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Chapter One

A girl cursed under her breath as she ran down the old dirt road. She must have been doing so for while, because the bottom of her pant legs were covered in dust. Huffing she finally came to a stop at the crumbled stone wall. Falling to her butt she tried to gain control of her breathing. "You cheated…" She grumbled as she looked over at the person sitting in the green grass beside the path.

The young man chuckled as he shook his head. "You're just slow." He stood up and patted the dirt from his torn pants. "C'mon your stomach is louder than a hungry lion." He grinned as he held out his hand to help her. She blushed and pouted but took it anyway. He lightly held onto it as he gently pulled her back to their small home. The girl blushed harder as she stared at their intertwined hands.

"You know, I know the way back." She whispered and he only gently squeezed her hand in answer.

They were only steps away from their home. The run down building they had taken upon themselves to live within. There wasn't much of a choice in the 77th district of Rukongai. She couldn't remember anything when she had woken up on one of the dirty streets, and he had appeared out of no where. Offered her a safe place to sleep and an apple to curve her hunger. That was over a month ago.

Within seconds the boy gently released the girls hand. "Rei-chan…" She looked up and noticed a new man standing not ten feet from them. "Go into the house." She whimpered lightly and tugged on his sleeve. He looked back and smiled at her. "I'll be right in." She nodded and hesitantly walked into their home.

She sat by the door for what seemed like hours before she heard someone enter. She jumped to her feet, smile on her pretty little face, and went to greet him. She froze at what she saw. Her eyes traveled down the other mans arm, to her friends broken and bloodied body. She let out a scream as the other man dropped the younger boy and approached her. Before he could grab her she darted from the room and into one of the others.

The older man laughed, sounding a bit crazed before he stalked after the girl. "Come now pretty. What was his is now mine." He grinned in sick satisfaction. Rei held her hands over her mouth to try to quiet her sobs. She ran into a dark corner of one of the 'closets' and sunk to the ground. Her body trembled in both fear and anger but all she could do was cry.

Moments later she heard the footsteps getting closer to her location. She squeezed her eyes shut as the tears poured from them. Silence came, the foot steps stopped. She bit her lip and reluctantly opened her eyes and looked up.

"Hello pretty." The older man grinned sickly down at her. He reached for her and grabbed the long black ponytail that stemmed from the back of her head. Her eyes widened as she franticly looked for anything, anyone to help. A glint in at the other end of the dark space caught her eyes. He pulled her off the ground by her hair chuckling at her panicked state. Without even a second thought she grabbed the object. No thoughts in her mind, no real sense of what she was doing, she gripped the object, pulled her head down, and cut her hair out of the mans grasp. She fell to the ground and scrambled to get away from him.

When she got to the other end of the room she turned to him, holding the object out in front of her. The man looked at the soft hair in his hand in slight disappointment. "You looked better before." He sneered as he discarded the cruelly cut locks. He looked back up at the girl and laughed. "Do you even know how to use that?"

The girl gulped and her hands trembled on the hilt of the sword in her hands. It was surprisingly sharp and clean for the area they were in. "Thought so." The man smirked as he took a few steps towards the girl. She glared as she saw the small specks of blood all over him. It was all his fault her friend was dead! It was all his doing!

Anger fueled her steps, hatred fueled her strength, and sorrow fueled her ruthlessness. Her arms seemed to move on their own as she steadied the weapon in her hand. Pulling it back, she charged, swinging at him with amateur strikes. The man easily dodged and continued to do so. He'd just wait till she tired out, he didn't want to mark up his new prize.

His lack of reaction only angered her more. Suddenly she stopped, took a deep breath, and calmed herself. The man frowned at her composure. Taking a stance, she didn't even know how she knew, she leveled the man with her eyes. There in the dirty, old, broken down building stood dangerous woman, where only moments ago a scared little girl had been.

About an hour later life finally stumbled out of the room. Blood flowed sluggishly from the few cuts on the moving body. A scrapping sound came form the sword that was limply being dragged on the stone floor. The person stopped in front of the body of the dead younger man dropping the sword from its hands.

Rei fell onto her knees and pulled the body into her lap. "I'm sorry…" She repeated over and over as she wrapped her arms around his cold corpse. "I'm sorry Isamu-kun…"


Rei stood before the freshly covered grave. The biggest stone she could carry rest at the top. She had carried her friends lifeless body to the spot they usually went to relax. The patch under one of the few trees in the area. She had buried him and placed the large stone as its marker. No tears fell from her eyes though, she didn't think any more could honestly. Like many of the dried up lakes and river beds, her eyes clear of any signs of water. Her hand tightened and loosened around the sword she held in her hand. The sharp blade glinting from the slowly lowering sun.

