AN: Heyyy I'm so so so so so so soooo sorry for not updating in like.. a year or however long it was.. but I kinda lost interest in the story and the whole Loe thing in general. I'm determined to finish this though! If I have time I will probably rewrite the whole thing too... I was a really bad writer...

Anyways I'm going to try fitting a couple more chapters in here...

After 2 long hours filled with girly squeals and laughter, Lily and Miley started getting tired. Their eyelids were heavy with sleepiness and they trudged to the bathroom to brush their teeth. As soon as their heads hit their soft fluffy pillows, they were sleeping.

The next morning, the two girls headed to the kitchen to help themselves to some food. Lily was starting to eat her chocolate chip pancakes and Miley had a spoonful of cereal in her mouth when Lily's cell phone rang. Lily lazily picked it up but her eyes widened with excitement after a quick glance at her phone. She squealed and quickly flipped the phone open.

"Joe!" she exclaimed happily.

"Of course," Miley remarked, rolling her eyes playfully. Lily smacked Miley softly on her arm.

"Hey Lily! What's up?"

"Oh I'm at Miley's house. I'm eating breakfast."

"Ooh whatcha eating?" Joe inquired.

"Chocolate chip pancakes. They're so good. If you ever have a sleepover at Miley's house, have these for breakfast."

"Alright, thanks for the tip," Joe responded. Lily could hear the smile on his voice. "Are you gonna be busy today?" Lily looked at Miley with questioning eyes. Her brunette friend shook her head.

"I'll go to the Hannah interview with Oliver, no biggie," Miley said reassuringly. Lily smiled gratefully.

"Actually, I don't! Why do you ask?"

"Well... "Joe paused, dragging out the word, "I was wondering if you wanted to come over for lunch. We could make some food! You haven't seen my fabulous culinary skills yet."

"That sounds like fun! I'm sure you're a great chef," Lily replied warmly. She heard a distant laugh.

"Please! Joe couldn't cook to save his life!" she heard someone say in the background.

"You shut up Nick!" Joe yelled as Lily giggled. "Alright, so... be there at 3?"

"Sounds good!"

"Great! See you soon!"

As soon as Lily hung up, she squealed. "Did you hear that? I'm going on a cooking date with Joe!" she exclaimed. "Oh my gosh! It's 11! I need to be ready in like 4 hours! Help?" Lily asked with pleading eyes.

"Of course! I need you to help me pick out an outfit for Hannah anyways," Miley said.

"Oh thank you, thank you, and thank you! Where would I be without you?" Lily asked as she quickly finished her breakfast.


1 hour later Miley had picked out her outfit, a flowy, sparkly, soft gray tank top over white skinny jeans and knee high black books. She was in the middle of curling her eye lashes when Lily emerged wearing blue green v neck with a light pink cami underneath, jean capris, and flip flops. Her hair was wavy and tied in a side pony tail.

"How do I look?" Lily asked, examining herself in the full body mirror that light up around the sides.

"Absolutely gorgeous!" Miley replied. "If Joe didn't forgive you yesterday, he definitely would have today," she added before returning to her makeup.

"Thanks for letting me go hang out with Joe today. I know you wanted me to go to the interview with you," Lily said appreciatively.

"Hey, it's not a problem. I'll have loads of fun without you!" Miley said playfully. "You know how much fun I have with Oliver. I get to help him with the ladies, as he likes to call them," Miley smiled. Lily laughed and checked her phone for the time.

"It's 2:45! I'm going to go ok?" Miley waved to her absently as she applied mascara, her mouth ajar while she concentrated.

"Have fun!"


Lily was greeted with a bear hug as soon as Joe had opened the door.

"No need to give me space to breath! I'm abnormal you know," Lily managed to choke out after a couple of seconds.

"Whoops!" Joe replied as he hastily let go of Lily. "Well come on! I'm starving!" The couple walked into the spacious kitchen and Lily sat down on one of the stools surrounding the island. "What do you want to eat?"

"Hmm… Well I am in the mood for some macaroni and cheese," Lily replied after a couple seconds of thought. Joe nodded seriously.

"Good choice, good choice. Alright so… Um… You know how to make it right? 'Cause I certainly don't," Joe said with a sheepish smile.

"Well, your in luck. I do happen to how to make it, without using any of that boxed nonsense. We're going to need noodles, cheddar cheese, a cheese slicer, and a pot. Oh and some salt." Joe grabbed the needed items off various shelves and drawers and placed them all on the island. Lily grabbed the pot and filled it up with water before placing it on the stove and adding salt to the water. "Now we wait for the water to boil," Lily explained. She went back to her stool and put her elbows up on the surface of the island.

"You know, it's not polite to put elbows on the table," Joe teased before absent mindedly propping his elbows on the table as well.

"Well look who's talking," Lily replied, with a smile on her face.

"It's my house so I can do whatever I want!" Joe replied with mock haughtiness. "What did you and Miley do at your sleepover last night?" Joe asked, changing the subject.

"Oh you know, girly stuff… Makeup, boys, clothes, boys," Lily trailed off.

"You talk about boys? What boys?!" A sly smile crept onto Lily's face.

