For the purpose of this story Zoro, Nami, Vivi and Sanji are 18 and Luffy and Usopp are 17. This is my first AU fic and I hope you enjoy it. I do not own One Piece.

High school Horrors
Just Another Monday

Sunlight poured through the window of the small house bathing the slumbering boy in its glow. He slept on his stomach a sheet draped across his lower half and his head shoved into the pillow. An alarm on his bedside table went off indicating it was time to get up but the green-haired teenager continued to sleep. The clock continued to drone its alarm and was soon accompanied by an entire orchestra of alarms throughout the room. The cacophony of alarms forced the belligerent teen awake and grumbling he got up and started smacking off alarm after alarm until there was once again silence.

Grabbing a towel he headed to the shower, the hot water pounding into him slowly awakening him fully. With a sigh he shut off the water and stepped out of the shower. Downstairs the sounds of dishes clanging together could be heard and Makino's sweet voice travelled up to him as he pulled on some clothes.

"Slow down some Luffy or you'll choke." Makino advised smiling.

However her advice went unheard as Luffy continued to shove everything he could get his hand on into his mouth. Upon seeing Zoro enter the room Makino reached behind her and handed him a plate laden with eggs, ham and toast. She always filled him a plate and kept it away from Luffy, it was the only way to guarantee he would get any.

"Good morning Zoro" she said sweetly.

"Morning" he grunted before digging into the delicious food.

Luffy managed a 'hello' in between mouthfuls and Zoro laughed at his best friend. Even though Zoro was a year older than Luffy they had hit it off almost immediately. They had met almost two and a half years ago; the summer before Luffy had started high school. Zoro had gotten in trouble for a street fight with some snobby kid and was sitting in the police station while his current foster mother was going on about how he was too much and blah blah blah with the cop. Luffy had been there with his older brother who had a couple speeding tickets to deal with. Despite all of the glares and threats he had sent Luffy's way the boy wouldn't leave him alone. They had become fast friends after that and when he had left his foster parents' when he turned 16 Luffy and Makino had taken him in. Zoro wasn't sure how Luffy or his brother had come to be with Makino but they had become his family, the only one he had ever really had. Just then there was a loud honk from outside the house.

"Shit!" Zoro said.

He grabbed his last piece of toast and headed out the door snatching his bag on the way.

"Come on Luffy, she'll raise the price if we make her wait again" he yelled behind him as he rushed out the door.

All of a sudden Luffy bounded past him smacking him with his bag in the process. Zoro growled but Luffy paid him no attention his focus on the attractive carrot top who sat in the front seat of the silver convertible Mini Cooper that sat in the driveway.

"Hey Nami" Luffy called out with a huge grin.

As usual Nami had the top down and Luffy jumped in not bothering with a door. Nami smiled at the energetic boy sitting beside her but then quickly masked it with a frown.

"Luffy how many times do I have to tell you to use the damn door? Plus you guys still have to pay me for last week."

Zoro dug his wallet out of his pants to look for some money, all he had was a single twenty and he would need that for lunch.

"I'll pay you tomorrow" he told her and then tuned out her threats of increased interest.

They got to school in record time since Nami drove like a maniac, as he got out of the car he wondered why it was he was paying for this again. He would much prefer walking but the route was pretty complicated and no one had been able to give him clear directions so he had gotten lost when he tried last year.

"Oh and you'll need to find your own way home, I have a meeting after school today." Nami said tossing her keys into her purse.

"What!?" Luffy cried out.

"I knew you'd forget. It's the second Monday of the month Luffy. We meet every month on the second Monday. We have been since September; it is now April you think you'd remember." Nami sighed exasperated and turned to go inside the school.

Zoro had forgotten about the stupid student council meeting which meant he couldn't even bum a ride off of Vivi. Damn, it looked like he was going to be walking home, he could catch a ride with Johnny and Yosaku but they had last period spare and he would have to skip Math. He went inside to his locker to get the books he needed for the morning. He made it to his first class with only one wrong turn which was quite an improvement from a few months ago.

