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"Good morning, Jade!" said an all too familiar voice.

The red-eyed colonel eyed him suspiciously with an impassive face. "Why do you need me in such an early hour of the morning, Your Majesty?"

"Oh come on, Jade!" The Emperor seemed excited; "I know you're popular with women and well…" he trailed off.

"Your Majesty, are you saying… you're in shortage of women?!" Jade asked sarcastically.

"No, it's not that… well the girl waiting for you downstairs is really…cute."

The brunette raises an eyebrow.

"She has long, platinum hair; her eyes are brown and her face benevolent and beautiful. Her name is… Claes I think." Peony said dreamily.

But of course, he never really stopped thinking of Nephry…

Jade shows an impassive face though he is deep in thought.

I don't know anyone named Claes.

"She passed out just outside the palace last night muttering; 'Jade C-C-u….' then lost consciousness." The Emperor grinned. "Who is she, someone special perhaps? Or maybe she's holding a grudge against you?"

Jade smirked. "Nonsense, I wouldn't hurt a girl unless it is necessary."

Peony frowned."Oh well. Anyway, we let her in immediately; she looked like some high-ranking knight. Of course I didn't forget to make the lady comfortable, but she woke up early and I was forced to take her somewhere where we could ask questions privately." He paused. "Jade, could you ask her?"

Jade was silent for a second. "Very well, Your Highness."

Huh. He's interested. Peony thought. "Hm. Okay."

The soldier stood up immediately as soon as he saw The Necromancer approaching. "C-C-olonel Curtiss!"

"I'm here to see the girl." He answered with cold, red eyes looking down toward the young soldier.

"Uh… s-sure sir!!" the soldier stammered.

Jade smiled an evil grin as he entered the room.

Good to know that they're still afraid of me.


I really hate it when men keep me waiting. The platinum-haired girl thought angrily. I mean, they're keeping a girl waiting! And-

Her thoughts were interrupted as footsteps entered the room.

Okay, a very handsome man entered the room.

She just had to strike up a conversation.

"Uh, hi. W-who are you?" Okay that was lame.

I just noticed he has red eyes.

And I think that makes him… so much…..


Jade looked at her with a poker face.

She doesn't seem like an enemy but at the same time, doesn't seem completely harmless.

And she looked very familiar indeed, has he met her somewhere before?

"Colonel Jade Curtiss, Commander of the Third Division, Malkuth Imperial Forces." He paused a second, "And you?"

"Oh, uh… Claes. Claes Ne-- huh?"

The door suddenly opens.

"Hey guys!! I mean, Jade, h-hhhow's the interview?" Peony asked with a fake smile.

"You interrupted it." His face showing no emotion as ever, then suddenly he smirked. "There must be some trouble seeing how you're asking for my help."

Jeez. He read my mind. This is however, as expected of Jade.

"Uh, Jade, come here a sec." Peony whispered.

Jade looked towards Claes. "Excuse me." He motions to leave.

Claes nods hesitantly.

Jade followed Peony out of the room.

"What is it Peony?" he sighed. "Seeing how you couldn't wait for me to finish asking the girl who she is."

"Well sorry about that. But, there's an emergency." Peony replied.

"Oh?" the brunette questioned.

"There's some trouble at northwest of Keterburg." Then he whispered, "It seems that a platinum-haired woman, ranging up to 25 to 30 years old seems to be killing some people traveling there."

Jade didn't talk for a moment. "And what are you implying?"

Peony looked in the direction of the room where Claes was. "Intriguingly, she looks almost identical with that young lady over there."

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