Chapter 4


Chapter 4! Summary: Alice takes Bella and Rose on a shopping trip the next day. Alice tells Bella how Edward has never liked another girl until he met her. Weeeeeeeee :)) I have more fun writing this story than my other stories :P ENJOY! Please Review.


Edward was hugging me back and smiled when I stopped.

"Sorry," my face practically turned into 24 shades of red.

"It's fine. I understand your joy. Paramore was like that also except Hayley didn't hug me she hugged Emmett," he gestured toward Emmett whose arm was around Rosalie. We laughed. Suddenly Alice came by us smiling widely.

"YOU GUYS ROCK!" She screamed at me. I suddenly felt my ears ringing due to her volume.

"Uhhh…Alice you're right in front of her. Her ears are probably ringing," he put a strand of my hair behind my ear. His touch made me jump.

"Edward was totally right! You guys are good. You guys are like Paramore plus Panic at the disco plus The Veronica's plus The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus equals Brooklyn Down!" Her volume went down a little.

"I was wondering if I could have your number. I asked it from Edward the first time he was talking about you but─" Edward suddenly cut her off. He was talking about me? Hmmm… I found it very pleasing.

"Alice, let's not talk about what I said and what you asked, 'kay?" He said with a hint of annoyance.

"Uh, sure. Just get it from Edward and you can text me anytime," I said.

"Oh, fun!" She clapped her hands together and started jumping up and down. This girl's enthusiasm was too much for me to handle. Emmett came up to us with Rosalie on his side.

"You guys are pretty awesome," he said.

"Pretty awesome?" Alice said. "THEY WERE GREAT EMMETT! GOSH, YOU DON'T KNOW MUSIC WHEN YOU HEAR 'EM!" Alice was screaming at her brother now. Edward was glaring at both his siblings.

"Excuse me for a while. I'd like to have a chat with my two loving siblings," he pursed his lips and guided his older brother and sister to the other side of the room. Rosalie came up to me and eyed me suspiciously.

"What are you grinning about?" The sound of her voice made me gasp.

"Uh, nothing," I said while wiping the grin off my face.

"Uh-huh, anyways, I forgot to tell you that that Emmett guy loves cars too! Like me! And he's totally into sports! He. Is. Totally. My. Type." She said while squealing. I wasn't quite processing what she said, my attention was full on to Edward's touch.

"Bella? Were you even listening? Are you day dreaming about Edward? Hello?" She waved her hand in front of my face. As soon as I got out of my own little world I shoved her hand down and glowered at her.

"No, I wasn't!" I said while still glowering at her.

"Okay, then. Did you hear what I said about Emmett?" She said while pursing her lips. I scoffed at her. I turned around and Mike and Jasper surrounding Jessica, Edward's cousin. Rosalie turned to where I was facing and smiled.

"Hmmm…Mike seems to have an interest on that Jessica girl, bet you must be jellin'" I hit her in the arm playfully.

"Oh shut up, Rose!" I turned around and saw Edward, Emmett and Alice coming back with big grins on their faces.

"Sorry 'bout that. Edward has some issues," Alice explained. Edward turned to glare at her once again and she mouthed a 'sorry'.

"Where were we? Right! Edward has some news for you!" Emmett exclaimed.

"My dad said I'm going to be your temporary recording manager. While the company will be searching for a permanent manager, I will be handling all of your press conferences, recording schedules, parties, etc…" HE WAS GOING TO BE OUR MANAGER! My heart flipped when he said those words. This just got even better. My theories of managers were people who not handled your every waking minute but people who call every 5 seconds of the day. I was going to be that much in contact with him. Oh! Snap out of it, Bella! He's your manager for god's sake! He's way out of your league! My conscience at the back of my head spoke.

"Oh, that's sweet man!" Jasper said while shaking hands with Edward.

"Recording sessions will start on Wednesday. Since we already have a sample of 'Stoked' and 'Release forms from down under' (Made up the names of the songs) I'm not sure if you'll need to sing them again. So I'll be calling, Bella," he pointed his finger towards me. When his eyes met mine, his emerald green eyes captured my attention. "For your future press conferences and recording sessions," he said. Then his phone started ringing again.

"Excuse me, it's my dad. Alice, Emmett, and Jessica would you kindly lead them towards the door and call Stan while you're at it," he said and started talking on his phone. Emmett went to stand real close beside Rosalie. Jessica stayed right beside Mike. Alice, I presumed was headed to talk to Jasper but headed towards me.

"Hi!" She smiled widely. We started walking out the studio and into the hallway.

"Hey," My voice was faint compared to her volume.

"So…I was wondering if I could hang out with you guys sometime. I asked for your other band mates numbers and I have them all," her smile even got bigger. "But I would really love to hang out with you and Rosalie! It's going to be so cool hanging out with my brother's band…" I let her babble on and on. As we reached the car, Stan was smiling widely.

