By Tetsu-sama

Chapter 1, Introductions

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"This is Xiao Tenten. She is a transfer student from Hong Kong, please make her feel welcome." Teacher's introduction over Tenten was directed to a seat near the back between a girl with strikingly pink hair and a boy with an unfortunate bowl cut. As she walked to her seat the boy grinned, white shiny teeth blinding, giving her a thumbs up,

"Welcome to Konoha Academy I am Rock Lee, may you have a youthful time here!" Tenten was saved a response when the pink haired girl giggled, motioning for her to sit.

"Don't mind Lee he's a bit more, eccentric, then most here, but a good guy. I'm Haruno Sakura by the way."

"Nice to meet you Haruno-san," Tenten replied smiling. Sitting she made sure to keep the Glock 17 strapped to her right thigh from brushing against the seat. The school uniforms where fairly standard; white blouse with school crest and tie, pleated green plaid skirts for the girls, pants for the boys. Overall, Tenten was happy to find, plenty of room for a concealed weapon.

"Sakura is fine," the girls stated brushing off the formalities. "What brought you here, perfecting Japanese?"

"Hai," Tenten replied, laughing as Rock Lee gave her another thumbs up combined with statement about Youth. She was glad that Sakura had brought up the 'reason' for her being in Japan. It kept her from telling an outright lie to her hopefully new found friends. Truth was, while keeping her foreign language skills up to par was a good reason to be in Japan it wasn't the reason. Her father as the owner and CEO of Xie Corporation, the top arms dealer in China, was the reason both for Tenten's forced study abroad under a fake surname (Xiao) and her knowledge and proficiency with guns.

When two major security details based in Hong Kong got violent bidding over an exclusive contract with Xie Corp Tenten's father had sent her to Japan, hoping her removal from the area would keep her out of the conflict. Still, Tenten wasn't taking any chances and kept at least one handgun on her at all times, hence the Glock.

Class over Tenten was quickly taken under the wing of Sakura and Lee who dragged her with them to their lockers. Tenten took a quick stock of her surroundings as it became apparent Sakura was pulling her toward a group. A boy with shaggy brown hair and sharp looking canines was the first to step out to meet them, shrugging an arm around Sakura's shoulder and leaning in to give her a peck on the cheek,

"Kiba, this is Tenten."

"Hi!" Tenten chirped smiling.

"Alright introductions," Sakura barked, whistling to get her groups attention.

"I'm Tenten, newest transfer to Konoha Academy. Nice to meet all of you!"

A blonde boy with blue eyes bond up to her, "Uzumaki Naruto," what ever he was about to say trailed off as he caulked his head to the side, eyes trained on the twin buns on Tenten's head. "What's with your hair?" Another blonde, this one female, hit him on the back of the head,

"Baka! You'll have to excuse him, Naruto doesn't know when to stop talking. I'm Ino, and I think your hair looks cute," the last sentence was said with a glare in Naruto's direction.

"Naruto-kun," a girl with white eyes and a dark hair cut into a bob sighed from behind Ino.

"This is Hinata," Ino turned pointing to each of the group in turn, "Shikamaru's a lazy bum, but if you really need help you can count on him. Choji always has snacks and Shino's a computer whiz. You've already met Kiba, Lee and Sakura…Sasuke and Neji are off, but I'm sure you'll meet them later."

Tenten couldn't help but laugh, for saying Naruto couldn't stop talking, Ino sure did it a lot.

Kiba started, as if just remembering something. He turned to sakura, "Neji's looking for you; sounds like someone came in pretty beat up last night at headquarters. It's already taken care of with the school."

Sakura's happy demeanor faded as her pink eyebrows pulled together in a frown, "do you know who?"

"Are they okay?" Tenten and Ino asked at the same time, the two shared a smile. Kiba's response was cut off by a hard comment from a boy with white eyes like Hinata's and long dark hair who had walked up,

"Inuzuka!" His eyes shifted quickly to Tenten and back, "discretion."


"Sakura, a car is out front. Check in with me when you are done." As Sakura quickly scampered off Neji turned to Tenten, his eyes narrowing briefly. "Who are you?"

"Xiao Tenten," she replied, "I just transferred from China." An appraising look later, Neji 'hn'ed' before leaving.

"Ano, don't mind my cousin Tenten-san. He's actually very kind once you get to know him."

"I'll keep it in mind," Tenten replied, patting Hinata on the back. Naruto swung an arm around her shoulder,

"Yup, once he pulls the stick out of his ass."

"And he's in a good mood," Ino added.

Tenten let out a laugh, "well with all that positive feedback, I'll just have to give him the benefit of the doubt."

The rest of the day went well. Classes were conducted and homework was assigned. Tenten found that beside Sakura (who didn't reappear all day) and Lee the elder Hyuga was also in all of her classes. Tenten spent lunch with her new friends, her chatter with Ino interrupted by an occasional comment from Hinata.

"You should come out with us," Ino stated around the carrot stick she was eating.


"Why not? Nothing's due for a while," Ino reasoned. Tenten thought about it before shrugging,


"Hinata, you're coming, Sakura too when she's done." The girl sighed, but didn't protest. Tenten figured all possible excuses Hinata used had been previously exhausted.

Shikamaru butted into their conversation, "bring Naruto and Kiba with you." Ino pouted prettily, "I mean it Ino, I'd go but I have other things to attend to."

"We can watch ourselves!" She threw her hair over her shoulder.

"I know that," Shikamaru replied in an even tone, "but it's Neji's rule."

"Rule?" Tenten chimed looking down the table at the stoic boy.

"He's a bit protective of Hinata," Shikamaru supplied.

"A bit too protective," Naruto grumbled. Neji's eyes narrowed at the blond, "eh he he, not that it's a bad thing…"

"Naruto and Kiba, go with them tonight," Neji stated. It appeared that settled the matter.

After the last class of the day Tenten met up with Ino allowing the blonde to program everyone's number into her phone.

"I'll call you when we're ready to go so we can swing by and pick you up."

"Alright," Tenten complied somewhat reluctantly. As a present to make the transition of schools easier Tenten's father had bought her the ride of her dreams. A Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R middleweight sport bike; the bike was sleek, fast and a deep crimson. Tenten was still in love with the flying feeling she got while riding it. But one night of not being her own driver couldn't hurt…right? "Actually Ino, you guys drop by my apartment, but I'll take my own ride and follow. I'm still in the honeymoon stage with my bike." The gleam in her eyes made Ino, and Hinata who had walked up, smile.

"Deal," Ino stated, "see you later!"

Tenten paused when she got to her bike, rummaging through her messenger bag for her keys. Finding them she let out a triumphant cry, swinging her leg over the bike before putting the keys in the ignition. A hand on her wrist stopped her from turning the motorcycle on.

"Why do you have a gun on you?" The Hyuga asked.

Tenten turned her head to face him, "I have a concealed weapon permit for my Glock; can you say the same for yours?" The Hyuga started, and Tenten smiled, "I'm a bit of a weapons expert, I could probably tell you more about that smith and Weston strapped to your back than you could."

A quick smile ghosted across the Hyuga's face, "fair enough. Be careful tonight, clubs aren't as safe as they should be."

Tenten turned the key in the ignition and the bike came to life with a roar, "I can look after myself," she yelled over the noise before pounding the gas and speeding off.

Neji pulled out his phone, scrolling to Kiba's number, "Pick me up before you get the girls."

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