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Chapter Twenty-two
"Binding art number one…Sai." Reika whispered, only to fall in a state of -slightly mad- giggles as Eros jerked and fell to the ground from shock of the paralyzing spell.

"Reika…" Eros growled out in annoyance, knowing full well that she was the reason for his current state. Clearing her throat she stepped from the shadows and skipped over to the fallen male. Waving her fingers at him in hello she bent down and picked up the dropped bag of treats that he once held. "Don't you dare." He said, glaring at her from the floor. His position all but nullifying the effects of the glare.

"Thanks for getting me lunch, Eros." She smirked and jogged off down the hallway, her prize in hand. 'Hmmm, these Kidō spells are more useful than I thought.' She vaguely heard her name being screamed from behind her but quickly dismissed it. After the first month, and the constant scolding from numerous captains, - 'damn noble can't mind his own business' - Reika had finally managed to wear something a bit closer to the shinigami uniform. Her top was a crisscross over her chest, her stomach nearly bare, and her pants were a few sizes tighter than the norm, but it was at least in the realm of the issued uniform. She still donned her hooded coat over it, 'Kenpachi probably wouldn't let me leave the house showing that much skin anyway'.

Quietly she walked, munching on her stolen snack. 'It's only been three months since I was kidnapped and brought here.' With a small bounce in her step she made her way through the academy campus. 'I wonder when I can get to fighting again.' She wondered briefly before she reentered the class room. It wasn't as if Reika lived to fight - hell she wasn't Kenpachi - but after living for so long by fighting to stay alive, sitting in a classroom for hours a day was boring. Her body itched to move, even in her seat her foot shook back and forth trying, in vain, to release pent up energy. Sure, the brute had his own ways of trying to 'help' drain her but it wasn't the same. The snacks she had stolen from Eros left half eaten on her desk as she stared dreamily out of the window.

She had been learning Kidō and fighting stances so much she swore that she could do them blindfolded. It was tedious work but it needed to be learned. Or at least that's what her teachers repeated over and over whenever a student complained out the lessons. She never mentioned that she had lived without them just fine before. She leaned back in her chair, slouching against it. Her fingers danced over the hilt of her sword and her blissful expression changed to a thoughtful one.

'He's been quiet.' She thought about her sword spirit. The fact that the 'man' hadn't so much as tormented her once in the past few days had her on edge. As if she was on pins and needles just waiting for his next mental attack. Reika worried about the strength she was gaining and how it would affect the strength the white creature who would absorb it from her.

She was brought out her inner musings when the classroom door was thrown open. Her eyes snapped to the very pissed off Eros. "Bitch!" He growled as he stalked into the room after her, upon seeing his half eaten lunch his growl increased.

"I left you some!" Reika argued before smirking and letting out a low snicker. Quickly jumping to her feet she leapt out of the window. Her eyes widened for a second when she realized she was on the third floor. 'I suppose becoming a shinigami has it perks.' The girl landed with practiced ease on the ground before dashing off, not even bothering to look back at the still fuming Eros.


Ikkaku rolled his shoulders with a groan. He hated being stiff, but he hated the massive headache he had more. 'Note to self - never try to out drink Matsumoto.' He never would have risen to the bait the big breasted woman had set, if it wasn't for Renji's side remarks. The bald male dully rubbed his nails over his head, he'd have to pay the red headed bastard back. He was about to just say forget work and turn around to head back into bed, he didn't really have to train new recruits, when a voice cut through his hazy mind.

"Oh, fuck…shit!" He heard a loud crash to follow and before he could even classify the voice a body was plowed down onto him, from the sky. Groaning the male quickly threw the offending body from his, only to hear a grunt from the other. "Wow…that hurt." Ikkaku's head snapped to the other, only to regret it when his world spun.

"Where the hell…" He rubbed his head and looked up only to look back at the woman. "Where did you come from?" He asked in bewilderment.

Reika gave a sheepish smile and reached to rub the back of her neck. Only to wince and let her arm fall to the ground again, 'okay that was painful'. When she saw the annoyed look growing on the older males face she pointed up. "Mind your own Business!" She grumbled, rather miffed that out of all the people in Soul Society, she had to be lucky enough to fall on this person.

Ikkaku was not amused, to say the least. Standing he didn't offer a hand to help her off the ground. He only dusted himself off with an angry growl. He turned from her and continued his walk towards the training grounds. He was much more awake now and much more annoyed.

Reika quickly stood and rushed up to fall into step next to the other. "Where ya heading?" She asked as she tried to gently massage her sore arm. She was met with silence, which only served to piss her off. 'Bald…fucker.' She glared at him from the corner of her eye, and continued to follow him. If he wasn't going to tell her where he was heading she'd just have to see for herself. The walk was in silence, there was no way she was going to tell the egotistical 3rd seat that she had slipped and fallen off the roof she was running on. And there was no way she was going to thank him for softening her landing, cause she knew if he'd known it was her he'd surely have moved out of her way.