"Congratulations," he said and shook Mike's hand. Alice suddenly pecked both sides of my face and smiled.

"I'll see when I see you Bella!" She said before I entered the car. Emmett gave one big wave before Rosalie got in. As we drove away, Jasper fidgeted with the radio and we all started singing along to Church by T-pain.

"I know determination in a band when I see it," Stan said raising the volume of his voice.

"Thanks, Stan. Have you ever driven other bands besides us?" I asked.

"Nope. Other bands have their own rides. I was strictly informed by Edward to be your personal driver," he said matter of fact.

"I can see why," Rosalie, Mike, and Jasper turned around to stare at me.

"What?" I asked.

"Oh, nothing, anyways that Alice girl, she's kinda hott," Jasper uttered.

"Both of the girls were hott, did you see that Jessica girl? She's not so bad herself," he added with a snicker.

"All of the Cullen kids including Jessica are very good looking and well mannered." Stan explained.

"Yeah, I bet Bella and Rose got pretty knocked off their shoes," Mike nudged me on the head and I hit him back.

"Ouch! What was that for?" He said while rubbing his head.

"Oh, Mike, stop it. You know how Bella gets when we tease her," she pursed her lips and gave me a grim smile. Mike started jumping up and down to the rest of the songs that played. We were all extremely happy. After 9 years of being together we finally got a record deal! But some other thing was holding me up from my joy. It was hard to determine, so I let it slide for a while, enjoying our success. Stan went through drive-thru at McDonald's and we all pigged out in the car. We all started singing again when 'That's What You Get' by Paramore started playing. Mike was singing with fries in his mouth, so I quickly smacked him in the head. We asked Stan if we could stick our head out in sun roof, and he agreed. Rose and I plopped our head out first screaming into the wind then next was Mike and Jasper. It was about 5 minutes to 6 when we reached our apartment. Stan had dropped off Mike and Jasper in their buildings already.

"Thanks Stan," I said before sliding out the car.

"Hey, no problem. I'll be seeing you guys on your next recording session," he said with the windows rolled then smoothly drove off. Rosalie was smiling widely but looked awfully tired. When we entered our room Rosalie went off to take a shower then sleep. She didn't bother eating since she ate like 6 cheeseburgers from McDonald's. I decided to hit the hay myself after taking a shower. That night I had a strange dream.

"Alright guys! Here's one of the bands you've been waiting for…Brooklyn Down!" The crowd was wild as Hayley spoke into the microphone. This is it, I thought to myself. I took one step onto the stage and bright lights started flashing. My ears were ringing due to the crowds shrieking screams. Billions of camera flashes started flashing towards our direction. Hayley handed me the microphone and smiled. I turned to face Rose, Mike, and Jas, they were smiling. They were waiting for me to start. I finally turned to the right side of the stage and there he was. My own personal Greek god, smiling ever so brightly. He was one of the reasons on why we've reached so far. I loved him and he loved me, and that's all the matters. I guess I was one of those who had the happy ending after all. I started singing, and towards the end of the song everyone was screaming silently. I turned around and saw Mike with his arms around Jessica's waist looking up, Emmett whose arm was around Rosalie was looking up to and so was Jasper and Alice. I turned around to face the crowd which was now looking up too. I suddenly felt a strong pair of arms around my waist and warm breath breathing into my ear.

"Surprise," a deep musical voice said. I looked up and tears started streaming down my face.

That was an odd dream. I woke up to my answering machine on the phone. It was Alice. She was singing Britney Spears' Break the Ice and saying that this was her 4th call and that no one had answered. I finally gave up, getting off my bed. On the way to the kitchen I analyzed the dream. What did it mean? We were the last band performing for Paramore. Did it mean our band was gonna go far? I wondered. As I entered the living room Rosalie was sitting on the couch her face wide eyed staring at the TV, but nothing was on. I walked up to her.

"Rose? Rosalie? Are you okay?" I snapped my fingers in front of her and gasped when she grabbed it and came back to her senses.

"OH MY GOD! I SWEAR! WAKING UP TO BRITNEY SPEARS!?" She shrugged then stood up. And started pacing with her head up.

"Uhhh…Rose? You okay?" I asked.

"No!" She pointed her finger at me. "I am going to kill that pixie girl! I swear Britney Spears! I was dreaming peacefully until I heard 'let me break the ice'" She tried to mock Britney Spears' voice. I laughed at her.

"UGGGHHH!!" Rosalie screamed. We suddenly heard faint knocks on the door. I walked and opened the door. It was Alice.

"Hi, Hi!" she said then walked straight in. I was just about to ask what she was doing here until she interrupted me.

"I love your little home," she said while smiling widely. Rosalie stared at her wide-eyed.