"Well.. there was this one boy I've had my eye on."

"Oh really? And who might that be, hmm?" Joe asked, oblivious to what Lily was saying.

"Dark hair… Hot body… Really funny…"

"Hmm… He sounds like a good dude," Joe said with a twinge of jealously. "Who is he?"

"You doofus! Who do you think it is?!" Lily exclaimed.

"I dunno… Taylor Lautner? If it is…" Joe trailed off and his eyes narrowed as he thought of ways to get back at whoever was stealing Lily's heart away from him. His thoughts were interrupted by a playful smack to his arm.

"It's you silly! I guess I should add 'not the brightest crayon in the box' to the list of traits!"

"It's me?! I'm flattered!" Joe said, putting his hand to his heart. "How kind! And hey! Just because I'm not orange or yellow doesn't mean I'm not smart!" Joe replied. Just then, water started flowing out from the top of the pot. The fire hissed angrily and turned blue. Lily jumped up from her seat and quickly removed the top from the pot before pouring in the noodles. She found a wooden spoon in one of the drawers and mixed the noodles in the water for a few moments before returning to the island.

"Hey, where's Nick and Kevin?" Lily asked, just realizing that she hadn't seen Joe's two curly haired brothers.

"Kevin's with his girlfriend… I think they went shopping or something. Nick is upstairs doing his thing and being Nick," Joe replied. He got up and started rummaging through the kitchen before pulling a bag of chips out and opening them. "Mmmm, chips!" Joe exclaimed happily before taking a handful out of the bag and stuffing them into his mouth.

"Joe! You're gonna ruin your appetite! Put those away!" Lily scolded, sounding very much like a mother. Joe picked up on this and rolled his eyes before replying with an

"Alright, mother." He took another handful of chips before putting them back where he found them. When he turned around, Lily was peering into the pot with the wooden spoon in her hand. "What are you doing?" he asked curiously, walking up to her and looking over her shoulder. Lily scooped up two noodles and blew on them before giving one to Joe.

"We need to taste them to see if they're done cooking," she exclaimed before eating her noodle. Her nose wrinkled up. "Not done," she said before getting a poke in the nose. "What was that for?"

"You look so cute with your nose wrinkled up like that!" Joe said simply, before smiling. Lily blushed. "And you look even cuter when you blush!"

"Aww thanks, you look quite spiffy yourself!" Lily said before giving Joe a peck on the lips. She turned back to the pot and started stirring again. Joe wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her closer to him.

"You know, it's good you know how to cook!" Joe said happily. "Now, whenever I'm hungry I can just invite you over and you can make food for me!"

"Oh yea? Well how do you know that I'm good at cooking? What if I'm really horrible? Then what are you gonna do?"

"Lily, please. First of all, I'm a boy. All food tastes good to me except vegetables. Second of you, you can't possibly be horrible at anything! If your cooking is even half as good as your kissing, I'll be fine," he said with a grin.

"Haha. Thanks." Lily replied before tasting another noodle. "Hmm… I think this is done!" she exclaimed. Lily pulled on big blue oven mitts and carried the pot to the sink. She drained the water from the pot carefully, leaving only the noodles.

A few moments later, Lily and Joe were sitting on the island with bowls of macaroni and cheese in front of them.

"You know, you barely helped cook," Lily replied as she took a bite of the meal.

"Hey! I did too! I got out of the stuff for you! If it wasn't for me, you'd probably still be looking for everything!" Joe replied in between mouthfuls of cheesy noodles. "You know, this is quite delicious…"

"Oh yes, thank you so very much! Because of your kindness, I was spared 5 minutes of looking!" Lily replied sarcastically. "Very helpful indeed."

"Well, if you wanted me to help, you could've just asked," Joe replied. "But I doubt my help would've made this food any better." Lily grinned. "In fact, if I helped, this kitchen would've probably be demolished. I'll be honest, I'm not very good in the kitchen," Joe said seriously.

"I believe it!" A voice said. Lily turned to see Nick strolling into the kitchen with a smile on his face.

"Oh shut up, Nick." Joe said.

"What? You admitted it! I just thought I'd back you up by agreeing with you."

"Well, you can go away now, we don't need your help!"

"Joe! Be nice! Nick, would you like some food?" Lily asked politely, though she had an amused smile on her face.

"No, I'm ok. Thanks for the offer. Unlike Joe, you actually have manners," Nick said with a grin. "Well, you two kids have fun! I'll see you later. Tell Miley I say hi when you see her, okay?" and with that, Nick was gone.

"Hmph… Stinky Nick… thinks he's so cool…" Joe mumbled to himself.

"Aw, is Joe annoyed?" Lily said as she got up and walked over to her boyfriend.


"Well, what can I do to make you feel better?"

"Hmm… Well… you could do this," Joe said before leaning in to kiss the blonde standing next to him. After a few moments of kissing, the two pulled apart.

"Do you feel better now?" Lily asked. Joe pretended to be in thought before nodding.

"Yea, I guess."

"Good! Because you have to do dishes!" Lily said with a triumphant smile. She planted another kiss on Joe's lips before running off, leaving Joe in the kitchen with a big smile on this face.