Within minutes the training fields were slowly coming into view and a shiver of excitement shot through Reika's system. As they began getting closer and closer, the woman could see the numerous groups of men sparring and working out. She nearly bounced on her toes as they entered the fields, maybe she could get someone to fight against her. Sucking in a breath she quickly glanced around the fields, only to sigh in relief when her eyes didn't find a familiar scarred male.

Ikkaku only snorted at Reika's obvious excitement. "We are looking for new recruits, don't interfere." He chose to ignore her as he continued his way to the front of the line where Yumichika was already waiting. Yumichika gave a quick hello to Reika before turning to his partner and beginning business.

Waving back at the male, Reika quickly turned her attention away from him in favor of studying the many fighters on the field. Quickly glancing at the two ranking members she decided they were busy enough speaking to each other. With a smirk she snuck off into the massive group, all intentions of stirring up some trouble were whirling in her head.

Reika quickly realized that within a group of 11th division candidates trouble wasn't hard to find at all. She was slowly weaving through the crowd when she noticed that many around her had stopped fighting. They were instead staring at her with a look she was rather used too. One she had seen in Kenpachi's face numerous times. Lust.

"A female?" She heard one of them mutter, causing her to twitch in annoyance. 'They will fit in quite well with the brutes bastards.' She mused as she dully ran her fingertips over the scar lining her face.

"Ah, pretty little thing aint ya?" A beast of a man said as he stepped out of the surrounding circle and came face to face with Reika. His eyes moved up and down her body repeatedly before he set his stare to her chest. "Ya 'ere to try out?" He smirked and his hand rose to touch her. "You'd be better suited f'er rolling in my sheets." A round of chuckles and low comments of agreement sounded around her.

Just as his fingers touched her hair, Reika slapped his meaty paw away. "No touchy, Sasquatch." His smirking lips swiftly turned into a sneer as she lazily looked up at him. Reika could feel the embarrassment leaking off of him and she could almost see the blow to his pride she'd just delivered. Her smirk grew as she held back the cruel laughter that wanted to spill from her lips.

"Stupid bitch." He growled out grabbing the front of her coat and pulling her up to eye level. "Do you know who you're talking to?" He hissed, and Reika nearly gagged at the beasts rancid breath.

"Obviously not someone too concerned with personal hygiene." She mumbled without thinking, only to receive a fierce shake and her body was quickly tossed aside in anger. Thankfully she twisted her body, so she was able to avoid landing on her sore side. "That was unnecessary." She grumbled as she stood and dusted the dirt from her body. "Could have just lodged a formal complaint, but no you have to fucking throw me like a rag doll." She continued mumbling to herself in annoyance. Twisting her head to the side she groaned in pleasure as it cracked. Straightening herself she pushed her coat out of her way and leveled the hairy monster of a man with a glare. "I hate when men do that."

"Oh, th' little doll wants ta play with th' big boys, eh?" The man chuckled, his body shaking in his merriment. Or was it anger? He tapped his chest and smirked at her. "C'mon pretty, hit me."

Reika's lip twitched as she forced a smirk off of her face. All of those days she had been stuck in a classroom had her rising to any taunt thrown her way. Her body slowly crouching down as she balanced on the balls of her feet. This man had just given her an open invitation to run wild on him. She wasn't one to pass up such a lovely offering.


Ikkaku stopped in the middle of his sentence and his hand froze in the air. His ears straining to hear the normal sounds of the group below them fighting, or lack there of. Where there was once metal hitting metal and grunts of pain and achievement there was now low chattering and cheering. Gulping he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "Yumichika…" The male started, before he opened his eyes and looked at his old friend. "Where is that woman?"

Yumichika quickly looked around only to find the woman they spoke of missing. Ikkaku growled before he turned to the group of rookies. "Damnit! That damn woman can't keep still!" He growled as the two men took off into the crowd, both deciding to first check the rather large group that had crowded around the south end of the field. 'She would draw so much attention.' Neither male wanted to think of the punishment their violent captain might issue them if anything too drastic happened. Yumichika grimaced slightly as he thought of the poor sap Reika had chosen to take her stress out on.


Reika rushed at the big male, only to disappear right before his eyes. Reappearing in the air her foot heading for a dangerous impact with his head. She was disappointed when, instead of hearing his skull crack under her foot, she felt his big paw stopping her in her tracks. With a quick twist of her body she brought her other foot down onto the top of his head. Though she was still unsatisfied with the dull thunk sound she received. 'He would have a thick ass skull.'

Grunting in discomfort the male griped her ankle tighter and threw her into the ground. His other fisted hand soon following his movements but only buried itself into the dirt covered ground.

Reika jammed her free foot into his wrist and scurried to her feet. She had a slightly twisted smile on her face as she stalked around the larger male. The man was getting annoyed with the little pest and slowly pulled his sword from its secured spot on his waist. Almost wiggling in delight, Reika took that as permission to draw her own weapon. "Don't worry I wont kill ya. Wouldn't be able at play with ya if I did, pretty." The big man smirked, thinking he had succeeded in scaring the smaller woman.

