A/N: Something I didn't plan on adding, but I figured the best way to get rid of something like this is to just get it out. I doubt I'll be able to think of anything after this, because I think Charlie's a dangerous mind to try and get into. We must actually pity Will and Lizzy and pray Jane will be a tempering force.

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Charlie lay in bed, looking at the ceiling. Or he would have been looking at the ceiling, if there had been enough light to see the ceiling. The party had gone off wonderfully. Everyone had been happy, and he hadn't been murdered. In fact, by the end, both Lizzy and Will had been, although a bit still verbally violent about his future, much safer to be around. And it wasn't just because Jane had been there to keep him safe, though he could admit it might have been a possibility. But that wasn't what was keeping him up.

He had seen something as they both sat laughing over the mutual over-exaggerated horror tales of their exes.

It was so obvious, he couldn't believe he hadn't seen it before. Well, of course there was a good reason he hadn't, because Lizzy and Will had been in relationships. And of course he never really saw them together before. Will was always busy and Charlie usually only saw him during a boys' night out. Lizzy was two cities away and visited on odd weekends, and Jane and her usually communicated by phone and e-mail.

But now, what he had seen, it was so obvious. His mind was leaping at the possibilities at making two of his friends happy.

Unable to contain his excitement, he rolled and shook Jane's shoulder. "Jane, Jane, are you awake?"

If Jane had been awake, she would have smacked him. As she had been in a decent sleep, she elbowed him unintentionally in response to being woken. "... ghstph?"

"Are you awake?" he asked eagerly.

Jane groaned and nearly smacked his too close face when she her hand went up to rub her eyes. "Charlie, not now. It's been a too long day. Go back to sleep."

"Wait, wait, I've got a brilliant idea."

Oh no, Jane thought. She hoped it wasn't one of those ideas that sound great at -- a glance at the clock -- two-fifteen in the morning but wasn't, yet she knew her Charlie. There'd be no sleep until he got it out of his system. "What?"

"Will and Lizzy, they're perfect for each other, don't you think?"

Jane made no response.

"Don't you think?"



Jane finally moved, turning on the bedside lamp. Both of them winced at the sudden light, and once her eyes adjusted, Jane gave her senile boyfriend a very, very long look. He was so radiant and pleased with his idea. "Charlie?"


"Didn't you learn anything from their most recent break-ups? Like that they planned to kill you for meddling?"

He ignored that, moving to sit up. "They don't mean it, and they're perfect for each other."

"You said that about Elizabeth and Will, and Lizzy and Will," she reminded, yawning.

"But don't you see - Two wrongs make a right! I just paired them up wrong!"

"I didn't know the Wills were gay, and I tell you right now Lizzy won't be happy with Elizabeth."

Charlie ignored Jane's sarcasm. She was always like that when she first woke up. "All we have to do is get them to be around each other more. They'll see."

"Go to sleep, Charlie."

"I can't use the word 'date' around them, I know, because they'd just be all stubborn and miss this good thing," he said thoughtfully.

Jane turned the light back off and repeated, "Go to sleep."

"But Jane -"

"If you don't stop worrying about their love life and get to sleep, I promise you, you won't get any love life for the next year. Go. To. Sleep."

Charlie opened his mouth to protest, then pouted. It was a great idea! He harrumphed and went under the covers like a petulant child, hugging the edge. In the middle of his great scheme, even with all the excitement he felt, the day had been long and he dozed off.

Jane was not nearly so lucky, and she cursed him. All ideas sounded good in the middle of the night, but she had a sneaky suspicion this one would be good even at noon, and it made her head ponder how she could help but make sure Charlie got all the blame. Hearing him snoring fifteen minutes later, she gave him a kick and then thought about pretending to be asleep when he jerked awake and fell out of the bed.


"That'll teach you to wake me up to help you match make!" she retorted.

Charlie thought about this and he sat up. "Does this mean you'll help me?" he said hopefully.


His face fell so fast it must have sounded like glass breaking.

Jane sighed. "It means I'll advise. And completely blame you when Lizzy tries to kill me."

"They'll be happy! Happy people don't kill people," Charlie grinned.

"Wanna bet?"

Charlie thought about his options and Jane's tone, and it made him avoid giving a definitive answer. "You'll see. Trust me."

Hearing the two words that made so many of their friends go on blind dates ... that made Jane get lost in the Capitol when Charlie said he could read a map ... that made it so half of their appliances were new ... and taught her to never eat something Charlie had cooked unless she had witnessed the entire process ... Jane hit him soundly with her pillow.

Several times.