There was the usual pre-class chaos in the classroom, people hanging around desks in groups. Zoro noticed a group of guys crowded around one desk in particular and sure enough sitting on the desk with her legs crossed was Nami. Taking his seat in the back of the classroom he held back a snort, all those guys embarrassing themselves at her feet over nothing more than a smile or a strategically planned stretch. Zoro put his head down on his desk and closed his eyes as he waited for the class to start.

The door opened and a hush fell over the classroom, curious Zoro lifted his head to see who had entered since Mr Clover their history teacher didn't usually have that sort of control over the class. Looking to the front he immediately saw the reason for the initial hush and the whispers that had now started. Standing beside the older teacher was a tall young woman. She had long black hair that fell a few inches past her shoulders. She was slim and had on a deep purple skirt and a corset tank top that accentuated her figure. She had thrown a black blazer on top in an attempt to make her outfit more conservative. Zoro found his eyes being drawn to her legs, they were clad in black boots and they seemed to go on forever.

"Class, this is Nico Robin. Miss Nico will be your new TA and she will be teaching the class for the rest of the month. I expect you to show her the same respect you would any other teacher."

Mr Clover then said a few quick words to the TA before leaving the classroom. The beautiful new TA turned to speak to the class and as she spoke her voice seemed to fill the room settling around Zoro like a blanket. Uncomfortable he tried to shrug it off as if it were a physical presence. She told the class to simply call her Robin and offered a smile that didn't reach her eyes. Zoro looked into them; a brilliant blue and saw a hidden sadness locked away and shielded by her calm and half-hearted smiles. He sensed a story, a troubled past and felt a twinge of curiosity. Ignoring these useless feelings Zoro put his head back down and was soon drifting to sleep.

The sound of the bell signalling the end of the period woke Zoro from his light sleep, he gathered his stuff and was about to leave when a calm voice stalled him.

"Mr Roronoa, could I speak to you for a moment."

He turned around to face Robin where she stood by the desk shuffling some papers together.

"I'll have to ask you not to sleep through anymore of my classes Mr Roronoa. Unless you're looking to fail."

Zoro felt the tip of his ears redden and he mumbled an apology his eyes looking anywhere but at her.

"Well have a good day then and I'll see you tomorrow" she said good-naturedly efficiently dismissing the green-haired teen.

Zoro fought against the indignation rising in him and headed off to his next class. Mondays sure did suck.

Nami weaved her way through the crowded cafeteria to a table situated at the back by the large windows. She took a seat beside Luffy who was already piling food into his mouth, eating as if he hadn't had a bite in weeks.

"Hey Nami" Luffy said cheerfully his mouth full.

"Gross Luffy. Swallow before talking next time" she criticized smacking him on the head.

Luffy barely registered the hit continuing to eat, something fizzed inside of her but she quickly pushed it aside. She was grateful to see Vivi approaching so she could avoid analyzing these strange feelings. Sanji followed closely behind Vivi carrying her tray. Nami watched as the slim blonde pulled out the chair for her best friend the cafeteria tray balanced on one palm. Sanji placed the chipped plastic tray in front of her as if it were priceless china holding some gourmet meal. Vivi chuckled lightly and thanked him graciously. Sanji took the seat beside Vivi and pulled out his packed lunch along with two small containers.

"Delicious treats made with my undying love for two magnificent angels" he cooed handing them to Nami and Vivi.

Nami sighed inwardly but smiled at the aspiring cook. A laugh soon escaped her lips as a well placed kick under the table sent Luffy reeling backwards foiling his attempt to snatch Nami's treat.

"Keep your hands off Nami's treat baka" Sanji shouted.

Nami concentrated on eating and smacking Luffy's hands away ignoring Sanji's idiotic love prattle. When she looked up she was surprised to see that Usopp and Zoro had joined them. Seeing Zoro she remembered the incident with the TA and she was curious to know what it was about, hopefully something she could use to her advantage.

