utilize other abilities as well. Try the first power you learned when you were young...flying."

"Okay..." Anthony said, concentrating on flying up to the ceiling of the arcade he was currently in. Within seconds he was on the ceiling and hovering just above Jaben.

"Excellent," Jaben said. "Believe it or not, that ability and the others will help you combat the Dark Gamemaster. I will help you remember your other abilities, and once you are ready, I will show you where you can find the Dark Gamemaster."

"Jaben...I'm curious," Anthony said, floating back down to the ground. "How do you know about all these powers? I thought you were just the caretaker here."

"I am...but I am also your trainer. You may not have known it, but during all your dreams where you were engaging in one adventure or another, you were actually being trained..."

"What for?" Anthony said, confused.

" become the Gamemaster of course! I even used your latent telepathic ability to conjure up images of the future so you would get but a taste of the power you would hold in the waking world."

"But why train me? Did you know somehow I was to be chosen by Destiny?"

"Yes...the same way I conjured up those images. When I saw an image of you entering Arcadia, I intensified the training and made your psi talent more apparent."

"I see..." Anthony said, then looking out at the rest of Relm from the arcade. "Well...we'd best get cracking then. We've got a Dark Gamemaster to defeat..."


Three hours had passed since Anthony fell into the sleep coma. Bookshire had set up the IV just in case and the members of the Heroes Council had arranged to set up regular watches. At the moment, Luigi was watching Anthony, and was about to be relieved by Protoman who had just walked in.

"How's he doing, Weege?" Protoman asked as he walked in.

"Still a sleeping peacefully," Luigi answered, looking at Anthony's prone body. "What do you a suppose he's a dreaming that would a cause him not to wake up?"

"I don't know..." Protoman said, "but knowing Anthony, he's probably searching inside his own mind for an answer. Maybe he's even using the same psychic surgery he used to restore Julian and Reginald."

"But...canna he use that on himself?"

"Who knows?" Protoman said. "The only guy who knows anything about psionics is laying right there," he continued, pointing at Anthony. "Well, you'd better rest, Weege, my turn to watch him."

"Okie dokie," Luigi said, getting up and letting Protoman take his seat. He then walked out of the house as Protoman sat down, eyes on Anthony the entire time and wondering what he is dreaming.


Anthony had relearned all he could, from fighting to swordplay to maneuvers, and felt he was ready to take on his dark self.

"Okay, Jaben, anything else I need to learn?"

"Just you remember the pillars of light?"

Anthony nodded. He remembered one dream that played out like Resident Evil, except he had to use his bare fists instead of firearms. At one point in the "game", a pillar of light appeared and when he touched it, a suit of armor appeared on him and his speed and strength had nearly tripled, almost as if he had grabbed a Starman or other invincibility powerup.

"What about them, Jaben? Will I be able to use them against the Dark Gamemaster?"

"Yes...but certain conditions have to be met before they will appear, just like last time..."

"What conditions?"

Jaben looked down at the ground and said, "I'm not sure. It may be different this time because of the Dark Gamemaster's influence here."

"Great..." Anthony said, then noticed a dark figure approaching the two of them. "Uh oh...looks like he decided to come for me."

"Indeed..." Jaben said. "Remember...he will take over if you do not defeat him."

Anthony nodded in understanding, then grabbed a sword from the ground that he was using to practice and took a defensive stance. As soon as the Dark Gamemaster came within eyeshot, both he and Anthony charged each other...


Five hours had passed and still no sign of change. Protoman began to worry that Anthony may have relapsed after all, but shook that thought out of his mind and continued the vigil. His thoughts were soon interrupted by a knock on the bedroom door, and he saw Amy walk in.

"Tails told me what happened to Anthony," Amy said, a look of equal worry on her face. "How is Anthony?"

Protoman sighed and looked at Anthony. "Still out, and he doesn't look like he's made any improvement. We're hopeful though."

"I see..." Amy said, and then breathed a melancholy sigh. " you mind if I watch Anthony for a while? I told my mom I wanted to check on Anthony..."

"Of course..." Protoman said. "I understand completely. I'll tell the others and they can relieve you at the next watch."

