Background: This takes place 10 years after Paige breaks up with Alex and tells her to leave the apartment.

Recap: This story does not follow the Degrassi time, as I have stopped watching the show since Alex has left. 10 years later, Paige is a high profile fashion designer working for big companies such as: Versace, D&G etc. while Alex is a high profile lawyer working in one of the best law firms in Downtown Toronto in family and criminal matters. Paige is married to Spinner, and Alex has a girlfriend named Melissa who she's been dating for the past 5 years..

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Chapter 1

Paige is a multi-millionaire who owns one condominium in Toronto by Lake Ontario, a house in Kingston and a penthouse in New York City. It's been a week since she left her house and is currently living in her condo.

Paige was sitting on her couch, drinking a hot cup of orange pekoe tea and watching Ellen. She knew a dose of Ellen would at least brighten her day as the last seven days were far from being her best days. She got a call from the security guard downstairs about the arrival of Hazel. She told him to let her come up.

"Hey Hazel, what brings you to town?"

"I heard about you and Spinner. When were you going to tell me?"

"Look it's not a big deal. Things just got heated and I left!"

"Paige, heated is not the right word for the scene that Jimmy painted for me. Spinner got a back injury due to working at a construction company and doctors told him that he can fully recover if he takes therapy, but instead he refuses to take therapy. He buys alcohol and passes out by the time the sun has gone down, despite your efforts of getting him the best therapy places in town. And he's been an alcoholic for the past four months and the last two months he's been getting violent with you. Have I got it wrong Paige?"

"No" Paige was ashamed of how her marriage was turning out. She looked down on the floor as she could not find the courage to look at her best friend.

"So what is it Paige, am I going to find you dead the next time I come visit you? Or are you going to do something about it? I'm glad you left that place, but I know you Paige. You left the house for two weeks when you found out Spinner cheated on you three years ago and you still got back with him. This time you're not going back Paige! He's a loser and come on you're so caught up with work and that stress do you really need more stress in your life?"

Paige knew her best friend was right. She sat back down on the couch and turned the TV to mute. Hazel grabbed the yellow pages and started flipping through the pages.

"I'm your best friend Paige. I am going to find you the best lawyer in town. Meanwhile, you are going to go to that lawyer that I find for you and your going to tell them your problem."

Paige nodded in agreement. She knew her marriage was over.

(NEXT DAY 11am)

Hazel got an appointment at Scotts, Peters and Price Solicitors and Barristers right here in Downtown Toronto for Paige at 11am. They were a big firm and they specialized in family and criminal matters.

Paige walked into the building going up to the 16th floor, finding their suite. The firm was located in several places across the GTA and this was the closest location to her condo. Paige walked in and was greeted by the law clerk.

"Hi, I'm Paige Michaelchuck. I have an appointment to meet someone for 11."

"Ms. Michaelchuck, please have a seat. I will let them know you have arrived." Paige sat down grabbing a law magazine and began to read.

Ten minutes later

"Ms. Michaelchuck, please follow me." Paige followed the law clerk to one of the rooms.

"The lawyer will be here any second now!"

"Thanks!" Paige sat down nervously grabbing her file waiting for the arrival of the lawyer.

"Thanks Jane. Yeah I got it from here!" The lawyer closed the door after speaking to the law clerk. "So Ms. Michaelchuck? PAIGE"

"Alex" both were surprised to see each other. Paige was more shocked out of the two.

"Have a seat Paige. What brings you here?" Alex got over the surprise and went straight back to professionalism. She couldn't help herself the last time she had met Paige wasn't in good circumstances as the girl who promised to be there left her at her doorstop and now the tables turned around and here was Paige on Alex's doorstep.

"Look Alex, I know it's been a long time and we haven't spoken since, well you know. I know this may be a little late, but I am sorry for what happened" Paige had wanted to say that for the last ten years but never had the courage or the time to say it.

"Look Paige, whatever happen it happened like 10 years ago. What's in the past leave it in the past. How about we just go on with why you are here today?" Alex refused to talk about the past. She knew that if this chapter re-opened it wouldn't benefit either. Paige nodded. She knew not to push something that Alex refused to talk about. It was clear both had moved on and into better careers.

"I need a divorce from Spinner. We have been married for 8 years and I already have a pre-nuptial done. There are no children, no property, no belongings that we need to discuss over. Just a divorce."

"Paige what has Spinner done that you want a divorce?" Alex wasn't surprised for one bit that she ended up marrying Spinner. Paige was hesitant to tell her the truth. After a few minutes and Alex telling her she could find another partner to take over her case if she didn't feel comfortable telling Alex, Paige finally told Alex all the problems except the physical abuse. She wasn't sure how Alex would take that.

