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Once upon a time there was a beautiful kingdom. The Kingdom was grand and wealthy. Everyone was peaceful and happy. They were a neutral country so there were never any wars or battles. The kingdom was ruled by Queen Suoh and her son, Prince Yuzuru Suoh. The Queen was once married, however the original King had died from a terrible disease and so she took his place. And after she passes, her son, Yuzuru Suoh will become the new king. The Queen was stern and strict. The civilians of the kingdom would be at peace only because everyone feared of the Queen and what her punishments would lead to. Prince Yuzuru had gone against his mother's wishes and married a foreign lady from a wealthy family and had a son named René Tamaki Richard Grantaine, other known as Tamaki Suoh. The Queen was furious and banned her son's family from ever entering the kingdom and the Prince was only to see his family once every six months. So while the Prince's Family was living in the Wife's land, he was unable to get near until every six months.

But getting to another part of the story, in the commoner village was a cottage. In that cottage lived the Fujioka family: Ryoji "Ranka" Fujioka, his wife, Kotoko Fujioka, and their cute baby girl, Haruhi. They were a modest, small, and happy family. They would go to the park and have small picnics and play little games. They truly were the happiest family in the whole entire kingdom.

Six years passed and Kotoko Fujioka had passed away and the Family's happiness collapsed. Ranka had become a cross-dresser, since originally he was bisexual, but once his wife had died, he couldn't fall in love with another woman again. Meanwhile, Haruhi followed her mother's footsteps to become a member of the Royal Court and manage the housework while her father was gone.

Two years passed and Ranka Fujioka looked at his daughter and noticed that she was all alone. He wished she would've had a sister so that there would be somebody she could talk to. Then he had the strangest idea. He looked around the marketplace and saw a woman with two beautiful daughters begging for change in the streets. He introduced himself and told them that they could live at his cottage and become servants. The woman agreed and Haruhi's life was just about to take a sudden turn.

A week has gone by and the woman and her daughters were the Fujioka Family's supposedly "servants". From what Haruhi knew the woman's name was Amy and her daughter's names were Ayanokouji "Aya-chan" and Éclair Tonnerre and they were around the same age as her. Both were beautiful but vain, like their mother. Haruhi didn't mind doing all the chores though it got annoying when the mother didn't help out with hard to reach places. Haruhi's life was hell itself.

"Haruhi can you fetch the water and make some tea for my darling little girls?" Amy smiled.

"I went to the castle guards the other day and asked them if the maids at the palace ordered the Queen and Prince around and they just laughed. I don't think that what you are doing is actually what a servant does."

"Well of course not. This is to teach you on how to become a good wife; don't you want to be like your mother?" She asked. Haruhi thought about it for a while and then nodded and proceeded on Amy's orders.

"Haruhi can we use some of your dresses. We want to make dresses for our new dolls." Aya-chan and Éclair showed two beautiful porcelain dolls that Haruhi's mother gave her when she was little.

"Those are mine! My mother gave those two dolls to me. Those are the only thing I have left of her!" Aya-chan and Éclair ran away with the dolls and Haruhi chased after them to retrieve the two dolls. "Give me my dolls back!" She cried again. Just then the door opened and her father entered the door to find Haruhi chasing the two sisters holding the dolls. "Daddy! Tell them to give me my dolls back!" She cried with her big brown eyes.

"Haruhi can you let Aya-chan and Éclair-san keep the dolls? They didn't come with anything remember. Plus they work so hard that they deserve some reward other than shelter and food hmm?" Ranka told his daughter. And Haruhi looked down to the ground wanting to tell him "They don't do anything. All they do is play and make me do all the chores while your gone. And Miss Amy only encourages it." But something was keeping her from saying it. She looked up and looked towards the two sisters and said "You may keep them." She said and walked towards her room.


Tamaki: I will save my daughter!

Ranka: You're Daughter?

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Kyoya: You've just noticed?

Haruhi: What are you guys talking about?