Amy nodded in understanding and took up vigil next to Anthony. She then folded her gloved paws together and started to say a small prayer to Destiny, praying for Anthony's recovery.


The battle between the two Gamemasters was very evenly matched, neither appearing to be gaining ground. Anthony was surprised at how well the Dark Gamemaster was fighting, and was finding it tougher and tougher to parry the Dark Gamemaster's blows. He couldn't even get in a successful attack because the Dark Gamemaster managed to block all the attacks, even taking a few hits without being affected.

Anthony knew one thing for sure...he needed a miracle to pull of this victory.


As Amy finished her prayer, she turned back towards the prone form of Anthony looked at him with a sad look on her face. She then took one of Anthony's hands in her paw and held it, hoping the touch might awaken him somehow.


As Anthony was preparing for another attack, he suddenly looked up towards the sky and flew upwards to get out of the battle for a short while. He had sensed a presence...a familiar presence. It was almost as if his psionics were still active...

"Amy?" Anthony thought to himself. "She must be watching over me in the waking world!" He then turned back towards the battle, taking a diving attack from his high position and slashing at the Dark Gameamster. To his surprised, the attack seemed to do something to him, and even more surprising was the fact that his counterattack didn't seem as strong as before.

"What the...?" Anthony thought to himself. "Did Amy do this? Could she...?" He then flew up again to avoid the next attack and yelled towards the heavens, hoping his voice could act as telepathy. "AMY!! I NEED YOU!!!!"


Amy was shaken from her thoughts as she swore she heard Anthony's voice. She then felt herself getting very sleepy, and soon fell asleep in the chair she was sitting in, still holding Anthony's hand.


As Anthony returned to the battle, he saw something out of the corner of his eye. He quickly looked and saw the pink form of Amy Rose standing next to Jaben.

"Jaben! What's she doing he...ARRRRGGGHH!!!!" Anthony screamed as he took a nasty sword slash across the chest.

Amy saw this and ran out. "Anthony, NO!!!" As soon as she reached Anthony, the Dark Gamemaster was about to slash again, but Anthony quickly blocked the attack in order to save Amy. He soon noticed the slash was weak again as once again his thoughts focused on Amy.

It was then he realized everything. Who the Dark Gamemaster was, and how to defeat him.

"You' negative emotions...all my rage I've bottled up over the years!" Anthony said, addressing the Dark Gamemaster. The Dark Gamemaster tried to attack again, but Anthony easily blocked it. Anthony summoned up all the reasons he fought for Arcadia before: to find his family's powers, to unite the worlds, to free Mobius. With each thought he sensed the Dark Gamemaster getting weaker, and he managed to fight back with greater strength. Then, almost in a flash of insight, he summoned up a reason he didn't know he had within him...

"To give Amy a future..."

With that thought, Anthony saw a pillar of light appear. He lunged for it and a suit of armor appeared over him. He then noticed that the armor was the Armor of the Gamemaster, and realized what he needed to do.

As Amy moved back to where Jaben was, Anthony rushed towards the Dark Gamemaster at full speed, creating what looked like a Master Barrier around him. He also saw the Dark Gamemaster starting to stumble as if he was drunk. Anthony then gathered a large amount of power within him, and just before making contact, released a large blast of energy towards the Dark Gamemaster which completely obliterated him.

As soon as the light from the blast subsided, Amy saw Anthony standing over the remains of the Dark Gamemaster. She then ran towards him.

"Anthony! You did it!" she cried as she hugged Anthony tightly.

"I couldn't have done it without you, Ames," Anthony quietly said back. He then turned towards Jaben and asked, "I assume I can wake up now?"

"Yes," Jaben replied, "and that little girl had best do the same. She is here only because she is mind linked with you, an ability you can use only while in Relm."

"Mind linked?" Anthony asked.

"Yes, anyone who is within physical contact with you can come to Relm as well. two had best wake up."

Anthony nodded in agreement, and both he and Amy began to force themselves to awake...


"Amy...wake up!" Sonic said as he shook Amy awake. Amy started to stir from her sleeping position and opened her eyes, finding herself looking right into the face of Sonic. She then turned towards Anthony and noticed that he was still out cold, and then gave a sighed.