"Okay, so I see you have tried many times to reconcile and it doesn't work. I'm legally bounded to make sure you have tried to reconcile before proceeding with a divorce that's why I asked you Paige. Now that I got all your documents and notes, give me about two weeks as I am really busy to draft your divorce papers. So I'll ask Jane to schedule you to meet me in two weeks? Is that okay?"

Paige looked through her planner. With spring right around the corner she knew she was busy getting the spring collection out.

"Actually I am going to Italy and France for two weeks for business. I'm leaving in about four days. Can we schedule it for May 30th?"

"I don't see a problem. Just let Jane know and she will find some time that is suitable for both of us!" Alex closed her file and placed it in her drawer.

"I was wondering if you wanted to go and grab some dinner tonight." Paige was a little nervous asking Alex due to their history.

The phone rang and Alex picked it up before answering Paige's invite.

"Hey hun… yeah I know it's our 5 year anniversary today.. Melissa that's the third time you're canceling on me in 5 days. Uh huh… okay bye!" Alex slammed the phone down obviously showing irritation and anger.

"Wow 5 years ey?" Paige didn't mean to be nosey but Alex wasn't speaking any quieter either.

"Yeah today was suppose to be our 5 year anniversary, but she cancelled. So dinner tonight? Yeah why not!"

"Okay Applebee's for 8 then!" Alex nodded and Paige got up with a smile and left the room to meet Jane. Jane had given her another appointment after two weeks when she got back from Europe.

Applebee's 8

Paige had shown up a little before 8pm. She was wearing her black jeans with a short sleeve black blouse and black high heels. The weather was 20 degrees, a nice warm spring evening. She found a Mercedes Benz driving into the parking lot and she knew Alex was here. Alex was wearing white jeans, black fitting t-shirt, and black heels. Hair put up with a clip and some silver long dangling earrings. Paige couldn't help but smile with Alex arriving.

Paige opened the door for Alex,

"Thanks!" As Alex walked into the restaurant.

"No problem hun" as Paige walked behind her. "Reservations for two under Paige" The hostess grabbed two menus and led them to a booth. Alex sat down on one side and Paige on the other side. This was a little odd, they hardly had tried to be just friends and 10 years later it still felt odd. Paige opened the menu and Alex did as well. Alex still feeling a little odd chose to glance around the restaurant trying not to make eye contact with her ex. Alex found a familiar figure sitting just two tables away from her. It looked like Melissa but with another girl? She saw the girl rubbing the other girl's arm up and down and sharing food. All she could see was the other girl, but not the mystery person whose back was towards Alex who looked like Melissa. Alex brushed off the thought. There could be no way Melissa would be cheating on her.

"Hun, if you want food you have to pick something out of the menu." Paige had witnessed that Alex was looking everywhere else but the menu.

"Are you ladies ready to order?" The waitress came by with her little notepad. Paige had ordered ribs and Alex ordered steak. Paige had a Pena Colada while Alex chose to go with just a ginger ale.

"So what have you been up to for the past 10 years Alex?" Paige knew it was a stupid way of starting a conversation, but she knew Alex wasn't going to say anything.

"I was thinking of going into message therapy, but I didn't want spend my whole life massaging peoples' body parts. So I went into law. I want to help people when they have nobody to turn to when they are in trouble with the law. So I went to York, and then Osgoode and I was offered a job here with my grades being all A's and I took it up after articling there for 9 months. What about you?"

"I went to UofT and completed my degree in Fashion. Got a job as a Fashion Designer. Next thing you know I am designing clothes, bags for companies such as Versace. I travel to different countries in Europe and show them my clothing designs and see whether they will agree to fashion shows. A lot of fun!"

The food had arrived. Alex couldn't stop looking at the two girls. She still had a feeling the mystery girl was her girlfriend. They finally got up and they hugged each other and kissed on the lips. The mystery girl turned around and her eyes went straight to Alex.

"Oh you're fucking kidding me Melissa!" Alex yelled from the booth. Paige turned around to finally see Alex's girlfriend. A brunette, with a fair complexion, curly hair, thin figure yet curvy. Alex dropped her knife and fork and walked out of the restaurant so that other people could continue eating their food.

"I'll be back" Alex told Paige and left with Melissa and the new blonde she was with.

"Alex, I am sorry."

"I bet you're sorry. You're sorry you got caught. How long Melissa?" Melissa looked at the floor. "6 months. I met her at my office. We stayed late due to the workload we had and we grew closer…"

"Melissa I didn't ask how you guys met. I asked how long? Unbelievable!! On our 5 year anniversary you end up with this chick. We're done Melissa! Don't call me again, and don't come by either!" Alex left back into the restaurant as Melissa left towards her car with tears strolling down her cheek. Alex knew she could not cry at the moment. She got back to the booth. Both were quiet. Paige knew she should not say a word. Both finished their meals in silence. Alex paid for both and apologized to Paige for how the dinner ended.

