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Chapter 17: Misunderstanding

Haruhi looked at the once handsome prince, now completely white and his mind has gone off to some other dimension.

"Milord…?" The twins asked in unison.

"Tama-chan?" Hunny asked, while poking him in the shoulder.

"Is he alright?" Megumi asked, looking at Kyoya.

Kyoya stopped scribbling down notes in his journal and looked at Tamaki. "Oh he's alright. He tends to become in this stance when he's in shock. Besides, this is nowhere as worse as when he found out where babies come from. It took him a week to recover from that one. In a few hours, he'll be his usual idiotic and perky self." He explained, and continued writing.

By this point, Haruhi was ready to leave. "It's not that I was trying to hide my gender in the first place…" She stated.

"You weren't?" The twins asked shocked.

Haruhi gave them a blank look. "No. You guys just made it that way."

"Well it doesn't really matter now right? I mean once he's married to me, Haruhi would barely see him anyways." Megumi stated.

Haruhi raised her eyebrow and looked at her with confusion. "What do you mean by that?" She asked.

"Well what I mean is that he won't have time to be around commoners like you, Haruhi. He'll be too busy running the kingdom and protecting his 'Cinderella'." She stated, in a dream-like stance.

Now Haruhi was annoyed. "Now you're starting to sound like Éclair and Aya." She noted.

"Oh, I didn't mean it like that at all! I was just stating the honest truth, Haruhi." She attempted to correct herself.

"Megumi, you're really not helping yourself at all." Haruhi stated.

"Haruhi, you just need to understand that Prince Tamaki is just out of your league. Besides he's already in love with me, so you should just accept that."

Kyoya closed his journal and looked at the two girls bickering. "I'd hate to interrupt-"

"DON'T INTERRUPT!" The twins exclaimed.

"We want to see them wrestle!"

"Better yet, put them in a mud pit!"

"- but you two should know that Tamaki is in love with "Cinderella" not either one of you, in truth." Kyoya stated.

"But he calls me Cinderella." Megumi stated.

"Yes but that's cause he thinks you're his Cinderella."

"I'm really confused." She added, not sure what to think at the moment.

"Oh Hikaru, Kaoru

Haruhi looked at Tamaki and sighed. 'About time he realized I was a girl!' She mentally thought as the idiotic prince was contemplating in his head.

He looked at her and his eyes widened. "Hold on a second! Haruhi is a girl? Are you a lesbian?" He feared.

Haruhi shook her head and gave him the worst glare that anyone could give that guy. "No I am not. You people automatically assumed I was a guy and gave me the men's uniform. Which to be frank, I really don't mind considering that gender doesn't really matter to me."

"IT COMPLETELY MATTERS!" Tamaki protested looking at her not believing what she had just told him. "WHAT KIND OF GIRL ARE YOU?!" He asked in a little too loud voice.

"A girl that had a cross-dressing father." Haruhi stated as her face heated from the stress that this idiot was bringing her.

"Well if he had then what does he do now?"

"He's dead." She stated. She looked downwards and tried to stop tears from falling "He's dead and the reason why I don't care is because he didn't and I cherished that aspect of him!"

Tamaki's eyes widened and watched the girl he had thought was a boy till just now cry. "What about your mother? You must have a-"

"She's dead too." She cut him off. "She died when I was young, and right now I live with my step-mother and step-sisters." She added.

He opened his mouth to say something but closed it back. 'What can I say?' He wondered to himself as a thick silence had spread around the room.

"Prince Tamaki?" A soft voice called into the room. Tamaki turned and saw Megumi standing in front of the doorway watching the scene the whole entire time. "I knew about Haurhi's gender as well."

Tamaki's eyes widened not believing what she had just said. He slapped himself across the face and felt the sting from it. He rubbed the slap and sighed realizing that he was awake and this was definitely not a dream.

"Prince Tamaki?"

"It's alright Princess. I just am having a hard time registering all this news. But how did you know about Haruhi's gender? You two haven't even spoken to eachother."

"I am currently living with the Tonnerre family."

"Ah that would explain why the two Tonnerre sisters always come by you." Kyoya stated as Megumi nodded in response.

She looked at Haruhi. "There is also another matter I have to tell you. Why do you call me Cinderella all the time?"

"When we danced together I felt like I was in heaven and when you quickly left I felt like I was back in earth and then it struck me as a Cinderella moment."

"I never danced with you though. I honestly don't even know how to-"

"Oh you're just being modest I know it was you. I wouldn't mistake that face for anyone else."

"Milord she is right. She is not your Cinderella."

"Oh yeah, then who is?"

The twins looked at Haruhi who shook her head in response. The two sighed and looked back at Tamaki who was still giving them a stern expression. "You need to find out for yourself. If we told you then that would give away the mystery wouldn't it?"

"Ah you're absolutely right! Well then I better go and find her quickly."

"Wait Prince Tamaki… What about me? Was the only reason of you going out with me because you mistook me as your Cinderella? Am I just part of a play and happened to take the lead role as Cinderella."

Tamaki looked at her and realized what he has done. "I'm sorry. I should of gotten to know the real you more instead of being in a world of fantasy." He said and then was slapped by Megumi hard across the face.

Hot tears were streaming down her face and a glare was placed into her soft brown eyes. "You're such an idiot! I hope this country will become powerless once you take control and that the people will rebel and chop your head off!" She screamed and left the room in a mad rampage.

Tamaki looked at the other members and noticed that they all had the same look on their faces as she did. He gulped and sighed. "Look I'm sorry for being such an idiot but…"

"Tamaki you need to really get out of that fantasy of yours and try another alternative."

Tamaki sighed and nodded in agreement. The whole Cinderella fantasy was nothing more but a silly fairytale created by the Grimm Brothers. Then he had a brilliant idea. "I know what to do!"

"Tamaki, you don't even have the slipper so how are you even going to be able to find her with no clue."

"No, but I do know how she dances!" He stated.

"So you're basically going to dance with every eligible maiden in the kingdom?" Kyoya asked, doubting his friend.

"Well that's the only clue I have. At the ball! I'll dance with each girl at the ball! And whoever dances just like the girl I danced with, then I will choose her to be my bride!" He smiled.

The twins looked at each other and shook their heads.

Hunny and Mori looked at each other and both felt that the Prince was losing his mind.

Kyoya looked at Haruhi and then at his friend. "Alright."

"What?!" The others exclaimed.

"If he really wants this to be a 'Cinderella' story, then that's the way it has to be." Kyoya stated.

"So we wait till April?" The twins asked.

"Yes." Tamaki stated.

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