"What did the new TA want Zoro?" she asked him.

"Nothing" Zoro mumbled.

He then shoved his mouth full of food in an attempt to stop the conversation. Nami let it go figuring her and Vivi could get it out of him later in math class. It wasn't like she needed to concentrate hard; the math was pretty simple as far as she was concerned.

"A new TA?" Usopp asked shifting away from Zoro whose mood had noticeably darkened.

"Nico Robin, the new history TA. Tall, dark and mysteriously attractive" Nami surmised with a soft flick of her hair.

"She is a goddess here on earth giving poor wretches like us the chance to see such undiluted beauty. Oh if only I hadn't taken history last term for I would gladly sit through an entire day of history to merely bask in her effervescent glow" Sanji spun, a far-off look in his eyes.

"Stupid love-cook" Zoro muttered

"What was that marimo?" Sanji shouted tersely.

Both boys jumped out of their seats chairs clattering to the ground nosily as they glared death rays at each other. The other students barely glanced over at the commotion, pretty much the entire student body was used to their constant fighting.

"Sit down you fools" Nami snarled with a glare that quickly silenced the bickering boys.

Or almost silenced them she thought wryly as Sanji cooed about how beautiful she was when she was mad. She groaned but to her right Luffy simply laughed at the antics of his nakama. His laugh seemed to lighten Nami's spirit and she started a lively conversation with Vivi concerning the upcoming Spring Fling. The rest of the lunch period passed by relatively smoothly and Nami was surprised to hear the bell ring and see the cafeteria clear out.

Luffy pushed his hat further down on his head and looked out the window in his Spanish classroom. Some people found it weird that Luffy always wore his hat but the teachers had learned not to ask him to take it off. It was the only thing he had of Shanks and it was just as important as Ace, Nami, Zoro and his other nakama. Luffy knew Shanks would be back for it one day and he had to make sure he had it for him. The voice of his nakama cut into his thoughts bringing him back to the classroom.

"I feel the onset of my I-can't-go-up-and-present disease." Usopp stammered.

The teacher however was used to this and soon Usopp was trudging to the front to give his Spanish presentation knees trembling slightly. Luffy returned his attention to outside, he wished he could be out there exploring and having adventures instead of stuck in this stupid classroom. His thoughts drifted from one thing to another, he thought about Nami and how he was going to get home and then about dinner and if Ace would stop by. He hoped Ace would he hadn't seen his older brother in awhile. Ace went to One Piece University and even though it was the local university he didn't drop by as often as he used to. Luffy figured Ace had a new boyfriend; last time he had come by when he left to meet up with a friend his eyes had shone with carnal desire. Luffy's thoughts were stopped from going further down that particular path by the teacher calling his name.

"Monkey D. Luffy! I've asked you to come up and present, pronto."

Luffy quickly rushed to the front of the class and turned to face his classmates. He wasn't really sure what he was supposed to be talking about, something to do with their childhood but that wasn't really that important.

"Hola, me llamo Luffy. Cuando soy muy joven quiero... estar el Pirate King-o. Como el pirate Gol D. Rogers. Me gusta travelar el world-o y findar treasure" Luffy proclaimed with his horrible Spanish and a big grin.

Looking at the class he saw Usopp put his head down on the desk and he could hear sniggers and laughs throughout the room.

"That will be enough Luffy, have a seat por favor"

Luffy bounded back to his seat completely oblivious to the fact that he had just totally messed up. Other students went up and presented, the class slowly ticking by. Luffy paid them no attention lost in his own daydreams and so he was startled when he heard the bell signalling the end of the last period of the day. Luffy and Usopp made plans to walk home together since Usopp only lived a few blocks away.

"Ah Luffy do you mind staying back a moment" the teacher asked stopping him.

Usopp shot him a worried look and left after promising to meet Luffy at his locker.

