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"Does he even own any normal clothes?" Leighton asked as they all waited on Jeff to return.

Dom looked to Randy then back at Leighton and shrugged her shoulders. Leighton rolled her eyes but swung her legs back and forth. The door opened a minute later and in walked Jeff and he was wearing jeans and a nice green shirt. Leighton rolled her eyes at him and Dom stood up then pulled Randy up. When Leighton didn't stand up, Dom shot her a glare and she slowly stood up.

"Do I have to sit by him?" Leighton whined like a child.

"Yes and if you two don't behave, you're going to be locked in your room all night," Dom laughed as she attempted to threaten them like they're children.

"As long as he behaves," Leighton muttered as they all made their way out of Randy and Domonique's cabin.

Jeff just sent her a glared and ran a hand through his hot pink hair. Leighton smirked at the sight of her own work and she had an idea that Vince would be mad if he ever found out that the two had yet to get along.

They walked down the corridor in silence. Of course, Domonique and Randy were ahead of Leighton and Jeff, who were once again a mile apart in the hallway. Leighton was busy watching her feet as if they were the most important thing in the world but in her mind, anything was better than looking at Jeff.

They walked into the ballroom on the cruise. Of course there was dancing and the even was catered as well. The hostess smiled at the foursome and led them to their table; expecting them. Randy pulled Domonique's chair out for her like a perfect gentlemen. Leighton just sat down and glared at Jeff like he was the least respectable guy on the planet. Jeff sat down with a huff and grabbed the glass of water and took a long drink.

"Is there anything special that I can get for you?" a guy asked walking up to the table.

"Yeah, a tranquilizer?" Leighton muttered under her breath but then forced a smile.

"I'll take a beer," Randy said.

"Me too," Jeff agreed.

"I'll take a rum and coke," Leighton smiled.

"The same please," Domonique smiled too.

Leighton crossed her legs underneath the table and looked around the crowded ballroom. It seemed like a good place to be at the time of night they were at.

"I forgot something in my room," Jeff and Leighton said at the same time.

"Well you two can both walk back to your room and get whatever you forgot," Dom said.

"Is it safe to let them go back together?" Randy muttered only loud enough for Dom to hear him.

"It's perfectly safe because then, we'll be alone," Dom whispered as she patted his leg.

Leighton groaned but stood up and waited for Jeff to stand up as well. Once he stood up, they both walked out of the ballroom and went back to their room. They walked in silence and once they got to the door, Leighton inserted the key then pushed the door open. She walked over to her bed and then screamed and jumped up on top of it.

"What?" Jeff frowned as he rushed over.

"There was a mouse on the floor!" she screamed.

"Where'd it go?" Jeff asked grabbing anything he could find to kill the alleged mouse.

"Over there!" she squealed and pointed to a corner.

A few minutes later, the room was trashed to beyond repair. Leighton had been jumping on the bed to try and tell Jeff where the mouse had gone and the bed wasn't used to being jumped on so now it was collapsed in and Leighton was standing on Jeff's bed. She glanced around the floor, looking for any sign of the alleged mouse but saw none.

"Where'd it go, Jeff?" she asked in a somewhat frantic tone.

"I don't know; are you even sure you saw a mouse?" he asked.

"Are you calling me a liar?" she asked with a glare at the pink haired warrior.

"I didn't say that but I just trashed this room looking for this mouse that I haven't even seen and now the room is trashed and we have to go get a new one because there is no way that we can sleep in this one," he muttered and dropped the stick he had in his hand.

"I swore there was a mouse," she mumbled as she got off of the bed.

Leighton's ankle got twisted in the sheets and she fell to the floor, twisting her ankle in the process. She gasped as the sudden pain surged through her leg and tears welled up in her eyes. Jeff saw this and even though he hated the diva; he knelt down to help her untangle herself and to help her up.

After untangling her ankle from the sheets, he helped her up and had an arm around her lower back to help support her. She tried to put a little weight on it but the pain just seared through her body every time she put even the slightest bit of weight on it.

"We need to get you to the doctor's and then I will talk to the cruise director to get the new room set up," Jeff said softly.

She went to limp towards the door with a sniffle and a nod of her head but Jeff picked her up bridal style. Her cheeks flushed a deep pink color but she didn't say anything and let Jeff carry her to the doctor's office.

"I wonder what's taking them so long," Domonique sighed as she sipped on her rum and coke.

"Who cares? They're not here bickering in front of us, why should we care?" Randy asked with a smirk.

"Randy! They're our friends," Dom said with a small giggle but hit his arm nonetheless.

Randy rolled his eyes and grabbed Dom's hand and led it to the crotch area of his jeans. He smirked at her as he let her hand do all the work after leading her hand to it.

