Part the Sixth

Iggy, hesitated, and then decided that it wasn't worth asking questions, and took a switchblade knife from his pocket, and held it out. Nudge slid the knife gingerly from the tall blind boy's long fingers and took it to Fang, who took it with a murmur of thanks.

Fang flipped the blade open with a flick of his wrist, and examined the sharp steel. Max watched both the knife and Fang. 'Oh I hope he doesn't do anything stupid!' She thought.

Fang stepped forward, and seized a hank of bodily fluid stained silver hair, and shaved it off Liz's scalp with a sawing motion that would've been painful if the Sue was still alive. And Max wasn't sure if she wanted it to be or not. Alive equaled scary, dead equaled the inability for Max to cause pain. It was a tough choice.


Fang seized another hank of lifeless hair, and began to part it from Liz's scalp. His expression was so murderously intent that Max was slightly scared of the boy who had been her friend and brother for most of her life.

She considered asking Angel what he was thinking, just to make sure he couldn't do anything stupid like run off, but she got the feeling that the mind reader wouldn't tell her. She wasn't sure if she wanted to know anything beyond that about what went on in Fang's mind anyway.

Gazzy was whispering in Iggy's ear again, and Max, straining her ears, could just pick it up. "I think Fang's crazy," She heard, and Iggy whispered back, "Nah, he's just upset that the girl he was tonguing was the unholy Mary Sue."

Max saw Gazzy make a face, and she grinned. Gazzy still thought that girl had cooties, and the mention of Tonsil Tennis was too much for him. She headed over to the two boys, as Angel and Nudge came out of the woods with their second load of firewood.

Nudge shot her a look, which Max didn't have time to look-reply to as Fang spun a round, revealing Liz's bald egg head and a motley tuft of hair in one hand. Fang's grin became wider and scarier, and he tossed the hank to Gazzy, with two words. "Burn it."

Gazzy complied, tossing the hair into the middle of the blaze before him. The stench of burning hair met the flock's nostrils and the meeting was not a pleasant one. "God," Nudge choked, "That assaults your nose!"

Even Fang looked repulsed. He turned away from the smell, as Iggy piled more wood on the fire. Max had an inkling of what Fang would do next.

The dark boy reached out for the spork, still valiantly bolding its position just under Liz's hybrid Syrinx-Larynx, despite being under heavy duress from the enemy of gravity acting on the dead weight. (A/N: That really IS a hideous pun, *ducks*)

Fang's long fingers closed on the spork, and using his strength, the mutant birdboy yanked the utensil from the wood it was embedded in. Neatly, he stepped away, as Liz toppled forward, face first, into the fire.

Now it was cooking-chicken smell of burning flesh that met the Flock's noses. Max's stomach rumbled. The rest of the flock looked at her. "What?" She asked ruefully, "All that killing makes you hungry!"

Fang gave one of his looks. "I'd've thought that this," and he indicated Liz's smoking head with a toe, "would ruin anyone's appetite," he said snidely.

"Oh, you looked plenty hungry last night, although I'm not sure it was for food!" Max retorted blisteringly, glaring at her second in command. Fang froze. Max knew that her comment had been pushing it, but it had been very good to get the anger that she'd been feeling in one shot. And it had hit it's target – right in the hormones.

Gazzy and Angel just looked confused, while Max heard an intake of breath from Nudge and Iggy. "Max, that wasn't…" The younger girl started, but stopped when Max held up a hand, eyes firmly fixed on Fang's face.

"Fine." Fang yelled, showing uncharacteristic anger. "A Mary Sue got me! Are you happy!" He picked up one of the Sue's arms and began to lug the unresisting corpse onto the fire.

Wordlessly, Max grabbed a let to help, and the younger members of the flock helped to pile wood around the body, which began to blacken and smoke almost immediately.

Fang, not saying a word, watched the burning body for a while, before storming off into the woods. Nudge gave a glare at Max, which she returned with a wink, before the girl turned into the wood, following the sound of curses and breaking branches.

Max grinned, hoping that something would grow between the two of them as Nudge grew up. Too young now, but, in a few years…who knew? She remained in thought by the fire, listening to Gazzy's gruesome descriptions to Iggy, with Angel playing with Total and Celeste in the background.

This was her Flock.

The fire burned down, and Fang and Nudge returned from their walk. "Come on guys, U and A. Lets find something to eat." Six pairs of wings spread, seven bodies plus one teddybear soared up into a sky clear of rain and howling wind.

And so the Flock dispensed of the Mary Sue known as Eleanora-Kristiana-Antoniette-Elizabeth, and were soon on their way to a bright, world-saving future.

But, bad fortunes would again strike, when the flock met Dragon, the aptly named Human-Dragon hybrid who could breathe fire out of her nostrils. Or when the Flock met Chase Ride, Max's twin brother, who was able to call up spirits. Or when they met Lucia, who was part angel, part axolotl, and part octopus.

But those stories are for another time…