"I'm sorry for waking you up at, good golly gosh look at the time," she made a quick glance at her watch and started talking at top speed again. "It's 7:15 tsk tsk tsk. Well, you better get dressed if you want you want to get a head start. Oh, don't worry about me, I'll just make myself comfortable while you two change," she said and started walking around the apartment. Rose and I made quick glances at each other.

"Uh, Alice I kinda have a job to go to at 9am. I'm really sorry but I can't hang out with you today," I said half-heartedly. A part of me wanted to go with her while the other half just kept quiet.

"Oh, you do? Well now that your band has a record deal I suggest you quit or something or better yet I'll have Edward arrange your resignation," she flipped her phone. Wow, a sidekick.

"Alice, never mind that won't be necessary. I'll call them later." I said. Eventually I'd have to call anyway.

"Well, go on and change. Don't mind me I'll be fine!" She exclaimed and started walking around the apartment once again. I gave her one quick smile and stalked toward my room with Rosalie behind me. Before I opened my door I turned around to face Rose.

"Rose, you do know that your room is on the other side," I said while pursing my lips.

"Do you actually think I'm going to go shopping at 7:15 in the morning!? I'm going back to bed!" She said while raising her arms with fury.

"Then why don't you go back to bed in your room," I said glumly.

"My lock's broken remember?"

"Rose, just change. Who knows this might turn out to be a fun day," I emphasized the word fun. Finally giving up, Rose turned around and stalked toward her room not even giving Alice one quick glance. I took a shower as fast as I could. Alice would knock on my door once in a while to check if I was done. I wore red skinny jeans with a white shirt and a thin red belt hanging on my waist with white Adidas Adicolor sneakers with the flap lying open. I grabbed my sunglasses and my bag and headed for the door. Alice and Rosalie were looking through my old year book and laughing their heads off. A few minutes ago Rosalie hated this girl.

"Oh, hey Bella!" Alice stood up and beamed her white teeth at me.

"We were just looking at your─" Alice suddenly interrupted Rose.

"OH MY GOSH! Your outfit is so cute Bella! I love your jeans!" She screamed at my face.

"Um, thank you?" I replied. Alice clasped her hands together and stared at us smiling.

"Alright! Let's get going!?" She went out the door in one quick glance.

"She does realize that the stores open up at 10, right?" Rose asked. I stared back at her then grabbed the keys and headed for the door. Alice was waiting impatiently by the car's door.

"What took you so long to get down?"

"Sorry," we all slid in the car quietly.

"Alice, you do realize that the stores are still closed?" I asked.

"Yeah, I know," she was texting someone on her phone. "Charles, go to the Feminino El Grande," (made it up) she ordered the driver. What mall could possibly be open at 7:30 on the morning? On the way to 'Feminino El Grande', Alice asked for a drive through McDonald's for breakfast. After eating, Alice fidgeted with the radio and stopped when an unfamiliar song started playing.

"I love this song!" She screamed and started singing.

"What song is this?" Rose asked. Rose and I weren't really into the pop, girly music.

"OMG! You honestly don't know this song?" She stared back at Rose and me, wide-eyed. We pursed our lips and looked at Alice.

"This song is Catch You by Sophie Ellis-Bextor! My all time face singer! Next to you guys of course," she smiled. Who the hell is Sophie Ellis-Bextor? We arrived at a gigantic building with people coming in and out of it.

"This is a mall?" Rosalie was shocked. The building was huge!

"Yes, the mall opens at 7 in the morning during weekdays and during weekends it opens up at 9," she smiled brightly and quickly stumbled out the door. The mall was huge.

"This is it," Alice said while breathing in the air. "One of my favorite malls!" She exclaimed then pulled Rosalie and I toward the inside of the mall. The inside of the mall was just as extravagant as the outside. Alice dragged us to the first store on the right. She picked out the first things she'd find then handed them to us. She pushed us to the dressing room and told us to change into certain different outfits. Rose and I came out one by one to ask approval for our outfits. After the first store, Alice had brought us to the rest. Jewelry stores, shoe stores, even athlete stores. After going around the whole mall we left to go to the nearest Starbucks. Alice ordered two Strawberries and Cream fraps and one Caramel frap. We sat down outside since the inside was full. We laughed at Alice's jokes and her family stories about Emmett. When Alice spoke about Emmett I noticed Rosalie blushing. We sipped our fraps and looked at Alice who was smiling at us.

"What?" I asked.

"This really means a lot to me for you guys to come. I mean I don't have many girlfriends to hang out with," we stared in shock. A rich girl like Alice not have any girlfriends.

"How can you not have any girlfriends, Alice? You're…well, Alice!" Rosalie exclaimed. Alice laughed.

"People just wanna become friends with me just because my family's wealthy or they just wanna hook up with Edward," she pursed her lips. I shivered when she mentioned Edward and Alice noticed that.

