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Leighton groaned as she jerked on her hot pink suitcase that she was pulling behind her alongside her best friend, Domonique. The wheels of the suitcase got stuck in a crack in the curb and she jerked once too hard and fell hard on her ass. Domonique tried hard not to laugh at her fallen friend. She reached a hand out to help her friend up. Once up, Leighton jerked the suitcase hard and sighed in relief when it decided to cooperate with her very impatient attitude.

"You need to loosen up, Leigh," Dom laughed at her friend's expense.

"I don't even want to go on this stupid cruise! Especially with him," she grumbled.

The him in question was none other than Jeff Hardy. She had clashed with him since day one. Everybody in the WWE knew it except for Vince McMahon, who seemed to be oblivious to her hatred for him and his hatred for her. The superstar didn't make it all easier for her backstage and she made it the same way for him.

"He's not that bad, Leighton," Dom chuckled as they both walked up the ramp of the cruise ship.

"Did I mention that I hate cruise ships and I hate being away from the ring?" Leighton grumbled as they both reached for the cruise tickets.

Dom laughed again as her friend continued to curse her own luck. If it wasn't for Leighton's job, she wouldn't have been here. She was half way sure that none of them would be here, if it wasn't Vince's idea that the four of them took a week's vacation; the four of them being Domonique Spelman, Leighton Adams, Jeff Hardy, and Randy Orton. Jeff and Leighton had gotten suspended for their actions backstage. The suspension wasn't long, only a week and for their punishment, as if the suspension wasn't enough, was to be sent on a cruise. Of course, after finding out that the two couldn't go alone, in fear that neither one of them would show up alive; so Stephanie (who had been the person to give out the suspensions), suggested that each one of them got to select a person to go with them.

Leighton had of course chosen her best friend, Domonique who was the top writer for the WWE. After hearing the news, Randy went to Jeff basically begging him to take him along just so that he would get to spend some time with the creative writer. Jeff shrugged and agreed to bring his friend along for the vacation. He was supposed to spend time with Leighton and Leighton was supposed to spend time with him.

-With the Guys-

"I don't see why I am forced into this cruise just to spend time with her," Jeff muttered as he carried his bags up the ramp.

Randy chuckled and patted his friend's shoulder.

"Jeff, you and Leigh need to learn to get along; I get along with her and so does everybody else but you, so there's something wrong there," Randy said as he and Jeff both handed their tickets in.

"Yeah but I don't understand why they're forcing us to hang out," Jeff said as they walked down to find their assigned rooms.

"Jeff, how else are you and Leighton going to get along?" Randy asked as he shifted his bags to his other hand.

"Well I was hoping that they'd change her over to Smackdown; hey! Do you think you could talk to Domonique about that?" Jeff asked in a hopeful tone.

Randy laughed as they walked down a couple flight of stairs. He reached up with his arm and hit the top of the stairwell.

"Jeff, you know that Leighton is one of the top in ring perfomers in the women division; they're not going to switch her over to Smackdown," Randy said.

Jeff shrugged his shoulders then muttered something incoherently under his breath. Leighton knew how to get under his skin, even when she wasn't around. Jeff shook his head to himself.

"Well, I don't see how we're ever going to get along either," Jeff muttered as he and Randy walked into their cabin.

Randy just laughed as he tossed his bag on the bed on the right side, leaving Jeff to the other one. Randy started to unpack his clothes, putting them in the dresser and hanging the occasional nice shirts up in the small closet that they had. Jeff just tossed his bag at the foot of his bed then laid down on his bed, with his arms behind his head.

"You know that the girls are gonna be here in about ten minutes to pick us up to go to the pool," Randy said, glancing over at his friend.

"Maybe I'll pretend I'm sleeping," Jeff muttered.

Randy rolled his eyes then grabbed his black swim trunks from the top drawer. He went into the small bathroom and changed quickly. He grabbed his clothes and before he went back into the other room, he looked at himself in the mirror then smirked at his own reflection. He pushed the bathroom door open and tossed his dirty clothes in his suitcase.

"Get changed, Hardy," Randy said, flopping onto his back on the bed.

"Do I have to?" Jeff whined like a little kid.

"Yes, you know that Steph has things set in stone and there's not a way for you to get out of them so you better stop whining and just get on with it," Randy chuckled.

Jeff groaned but got up and grabbed his bag from under his bed. He set the bag on his bed and dug through it until he found his purple swim trunks. He traipsed into the bathroom to change. He put them on slowly, wasting some time. He looked in the mirror and pulled his multi-colored hair back into a loose ponytail. He didn't need to impress her; hell he didn't want to impress her. He grabbed his clothes and walked back into the bedroom of the room. He threw his clothes on the foot of the bed and was going to sit down when he heard a knock at the door. He glanced at Randy.

"Don't move, Orton; I'll get it," Jeff grumbled before walking over to the door and pulling it open.

He saw Domonique standing there with a warm smile on her face then Leighton standing beside Domonique with a glare on her face.

"Hey, Jeff," Domonique said politely.

"Hey, Dom," Jeff said warmly.

Jeff and Domonique were friends and had always gotten along since Domonique had started working there. Leighton just crossed her arms over her chest until Domonique nudged her. Leighton gave her friend a look and they seemed to pass a couple looks back and forth before Leighton rolled her eyes.

"Hi," she muttered.

Jeff just waved as Randy came to the door. He looked Domonique over and smiled. He took her hand and kissed the back of it.

"Domonique," he said in a seductive tone, making her name sound sexy by the way he said it.

"Randy," she said, blushing.

"May I escort you to the pool?" Randy asked in gentlemen fashion.

"Yes, you may," she giggled, taking his arm.

Jeff and Leighton both rolled their eyes as they followed their friends to the pool, leaving a wide gap between the two of them.