For a moment Reika was silent, then she threw her head back as chilled laughter left her body. "Maybe…if you continue to provide amusement to me I won't make it impossible for you to hold a weapon again." Licking her lips she waited for the angry male to charge at her again. A quick turn of her body allowed her to dodge the blunt force of his swing, leaving only the tip of his blade to nick her arm. She clicked her tongue at him before she quickly spun and swiped her sword down his chest. Her blade not only opening the skin on his chest but also slicing into the arm he had lifted to try to defend himself.

Giggling Reika flicked the blood off of her blade. "And here I thought you were one of the 'big boys'." She mocked as she glanced over her shoulder at the large man that had started the fight with her. He growled as he took in the damage her sword had caused his chest and forearm. She slowly turned and tilted her head innocently at him as he twisted his own sword in his hand. Her sword hummed its approval for the battle, it wanted to sink into their opponents flesh again, wanted to bathe in his blood. Reika rolled her head, followed by a slow rotation of her shoulders.

At the obvious laid back gesture her opponents face twisted in fury as he once again rushed at her. He would not be made light of by this woman. Within seconds of his blade lifting to attempt to slice her in half, his sword was knocked out of his hand and his body was being thrown backwards. The sword landed on the dirt floor which was followed swiftly by the large mans body.

Reika's jaw dropped almost comically as she looked at the backs of her two saviors. Her eyes narrowed, her one hand found her hip, and her lips pulled back into a sneer. "What the fuck are you doing?!" She yelled stomping her foot and pointing her sword at the two spoil sports. Reika was not one to ask for assistance, nor did she much enjoy the two men stepping into her battle unannounced.

Ikkaku sent a glare back at the girl while Yumichika only muttered about how unladylike Reika was. "What're all ya doin'! GET BACK TA WORK!" Ikkaku yelled as the members around him grumbled before slowly going back to their training. The bald male turned his attention to the beast of a man who still sat on his ass before him. With a growl the Ikkaku stalked up to the offender with all intentions of roughing him up for the trouble he caused. Plus he knew he couldn't…shouldn't take his anger out on Reika.

Yumichika turned with a sigh and gave Reika an apologetic smile. "You aren't supposed to be fighting the recruits, Reika." He began to walk towards her with a tilt of his head. "You are very…" His eyes scanned her muddy and torn attire and a disgusted look came upon his face. "Very dirty."

Reika grunted and sheathed her sword with a frown. "I look good dirty." She mumbled childishly, her foot tapping impatiently on the ground. She didn't understand why Ikkaku could fight with the other but she couldn't. In her anger she took to glaring at Yumichika, who only stared back at her lazily.

A voice finally broke the miniature staring contest between the pretty boy and the woman. "What's goin' on?" The deep, rough, voice sent a shiver through the womans body. She could feel his warmth traveling down her back.

Soon after Reika went stiff her eyes squeezing shut. "Don't move…he can't see you if you don't move." She whispered, thinking aloud. Yumichika quickly hid the smirk that crept onto his face.

Shifting his gaze from Ikkaku, Kenpachi looked down at the woman he stood behind, choosing to ignore her comments for now. The captain resisted the urge to pull Reika to his chest and hide her away from all of the eyes on the field. His fingers twitched but he managed to return his focus to his bald underling. Ikkaku had stopped his fist in midair and turned his attentions to his captain. The man from earlier fell back into a heap on the ground, groaning in discomfort.

When no one answered his question Kenpachi narrowed his eye and took in his surroundings. 'One - Reika looks like she's just been in a fight. Two - Ikkaku and Yumichika look like they are hiding something. Three - there is a man on the ground bruised and bloody.' Click. A fierce growl left him as he placed his hand on Reika's shoulder and spun her to face him. Ikkaku had started the job on the idiot that dared touch her, Kenpachi would finish it later. For now though, Kenpachi titled the girls chin up. Discreetly he quickly scanned her person, making sure nothing was missing or injured. His stare caught the small cut on her arm and quickly stored the information away for later.

Reika smiled sheepishly as she shrugged. "He invited me into his bed so I kicked his ass. Well I would have if some people didn't ruin my fun." Rolling her eyes she crossed her arms over her chest. Clearly she was still rather miffed that she didn't get to damage her opponent anymore.

Snorting Kenpachi let out a loud bark of laughter. Gently pushing Reika to the side he laid a hard slap to her ass. "Go home." Reika squeaked and rubbed her now sore bottom as she sent the brute a glare. Noticing his attention was no longer on her she decided to just return home, she knew she'd have no more fun with the brute there watching over her. Ikkaku and Yumichika sighed in near unison at the maniacal grin that took over their captains features as he turned to the ignorant idiot who touched his woman.


Across the field a man stood, his fingers tapping delicately on the rail that sat before him. "Gather all the information you can on that woman." He stated lifting his hand and shifting a long nail to point at Reika's figure.

"Of course, Mayuri-sama." Nemu responded with a small bow of her head. Her eyes taking in the poor woman her father figure had set his sights on.

The mad scientist of the 12th division watched the vaguely familiar female for a few moments. His brain trying desperately to place her presences before he quickly dismiss the ideas that sprung into his mind. "Very interesting."

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