"Goodbye…" She bowed her head, her now choppy shorter hair falling over her eyes. Turning she began to walk away from the place that held such painfully happy memories. When she was a distance away she sent one longing glance back at the tree before turning and breaking into a sprint down the dirt road. That was the last time she had been in that district and she had no intentions of ever going back.


Three years later
A black hooded cloaked figure sipped on its drink at the dark end of a bar. The bar was oddly quiet, and even more so, oddly civil. Normally around this time the drunkards were jolly and reckless, and the whores were looking for one of the drunkards to pull into an alley. Yet, at this moment, everyone seemed calm and collective. Like a bunch of boring businessmen at an outing with their boss.

There was a reason for this strange atmosphere though. It would be the five Shinigami at the table in the corner. Everyone knew what they were doing outside of the Seireitei, they were doing an annual checkup. Every year they'd send a bunch of punks out to help lead the districts into peace and happiness. 'More like bully into submission' The cloaked figure thought before returning to their drink.

One of the five punks seemed to over look a main rule for most businesses. Never drink on the job. Because the man was far beyond the point of being able to think straight. He leaned over and smacked the barmaid hard on the ass. The girl frowned and swatted his hand away. The punk only got angry as his buddies laughed at him. His drunk fogged mind and embarrassment led to his next stupid irrational action. Within seconds the poor barmaid was pulled back and the punks Zanpakuto coming towards her throat.

No one saw the black cloaked figure move until it was between the two it's own sword draw and the deadly point centimeters from the punks eye. The four other punks went to help their friend but were stopped by mere words. "I'll leave him blind and be gone from your sight before you even unsheathe your swords." The entire bar went deadly quiet. A few noticing the odd voice that came from the cloaked swordsman.

The punks friends seemed to hesitate but returned to a fully sitting possession. Sitting like they were on pins and needles. The punk with his eye in danger at the moment seemed to become stone cold sober.

"You should learn to keep your hands to yourself and keep your lousy temper in check. Don't they teach you something called respect at the academy?" The punk gulped and would have nodded if not for the fear of his eye being sliced in half. "Now put your little toy away and go back to your table." The cloaked figure slowly pulled its sword back as the punk did as he was told.

The figure was about to do the same when an intense killing aura came up behind them. The figure felt a shiver go up their spine as it spun around sword drawn.

Kenpachi didn't even flinch, actually his grin grew, as he saw the glint from the sword. The same sword that was inches away from his throat. In a swift motion he knocked the sword away, grabbed the cloak of the figure and slammed it against the wall. The figure grunted as the hard wall smashed against its back. Kenpachi was slightly shocked when the hood fell from his captors head. All thoughts of bitching at his squad for being surprised by some commoner flew out the window.

Shoulder length black hair tumbled free flowing nicely around the feminine face and green eyes glared back at the captain. Two tiny, thin hands gripped his large wrist but she didn't struggle. He silently looked her up and down.

Her cloak now laid open and he could see a rather fit body under all that black. A pair of tight black pants hugged her thin yet strong legs, a tank top covered her top. The bottom of said shirt was torn, giving the one eyed captain a nice peek at the flat belly beneath. Kenpachi's perverted mind realized her chest would probably be the perfect size to fit in his hands. And those slim thighs would feel rather wonderful around his waist. He could already picture himself running his rough hands across that smooth stomach.

He was brought out of his perverted fantasies when his captive angrily hissed at him. He finally eyed her face and was pleasantly pleased at what he saw. All in all she was quite the looker. Her skin was pale, probably from her hiding behind the thick black cloak, her green eyes shimmered with well hidden anger, and her lips were in a pretty little snarl. Yet, that's not what he found most attractive about her. Across her pretty little face was a scar, a least three shades darker than her own skin. It started above her right eye, continued down over the bridge of her nose, down her cheek, and ended right before her neck on the left side.

Absentmindedly he rubbed his thumb gently on her neck, while he still held her firmly against the hard wall. This cause the girl to freeze, then growl under her breath. "Are you going to let me go…or pet me!" She hissed out which cause the captain to grin.

Kenpachi finally allowed her feet to touch the ground and removed his hand from her throat. "What's your name?" The girl looked up at the male in confusion. "Unless you want to go back up on the wall, answer me." His voice held a tiny bit of amusement to it.

Puffing her cheek in annoyance, destroying any sense of threat she might have held in the captain. "Arakaki Reika…" She mumbled. Kenpachi smirked before grabbing her and literally threw her over his shoulder like a sack of rice.

He lightly smacked her ass and carried the girl out of the bar. The woman squealed cutely as she clung to the back of his white captains coat. "Then, Rei, I think I've decided to pet you!"

The woman actually blushed at the comment grumbling angrily at the male. "It's Reika!" What the hell had she get herself into!

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