"It was just a dream..." she said, depressed, as she started to walk out of the room so Sonic could take his shift. Suddenly, both she and Sonic heard low groans coming from Anthony, and watched as Anthony began to stir from his sleep.

"Man..." Anthony said as he started to get up. He then looked towards Sonic and Amy, but before he could say anything, he ended up on the receiving end of a bear hug from a very teary eyed, and very relieved Amy.


"Relm, huh?"

The entire Heroes Council had gathered in Anthony's room to hear what had happened while Anthony was unconscious. Amy, Mary, and both of Anthony's parents were also present. Bookshre had already given Anthony a clean bill of health and had removed the IV equipment.

"Yes, Relm," Anthony explained. "Rather interesting having a world inside your mind. I should be able to return there if the need arises, but hopefully that won't be for a long time."

"Tony," Toni piped up, "you said the Dark Gamemaster was your negative emotions?"

"Yes, and you know well about them, Mom. See guys, when I was younger I would hide all my feelings inside to avoid letting my temper show, but as you have seen those emotions can explode at anytime. In this case, they came out in the form of the Dark Gamemaster. Thankfully I was able to destroy the Dark Gamemaster by recognizing what he was...with Amy's help that is."

All eyes turned towards the pink hedgehog and then Mary asked, "How did Amy help?"

"If she hadn't made contact with me and if my thoughts didn't focus on her, I wouldn't have been able to recognize the Dark Gamemaster for what he was. She allowed me to summon up all the positive emotions I had within me to combat the Dark Gamemaster."

"So all you needed was someone close to you to help," Bass mused. "Too bad your parents weren't present at the time..."

"Wouldn't have worked, Bass..."

All present were stunned by this revelation, and then Bill asked, "Wouldn't have worked? But Tony, surely your feelings towards family..."

"That's the point, Dad," Anthony explained. "You see...just like I was repressing negative emotions, I was repressing positive emotions as well. My feelings towards my family have always been open, so they didn't build up in me to be released. However, I did withhold my feelings towards others I Amy."

Amy looked up at Anthony, startled by this statement. " me?"

"Much like a father would a daughter, Ames. The same way you feel towards me," Anthony explained. "I didn't tell anyone because I didn't want you to love your mother any less."

"That would never happen," Amy said, looking into her mother's eyes.

"Tony..." Toni said. "How long did you have these feelings?"

"Well...I didn't know it at the time, Mom, but I had these feelings ever since I first came to Mobius...when I saw Amy crying in her bed after having that nightmare after her experience with the roboticizer. Since Amy didn't have anyone to turn to who could comfort her like Sally did to Tails, you might say paternal instincts took over. I began to suspect I might have been developing these feelings when I had to deal with Amy after she was nearly killed in that one trap Julian setup..."

"So that's what you were wondering that one time..." Toni realized.

"Yes," Anthony said, then he bowed his head down before continuing. "In fact, I have a confession to make...and I'm not sure how Amy will react to this..."

Mary hugged her daughter close as Anthony began to speak again. "I cared so much for Amy, that if I was unable to find Mary or any other of Amy's family alive...I was going to adopt her myself."

Gasps went throughout the entire group, particularly from Anthony's parents and from Amy and Mary. Amy could only just stare at Anthony for a while after hearing that, and then burst from her mother's arms and ran out of the room.

"AMY!" Anthony yelled as Mary ran after her daughter. He then bowed his head in shame. "Dammit...I was afraid of this..."


The next day, things seemed to return to normal. The work crews, including some of the heroes, returned to rebuilding the city, and many of the kids could be seen playing outside.

Anthony was perched on the edge of the cliff of Vista Point, back in his armor and with his sword strapped to his back. He looked as if he was watching the work in progress, but his mind was elsewhere.

Even though his family was proud of him for being willing to adopt Amy, and the other heroes were glad he no longer had the Dark Gamemaster hanging over him, he still didn't feel proud of himself. Amy was upset, all because of his true feelings, and he was at a loss to figure out what to do.

Only those who looked up at him and knew what had happened with Amy could see the sadness in his eyes, the rest thought he was just watching the rebuilding. Even the Mario brothers felt a little depressed at how Anthony was feeling right now.

