The Very Best

By Starlite1

For a few hours, a few glorious hours, he hadn't been alone in his own head. As much as he had tried to deny it, the wonder of feeling this glorious supernova burning with her sheer youth in the back of his head...

His daughter...

It was enough to bring tears to his eyes and a whoop of joy flying from his soul.


Then it had all been over.

One gun.

One madman.

One more crack in his heart that couldn't be repaired.

But there was a spark…

Just a tiny, infintesimal spark…

…Valiantly clinging to this reality in a way his people hadn't been able to.

When they were dropping Martha back home, it happened. A blaze of glory, wrapping itself around the tear and dragging at least one crack back together and soothing it with the instinctive knowledge and understanding that only a child could ever posess and a parent could ever know.

And all he can do is wish her the best of it all.

The very best.


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