Author's Notes: Another Doctor Who droubble, just pointless humour, really. As usual

"You can't seriously tell me to believe this!"

The Doctor smiled at her, watching as Donna stood there, mouth hanging open, eyes round and wide, hand holding the Tardis door in a death grip.

"I mean, even for an alien whacko like you, this has got to be the lamest thing ever! Honestly, you expect me to be impressed by this?"

The Doctor frowned at her, and turned to watch the view outside the Tardis doors.

"What's the matter? It looks fine!"

"Doctor," she said patiently, as if talking to a child, "those, are dinosaurs. Big, smelly, ugly creatures, who I, personally, am bloody happy are extinct, and..."

There was a loud, thunderous sound, almost like a roar, followed by the lifting of a gigantic neck, a little mewling sound, and a stench so bad the Doctor was glad he'd skipped tea.

"Did that just..."


"And that other one..."


"And that, that was really a..."

"Oh, yeah."

The Doctor looked at Donna. Donna looked at the Doctor.

"Next time, I'm bloody well picking the place, got that, Mars Boy! Now get up here, and vent this ship of yours, before we both pass out!"

The Doctor sighed.