"Luffy your presentation today well it left quite a bit to be desired. Coupled with your test scores you are in serious danger of failing this class."


"I am however going to give you a second chance. I will find someone to tutor you from the advanced class and next week you will get to present again."


"Don't make me regret this Luffy. I will see you tomorrow. Adios."

Luffy left the classroom and slowly headed to his locker. Failing? Makino wouldn't like that but he could fix this. The teacher said he had a second chance, he would do better.

"Yosh!" he said to himself.

Feeling better he pushed it aside and rushed to his locker to meet Usopp.

Nami waved goodbye to Zoro as her and Vivi left the classroom and headed towards the student council lounge.

"Make sure you have my money tomorrow and think about my offer"

Zoro just ignored her comment lifting his hand in farewell as he walked away.

"I don't think he'll take you up on it" Vivi said with a laugh.

"Probably not but it was worth a try."

Nami had finally gotten him to confess his conversation with Miss Nico and being the good friend that she was Nami had offered to make sure he stayed awake in class. For a small fee of course, 10 a class. She wasn't asking for much when you considered the inconvenience to her and how difficult waking him would be if he did fall asleep. Oh well his loss not hers.

"Vivi-chwan! Nami-swan! Shall I carry your bags?" Sanji asked coming up behind them.

Nami handed over her heavy book bag and noticed the way he sidled in between her and Vivi. She rolled her eyes at Vivi who giggled. Sanji's antics always did amuse the blunette. The three of them walked into the room and got settled. Vivi sat in a chair at the round table that sat in the center of the room and Sanji was quick to grab a seat beside her. Nami bypassed the tabled and opted for the couch instead. She sunk into it with a sigh and closed her eyes for a moment. It had been a long day. She opened them again when Kana and Jet, the junior and senior liaisons walked in and took a seat at the table.

"What's on the agenda today Vivi?" Jet asked flashing her a killer smile at which Sanji glared.

"The Spring Fling. I want it to be great this year. The school deserves more than just cotton candy and a dunk tank. I can't let them down."

Nami could hear the hints of stress that laced her best friend's voice. Vivi often took a lot on her shoulders and this Spring Fling was a big deal to her. Vivi didn't take her position as student body president lightly.

"Don't worry Vivi, we'll make sure it's great" Kana said calmly.

"Kana-chan is right. You are fabulous Vivi-chan. You and Nami-san are brilliant!" Sanji cooed.

Sanji was student body vice-president at Grand Line High and he saw it as part of his duty to support the president as well as his beautiful treasurer. The meeting went on as they discussed potential ideas to make this year's Spring Fling the best ever. Sanji prepared some tea for the girls to help them relax all the while keeping an eye on Jet. He was a nice enough guy except 

he kept hitting on Vivi and Nami. They brainstormed ideas for an hour before Vivi declared it was enough for the night.

"Thanks for coming everybody. We will probably have to throw in a couple extra meetings before next month if we want to get this done."

"Anything for you Vivi-chan!"

"I know I'm asking a lot but this is important."

"Don't worry so much" Nami said with a grin.

Everyone started gathering their stuff and slowly left the building except for Jet who was gone within minutes of Vivi closing the meeting.

"Do you need a lift Sanji-kun?" Vivi asked sweetly.

"No, my shift at the Baratie starts in awhile so I'll just walk over but thank you Vivi-chan you are so sweet and generous"

Vivi and Nami said goodbye and headed off to the parking lot talking about the new TA. Sanji watched them go basking in their beauty for as long as possible. As he watched the two girls leave he felt a small weight settle on his heart. If only he could toss away the charade and tell her how he truly felt. As far as he was concerned the sun rose and set with her.

"See you tomorrow my love" Sanji said softly before turning to walk to the restaurant.

an: I first off apologize for the butchering of the beautiful Spanish language but it was necessary plot wise. Also I am taking suggestions as to what the Spring Fling should include.