1Rays of Dark

A.N. Hello everyone. So I figured since this story was an over all favorite to my readers that I would post it today. Lucky you, Just kidding. Anyway it took me a while to figure out where I wanted to go with this so hopefully you all enjoy it very much. Expect more fantastic flight and action pact chapters. This one turned out longer then Rays of Light, so hopefully you will all enjoy it and Stick with it. I've also edited all the chapter as much as I could, but if you do see any errors please let me know and I will fix them immediately. With new enemies and new Alliances.

Summery: Duo has a lot of healing to do mentally after his in counter with Talon. And new enemies show there face that test Heero's capability to protect the one he loves and the friends he cherishes. And a new Alliance with dark Cloud is there to back him up as Solo tries to make up for his misdeeds against Duo.

Chapter 1

Heero looked up at the window that Duo was sitting in, with a pained expression in his eyes. Duo hadn't left the room in two months. He had gone to Sally Po in the first day that had gotten back. She spent hours stitching him up and treating his wounds, and if he hadn't been immortal he would have died in the cell with Talon. When Sally gave the okay to move him he was moved to his and Heero's room and hadn't left.

Duo would sleep in the same bed with heero. He would allow Heero to hold him, sometimes if he was in a good mood and hadn't been thinking too much he would allow Heero to kiss him, and touch him, but anything further lead to screaming and crying and sometime Heero having to sleep on the couch in the main room with a few scratches. Heero was patient though, and the only thing that hurt him was that he couldn't hold his love, and comfort him.

His body was still red in some placed with puffed up healing scars, but with Wufei's potions the scars would disappear over time.

But Heero was happy that Duo hadn't lost his personality. Sure he was scared of people, any animal would be, including humans, after such an experiment, but he was still funny and smart. He would still growl at Heero on occasion, like when Heero had to take his food when he thought Duo was done eating but turned out he was taking a break. It happened a lot when he had his stitches in his throat.

Duo also had his full appetite back, something they had never seen. Wufei would describe it as a demonic pig, but Duo just chuckled and kept eating. Heero's favorite time was during the feast of spring when Duo had eaten six plates of turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet corn, peas, rice, and fish, and still had room for pumpkin pie, apple pie, and a little of Quatre's peach cobbler. Everyone had said that Duo would get sick that night, but he woke up and ate breakfast the next morning without a blink of the eyes or an upset stomach, of course all this was done in the safety of there room.

"Heero, the horses are all packed and ready to go." Trowa said as he came up next to Heero.

"Pack one more, Duo is going to come." Heero said.

"He is?" Trowa asked with shock.

"It's time for him to spread his wings." Heero said and headed towards the door. Trowa smiled, he agreed of course.

Heero went to there room and opened the door, taking enough care to make noise as he entered. "Duo?"

"Here." Duo said coming into the main room.

"Come with us Duo." Heero said.

"I...I don't know." Duo said.

"Duo, please, you need fresh air." Heero said.

"I can open the window." Duo said.

"It would be a good idea to stretch your wings." Heero said. Duo looked out the window longingly. His wings twitching slightly.


"You won't."

"How do you know?" Duo cried out.

"Because I won't let anyone hurt you." Heero said.

"You couldn't stop them before." Duo said, looking at Heero with a sad look.

"Duo please trust me, I won't let anyone hurt you ever again." Heero pleaded, getting to his knees in front of Duo.

"You cannot make such a promise and keep it." Duo said.

"I can sure as hell try, but you can't stay here and waist away in this room. Please come with us. Don't you want to fly again? To feel the wind in your feathers, and the pull in your hair?" Heero asked. "That thrill you showed me when you dived straight out of the sky, and pulled up inches from the ground. Hos you dodged a dragon through a thick forest." Heero said. Duo smiled. 'Duo that was the best flying I had ever witnessed or experienced. I don't wish to see you caged like this." He said.

"I'm scared." Duo said.

"He's gone." Heero pushed.

"But shadows will never leave." Duo said. "He attacked me with shadows."

"I understand that love, but shadows are even in this room, and one follows you." Heero said. Duo collapsed into Heero's lap and buried his face in his neck

"I dream of him Heero, and them, those shadows." He cried. Heero rubbed his back, running fingures through his feathers.

"Duo, he's dead, but you won't know that mentally or physically until you start living again." Heero said. After a few minutes Duo nodded.

"I'll come Heero. But I will not leave your side." He said.

"I want you to fly Duo."

"Then you will fly with me." Duo insisted.

"Hai, I will." Heero said with a smile and kissed Heero gently.

First chapter of book too. I hope you guys enjoy. And for those of you who where wondering, I killed Trieze off quickly cause he was human, while Talon was not.