Editors Note: Hi, this is my first slash & wrestling story so it's probably crap. Feel free to bag but if you like and want me to continue let me know - otherwise this is just a one chapter thing.

CM Punk and Kane stood in the ring, both sweaty and breathing heavily as they were declared the winners of their non-title tag team match against John Morrison and The Miz. Their eyes met with lust and both somehow knew what would happen after they walked off the stage. The tension between them had been building subtely for a while now. Ever since their first tag team match together CM Punk had been fantasizing about The Big Red Machine and what it would be like if they made love, but he hadn't known until tonight that his feelings were reciprocated. Every time they touched during the match it had been like magic, with a definite spark between them.

As they stood in the ring they taunted Miz & Morrison for a moment - Kane with his ECW Title and Punk with his Briefcase, and then they quickly left the ring, both of them eager for what was to come.

They naturally headed for Kane's locker room as it was the most private. Kane opened the door and Punk entered, Kane quickly following and slamming and then locking the door.
In an instant they were in each other's arms, their lips locking in a passionate kiss that took Punk's breath away. He groaned as Kane's tongue entered his mouth to tease his own and tilted his head to give Kane better access. He suckled Kane's tounge and felt Kane harden against his leg.

Kane's hands went up to hold Punk's face almost lovingly as they continued kissing hungrily and Punk's hands came up to caress Kane's back and then down to his waist. He stood on his toes so he could get closer to Kane's face but it wasn't nearly close enough for either of the men and one of Kane's hands soon moved down to cup Punk's tight behind to lift him further until their groins rubbed against each other, eliciting a deep moan of bliss from the both of them. Kane couldn't help thrusting against the smaller man, he was so hot for CM Punk that he knew he couldn't wait much longer to have him.
Their kisses grew more heated and finally Punk broke away begging Kane to take him then and there. He needed to feel Kane inside him desperately. He had waited so long for this moment.

Kane quickly moved to his nearby bag and pulled out a bottle of baby oil. He slowly bent Punk over a table, his hand running softly down his lovers back before moving to his pants and removing them quickly. CM Punk was panting with need and cried out as Kane's hand reached around to feel his stiff erection and coat it with the oil. As Kane prepared Punk for his entrance he continued to slowly stroke him and soon Punk could take no more and cried out for Kane to take him.

Kane, desperate to be inside his lover, entered him in one long hard thrust that had them both crying out in ecstacy. They began to move, slow at first and then faster as they were carried away in their lust and need for fulfillment. As Kane came with a roar of satisfaction Punk cried out and came all over Kane's hand, which had continued pleasuring Punk throughout their lovemaking.
"Oh God Kane!" Punk gasped. It had been everything he had imagined and more.
"I know Punk I know" Kane replied, running soothing kisses along Punk's neck and shoulder as he withdrew. Already he felt the need to take the straight-edged superstar again and knew that he'd gotten more than he bargained for when he decided to give in to his feelings for Phil, and that scared the hell out of him.

Punk had been throwing lusty looks at him for weeks, and there had been an instant attraction between them right from the start. But Kane's tastes usually ran for the pretty boys like Morrison, not for the more manly types like Punk. Maybe it was that long silky black hair. Whatever it was it had left him with sleepless nights for months as he would lay awake thinking about his occasional tag team partner and the things he'd like to do to him. Still, he had never planned on acting on his fantasies until tonight. They had put on a great match and it had just seemed so right all of a sudden - he couldn't explain it.
As they got dressed Punk kept throwing uncertain looks Kane's way, as he had suddenly gone quiet. But Kane didn't notice, lost in his concerns and regret for taking things all the way. He was a love em and leave em kind of guy. He wasn't looking for a relationship, and certainly wasn't planning on falling in love. He may have just had the most amazing sex of his life and knew Punk was more than just a one night stand, but he didn't want to think about that right now. He just wanted to get out of there.

"Kane - are you okay?" Punk finally asked, unable to stand the silence any longer.
"Yeah I'm fine. Just tired. Look I've gotta go. I said I'd meet Mark at the bar back at the hotel at 6. I'll -uh- see you round" Kane said, grabbing his stuff and high-tailing it outta there before Phil could say anything else.

Phil watched Kane go with sad eyes, feeling slightly used and confused. He knew Kane had felt the chemistry between them - knew their lovemaking was more than just a quickie to be forgotten. But now Kane was running off as if Phil had just proposed marriage. He walked back to his locker room, picked up his bag and headed for the hotel with plans to wallow in misery in his room for the rest of the night.