Just as Anthony decided to get up and go someplace more private to think, he heard a female voice call out to him. "I thought I'd find you here."

Anthony turned towards the source and saw Mary walking towards him. "Hi, Mary," Anthony said halfheartedly. "How's Amy?"

"That's what I wanted to tell you about..." Mary said, sitting down next to where Anthony was.

"Listen, Mary," Anthony said, looking down in shame again, "I'm sorry for upsetting your daughter like that. I knew that she might be..."

"Anthony," Mary interrupted, "she wasn't upset at all."

Anthony looked up, surprised at hearing that. "Say what?"

Mary smiled and continued. "She was just so happy that you were willing to be her father that she wasn't sure how to express herself. the same time she admitted to me she wished there was a way you could still be her father...while still keeping me as a mother..."

"I see..." Anthony said, "and she knew we were not likely to become a couple..."

"Yes," Mary said. "She has had to grow up without a father...and now here was this person willing to be her father..."

Anthony then spoke up. "Perhaps there is a way..."

Mary looked up upon hearing this. "How?"

Anthony then explained what he was talking about.


Amy was sitting down on a log located next to the Power Ring Lake, now called the Lake of Reflection since Knothole was changed to a memorial site. She stared at her reflection and watched the ripples alter her image. At one point she thought she saw her reflection turn into a human face, and her thoughts returned to what Anthony had confessed. Secretly she wished he could've become her father...but at the same time still wanted to have her mother be her mother.

She began to feel tears well up in her eyes, but before they could form, she heard Anthony's voice. "Amy?"

Amy turned around to see Anthony walk up to her, and watched as he took a seat next to her. "Mind if we talk?"

Amy shook her head, and then Anthony placed a hand on her paw. She then felt something being pressed into it, and when she looked, she saw what looked like a Descendancy medallion.

"I created that as a gift to you to say thanks for helping be beat my dark half," Anthony explained. "You probably won't be able to use it since you aren't a descendant of any of the original heroes, but I thought you deserved it. I...also gave it to you as an apology for upsetting you."

Amy looked at it in wonder and then looked up at Anthony. "Thank you. I...don't know what to say..."

"Don't say anything, just listen," Anthony said, and then took a more serious tone. "Amy...your mother told me about your feelings. How you wish I could be your father while still having your mother..."

Amy looked down in shame and then Anthony continued. "Amy...even though I can't technically be your father...I can still be like a father for you. Or more appropriately...a mentor."

Amy looked up in surprise at this. "A mentor?"

Anthony nodded. "Back on Earth they have been showing a lot of commercials about mentoring a child...providing guidance almost like a parent would. I wish to do the same for you...if you are willing."

"I am...but my mom..."

"She was more than happy to agree. She even said you can come to me with any problems you have just like you would go to her."

Amy jumped up and hugged Anthony tightly, smiling and letting all her tears out, this time tears of joy. Anthony also let a few tears out, relieved that Amy was no longer upset.

He then stood up, carrying Amy in his arms, and said, "Come on, I think this calls for a celebration. I'll treat you to an ice cream in Minoc Grove."

Amy gladly accepted, and then Anthony activated his jet sled and the two of them sped off towards Minoc Grove. As they sped off, two pairs of eyes watched them leave, both of which were the respective mothers of the two that had just left.

"It looks as if your son has fully recovered from this ordeal, Toni," Mary said. "Thank Destiny...I'm sure Arcadia will be glad they have their Gamemaster back."

Toni watched as Anthony and Amy left her line of sight, and then with a tear in her eye said, "I'm just grateful I have my son back..."




Based on the games, comics, cartoons, and fanfiction of Super Mario Brothers, Legend of Zelda, Megaman, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Special thanks to those that have reviewed my first work, Heroes of Arcadia - The Gamemaster's Legacy, and encouraged me to write more. Also special thanks to David Gonterman for continuing his work and inspiring me more despite being a frequent MiST target. (Check out his latest work, Night Soldiers, at!)


Sources and recommended fanfiction reading

Blood and Metal - David Gonterman
T-Bone's Saga and Wildcat Alley - T-Bone
The Knothole Chronicles - Felix Xavier Minx


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