Like a Brother

Juana la Cliker-Rooster


So this might be my shortest story to date. I think these are called 'drabbles'. I have no idea, it's not that important to me anyhow. I got the idea for this one from here: community./tfdressing/21028.html It's a livejournal community, TFdressing. It's cute.

I spent so much time in the library today just for the hell of it, and God, I can't wait to do it again. I love books.

At first, it hadn't worked out too well. In fact, it was nearly disastrous. They had met, and they had glared. Optimus could tell from the start their relationship was going to be full of negativity. He had tried to mediate between them, to find some common ground, but both were far too stubborn to listen.

Maybe that's what drew them to the other like this. They were like siblings, brothers, who never got along, but Optimus would rarely see one without the other. It was kind of sweet, in its own aggravating way.

But Optimus could see something in Bumblebee's optics whenever he asked the little scout to go on patrol with Prowl, who never refused. He merely made some kind of sound in the back of his vocals, but that was it. Bumblebee's excitement probably annoyed the quiet ninja, and Optimus left it at that.

But on nights such as this one, Bumblebee would ask Prowl if he wanted to play a round or two or ten of some human video game, and the ninja would turn his head slowly, stare silently at the littlest Autobot and narrow his optics. Bumblebee's shoulders would droop slightly, and he'd prepare himself for the inevitable 'no' that often followed receiving one of those trademarked looks. But then Prowl answered with a little smirk that, yes, he would not mind a few games. Bumblebee's face lit up, his optics, his smile, his shoulders even perked up higher than ever.

It was evident that Bumblebee saw Prowl not as a teammate, or an adult, or even a friend. He saw him as a big brother, and Optimus had to chuckle quietly to himself as he watched the little yellow scout rush to set up a game, as though Prowl might change his mind if the screen didn't flicker and roar some obscure title at him in the next ten kliks.

The game commenced, and it seemed as though all past arguments and disagreements had dissipated into nothing, for the two could be seen having a grand old time, nudging one another in the chassis to screw each other up.

The Autobots seemed more like a family unit than ever before.

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