Title: The Strange Ways of Love

Rating: K+ (for now… rating may go up)

Summary:The typical Neji-and-Tenten-Getting-Married-Without-Knowing-Each-Other" type of story. Only… with my own personal twist.

By:Shikamaru Nara's Fangirl

Warning from Authoress: I warn you all! I did not steal this idea from anyone. Well… I guess technically… I did. I stole it from several authors actually.

Well, then…
Never mind.

Author's Note: Hello all! I am back; I know you all missed me.
This… is my new Tenji story. It's basically just the typical "Neji-and-Tenten-Getting-Married-Without-Knowing-Each-Other" type of story.

Only with me, it'll be… unique.


You people should know how much I hate clichés.

Anyways, this is just a prologue, so yeah. Not very long, but I actually like how it turned out.

Disclaimer: I own myself!

She was born a happy girl; eventually, she blossomed into a happy child. She never did anything wrong. She listened to her parents and did well in school with her lowest grade being a B minus. She did her chores and never had leisure time until all her work was done. She wasn't exactly close to her parents, she didn't tell them her crushes and her dreams, being the independent girl she was, but she still loved her parents nonetheless.
When her parents informed her when she was ten years old that she was betrothed she just blinked and wondered what that word meant. Her parents felt no guilt that they used a word foreign to the child, they had told her and they were happy with themselves.
This kept up until the girl had turned thirteen.

Her parents said to her that she was not allowed to date the boy that they thought she probably had a crush on, a year younger, an Uchiha.
The girl had only blushed and demanded a reason why. Her parents calmly said, "You're betrothed, do you remember? You're getting married when you become eighteen."
The girl's response: a shriek of terror. "You're making me marry someone I don't even know?"

"This is for your own good; you'll think us for this later." The girl let out a scream of frustration and stomped out of the house before taking off in a run. She'd take out her anger the only way she knew how: she'd skewer poor, defenseless tress.
Her name was Tenten; and she was engaged to be married at age eighteen.

He was born a happy boy; eventually he became a happy child. He listened to his father, did extraordinary in school with his lowest grade being an A minus. He did all his homework immediately after coming home and only after it did he play with his younger cousins.

He was slightly surprised when his father told him he was betrothed but he shrugged and accepted it with a child's smile. He was positive that his father would never betroth him to someone he wasn't compatible with.

However, halfway through childhood, his father was killed senselessly and the boy became cold, withdrawn, and silent. He refused to play with anyone anymore; especially his younger cousins. So the happy child grew into an angry teenager.

Although he was aware of his marriage when his bride-to-be became eighteen (when he was a child, he couldn't help but smirk at the fact that he was older than her by almost a year), he pushed the thoughts aside. When his uncle tried to remind him and tried to persuade him to have the basic planning done, the boy simply said, "A wedding is not in my fate. I am merely a slave to the main branch. I have no need to wed."

His uncle responded, "You are not a slave. You're simple supposed to protect my eldest daughter should she come into any trouble." The boy scoffed. After all, his cousin rarely left the grounds of which their home was built upon. She only left for school and to buy groceries she, for some odd reason, refused to let the maid's buy. Occasionally, she'd sneak out via the window to meet some boy he knew her father would do anything but approve of… but that was beside the point.

"You are to meet her when you turn seventeen. And she will remain here until she becomes eighteen next March."

Neji was silent, but he gave an understanding nod before standing, saying goodbye to his uncle and went to his family's training grounds.

He had anger to release.

His name was Hyuga Neji and he was engaged to be married in March.

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