"Speaking of Edward," she raised her left eyebrow at me and so did Rose.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" I said before sipping my frap.

"You know very well why we're looking at you. You like Edward don't you?" she asked. I stared at them in shock. I had to lie.

"No, why would you think that?" I tried to keep my voice light trying not to exaggerate it.

"Bella, I've seen the way you look at Edward and I've seen the way Edward looks at you," she explained.

"Yeah right, Alice. I can't like Edward and Edward can't like me," I explained. My phone suddenly started buzzing. I picked it up from the table and flipped it.

Hey Bells,

Are we going to have practice later coz I was thnking of taking Jess out for dinner.


I smiled. I was happy to see Mike finally move on. I texted back saying that we won't be having practice.

"Who's texting you? Edward?" Rose asked. I glared at her.

"No, it's Mike. He was asking if we were going to have practice tonight 'cause he wanted to take Jessica out," I asked. Alice's eyes widened.

"Hmmm…Jessica's going with Mike, he's the lead guitarist right?" She asked.

"Uh, yes." Rose answered.

"Oh, Jessica's going on a date that gives me an excuse to Barbie her," she smiled at the idea.

"So what about that Jasper guy? Is he dating anyone," I suddenly remembered yesterday when I saw that Alice simply had an interest on him.

"Are you talking about my brother?" Rosalie asked.

"He's your brother!?" She straightened herself to stare at Rosalie.

"Twin brother in fact," I said.

"No way!"

"Why, you like him?" Rosalie gave her a smug smile.

"Uh…Okay ready for round two?!" Changing the subject, she stood up from her chair and grabbed her bag.

"Oh come on, Alice tell us…wait did you say round two?" She smiled from ear to ear.

"Alice we practically bought the whole mall!" Rosalie screamed.

"The Feminino El Grande? That's my practice mall, I always go there before the big thing," we stared back in shock. More shopping was coming. We left Starbucks and headed off to New York. Alice said she was sick of going to Saks, so we ended up roaming around New York, looking for the best stores we could find. We went to Zara, Abercrombie & Fitch, and a lot more. We stopped by In and Out and grabbed a burger. It was late in the afternoon already. I suddenly got a text from Jasper telling us to get the extra lyrics or our other song from him.

"Uh, Alice, can we make a little stop for a while?" I asked.

"Sure," she smiled. I told the driver the directions to The Sphinx. Jasper was there arranging some stuff with the manager. When we stopped in front of the place Rosalie whined.

"Can I just stay in the car?" She slumped back on her seat.

"Rose, come on," I pulled her arm and dragged her out of the car. We entered the bar and it was half empty. Soft 80's music was playing in the background. When Jasper came in sight, Alice froze in place. Her eyes widened and she glared at me.

"This was a set up wasn't it!?" She whispered.

"Uh, no," I said. Jasper came by us, smiling from ear to ear. He looked at Alice then winked at her. Alice made a soft giggle.

"Hey there, again," Jasper chuckled. When it came to girls and Jasper, Jasper was always very confident.

"Okay! Where are the extra chords and lyrics and stuff? Recording starts tomorrow remember," they jumped. They were staring intently into each other's eyes.

"Oh, right. They're in my work bag," he pointed at the bar where his bag sat down. As he walked over to get the notes. Alice stared back at him, drooling. Rosalie snapped her fingers in front of her face.

"What?" Her voice came out in a soft murmur.

"Alice, you've got drool all over the floor, clean it up!" Rose exclaimed. We both laughed and Alice grimaced. Jasper came back handing me a bunch of papers. I looked at each of the papers then glanced back at Alice and Jasper. They were having a small conversation a few feet away from us.

"Do you think he'll ask her out?" Rosalie muttered.

"Oh, yeah. He definitely will. Knowing Jasper," I nodded toward her direction. I saw Alice walking towards us from ear to ear.

"So I'll see you guys tomorrow morning," Jasper nodded then headed back to the bar. We stared at Alice who was still flashing her white teeth.

"Jasper asked me out!" She muttered. Rosalie and I both squealed at her.

Alice dropped us at our building and followed us to our apartment.

"Thanks so much, Alice. We really had a great time," Rose and I hugged her and she hugged us back even tighter.

"Aw, thank you too. I've never had this much fun in a long time," she said. We stepped back and entered the door. Rosalie went straight to her bedroom to take a shower and change. I went to the phone to check for any voice mail. There was one. I pressed the button and someone started talking.

"This is Edward. I didn't want to disturbed you during your shopping trip with Alice. Anyways, I just wanted to say I'll hoping to see you tomorrow and that I'll be really excited to hear your band start recording. So, yeah, bye." He hung up. Even on the phone he sounded perfect. I skipped to my room and lay down on my bed for a while. I was terribly excited for tomorrow, knowing that he will be there.

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