"Don't feel afraid to want to go under the table either," he said with the famous smirk on his face.

Dom grinned and looked around the dining room and slowly slipped under the table, unnoticed. Once underneath the table, Domonique scooted closer to Randy as she slowly unzipped the zipper of his jeans. She smiled as she saw the tent in his boxers. She slid her slender hand into the opening of the boxers and gently grabbed his dick and then pulled it out into the open. She heard his fist hit the top of the table from above her and she grinned then licked the head of his dick in a tantalizing way. She 

grinned as she felt him excite even more in her hand. She slowly slid her mouth over the head of his dick and then sucked on just the head still teasing him in a tantalizing way. She grinned as he still grew erect in the palm of her hand and in her mouth.

She slid her mouth down the rest of his shaft, taking it all into her mouth. She heard him groan from above the table and was thankful that the music had started all ready and was at an upbeat pace as she began to bob her head up and down with his shaft in his mouth. She continued to suck him off, the suction of her mouth getting harder as she let her tongue swirl around his shaft to put him in a state of pure ecstasy. He lasted a few minutes longer in her mouth before he came at full force. She grinned and swallowed every last drop.

Pulling her head away from his shaft, she gently tucked his shaft back into his boxers and zipped up his jeans. She peeked out from underneath the tablecloth then she slipped back into her chair, unnoticed.

"How was that?" she smirked.

"Wonderful," Randy moaned as he leaned over and placed a gentle kiss on her lips.

Jeff set Leighton down on the doctor's table and waited for the doctor to walk in. A few minutes later, a young raven haired woman walked into the little room. The nametag on her white doctor's coat said Olivia. She smiled warmly at what she assumed to be a couple.

"What happened to your girlfriend?" she asked Jeff.

"She's not my girlfriend and I think she sprained her ankle. Can you please check her ankle out while I go take care of something?" he asked.

"Sure thing, sir," she nodded as she sat down on the small black stool.

Jeff rushed out of the room to go find the cruise director which was sure to be in a little office at the front of the rooms. He passed several rooms before finding the one he was looking for. He knocked before entering. There was a auburn haired woman sitting behind a computer with stylish black framed glasses sitting on her nose. She glanced up at him and then greeted him with a warm smile.

"What can I do for you sir?" she asked.

"There was a mouse in my room that I share with a co-worker and needless to say that it is now trashed because I decided to take care of it myself and we need a new room," he said out of breath.

"Well, I'll see what I can do for you, names in the room please?" she asked as she opened something on her computer.

"Jeff Hardy and Leighton Adams," he said as he leaned against the wall.

The lady nodded as she typed something into the computer. Her eyebrows arched inward in a frown. She glanced up at Jeff before typing in something again.

"The only room we have left is a one bed room but it is a king sized bed so if you don't mind sharing with her then it's all yours but we need a statement from your boss, Mr. Hardy," she stated after reading everything that was put on Jeff and Leighton's ticket.

Jeff nodded and grabbed his cell phone to call Vince. This was going to be a disaster just waiting to happen.

"Hello?" the gruff voice of Vince McMahon said from the other end of the phone.

"Hello, Mr. McMahon, this is Jeff Hardy and I'm speaking on behalf of Leighton and I well there was a mouse in the room that we are sharing and needless to say, we need a new one," Jeff said in a nervous tone.

"Okay, what do you need me for?" Vince asked.

"Well apparently you need to give the cruise director a statement or something of your approval," Jeff said, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Hand the phone over," Vince said.

Jeff nodded and handed the phone to the lady. She talked to Vince for about five minutes before closing the phone and handing it back to Jeff. She typed a few more things into the computer before opening up the drawer and grabbing two keys.

"Here are your new keys; the room is on the last floor and the room number is 405," she said warmly.

"Thank you ma'am," Jeff said with a courteous nod of his head.

Jeff walked back to the doctor's office where he had left Leighton to get her ankle checked out. He knocked twice before walking into the room where he saw Leighton's ankle wrapped up with a bag of ice being held against it.

"What's the verdict?" he asked as he shoved the keys into his back pocket.

"It's just badly sprained and she needs to stay off of it. That means no ballroom dancing or anything!" Olivia smiled.

"Okay, do you mind if I take her now?" Jeff asked.

"Not at all," Olivia said with a shake of her head.

Jeff noticed that Leighton was stepping down from the doctor's table and he quickly picked her up bridal style.

"Jeff, I can limp," she sighed.

"Just let me carry you because I don't want to take an hour to get back to our room to grab our stuff then go down to our new room," he grumbled as he walked out of the doctor's room with the injured Leighton in his arms.