"Alex, you shouldn't be home alone. You need someone. I'm coming over!" Before Alex could argue, Paige turned her BMW on and sat in her car. She was going to follow the Benz. Alex got into her car, turned the radio station to Z103.5 and heard the new song from Rihanna called "Take a Bow" Alex turned up the volume and left the parking lot with Paige following her closely behind. Alex could relate to the words that were being sung from Rihanna. After about a 30 minute drive she was finally home. She lived in Woodbridge, where the mansions were. She pressed the button and the gates opened so she could access her house and Paige as well. She parked her car with the BMW parking right behind her. Alex grabbed the keys to her house. It was a 6 bedroom, 4.5 bathroom, 3 living rooms, 2 dinning rooms, indoor pool, damn right you would see this house on MTV if I cared about showing it off. Alex opened the door and was greeted by Maria, her maid.

"Hey Maria, we have a guest today. This is Paige!"

"Hola Paige! Well come on in and let me get you something to drink. Have a seat! Alex Melissa called about 3 hours ago that she couldn't make dinner tonight." Maria was unaware of what just happened about 40 minutes ago.

"Maria, Melissa was cheating on me for the last 6 months. I found her at the restaurant with another girl kissing her!" Maria was shocked.

"See I knew she was no good for you!" Maria was like Alex's best friend and mother at the same time. Maria was Spanish and lived with Alex while also working for Alex. Maria was trying to get the money together to be able to sponsor her family here, but it was going to be a few years before that happened.

Paige sat down on the leather black couch and Alex followed her and sat across her on the single couch.

"What a day to meet huh? You're asking for a divorce from Spinner and my girlfriend turns out cheating on me" Alex laughed at how horrible of a day both were having. Maria came in with her special Mango Milkshake with whip cream on top. Maria left them two alone. She knew about Paige, but wasn't aware that she was still present in Alex's life.

She got a CD from her collection and placed it into the Surround System Player. It was Madonna's new CD and she put it on her favorite track "4 minutes" She grabbed Paige's hand and asked for a dance. They both were going through a terrible time in their personal life, losing yourself in music was the best thing to do right now. Paige placed her milkshake on the table and danced with Alex like old times. Paige glanced on the coffee table to see her cell ringing it was Spinner Calling. Paige excused herself from Alex and grabbed the cell outside.

"Spinner why are you calling me?"

"Please Paigey don't leave me. I'm at your condo and your not here. Where are you? I want to talk to you. I am so sorry!"

"Look Spinner it's over.. No more!!"

"Come on Paige just hear me out and then if you still want to leave me I will."

Paige was reluctant at first, but then gave him the address to Alex's place. She owed him to at least talk to him. Alex was watching outside the window as a Ford truck pulled up by her house and it was Spinner. She didn't want to interrogate him. She watched as Spinner came out of his truck a little tipsy. He gained his balance.

"Spinner your drunk!! How the hell are you driving!"

"I'm so sorry Paige! I can't live without you! Please don't leave me." Spinner grabbed her arms.

"Spinner let go, you're hurting me!" Spinner was holding her arms too tightly.

"Not until you come with me!" Paige was struggling to get out of Spinner's arms.

"Whose house is this?"

"It's Alex!"

"You whore! You went back to your ex!" Spinner got angry and punched Paige across the face. Alex ran outside her house and pushed Spinner away from Paige. Punched him both left and right across his face. Kicked him in the crotch and pushed him off her property and closed the gates.

Spinner finally got up off the road and went towards his truck

"This isn't over Paige, you whore!"

Alex grabbed Paige off the grass and took her inside towards the kitchen grabbing her first aid kit. Paige was forming a black eye and two cuts were placed on her forehead.

Alex cleaned up Paige.

"HOW LONG PAIGE?" Alex was yelling in disappointment with Paige that she refused to tell her about the abuse from Spinner.

"2 months!"

"Well I'm going to speak to my good friend, he's a police officer. I am going to draft a restraining order against that asshole." Alex left Paige and headed towards her indoor gym. She got her boxing gloves and started punching the bag. She was pissed not only with Melissa cheating on her, but Paige not being honest with her. She was breaking into sweat. She realized her phone was vibrating and seeing Melissa Calling. She ignored the calls and continued back with the bag. Paige watched Alex intently as she punched the bag harder and harder. When she realized that Alex was overdoing herself and was hurting herself now, as she saw the tears falling from her face. She grabbed Alex from the back and spun her around so she was looking into Alex's eyes.


Paige grabbed Alex's lips and kissed her.


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