#01 – Comfort

Katarra is a mother, a healer, a leader – she is the one they turn to when nothing else makes sense.

#02 – Kiss

Three days is nothing, nothing at all, and three seconds is even less; but it's the time it takes to be able to look into the night sky and not hate himself that really astounds Sokka.

#03 – Soft

His eyes are a grey unhardened by one hundred years of war and it is that single truth that gives him the power to change hearts that have seen too much.

#04 – Pain

The bald monk's head tilts to the side as he asks his question and Zuko has to look away from the painful what ifs he sees.

#05 – Potatoes

Hunting might be more fun, would certainly yield a dinner he's prefer, but Sokka drops to his knees and pulls the bulbous roots from the ground.

#06 – Rain

In the rain – and only in the rain – does Katarra truly, honestly feel like she can make a difference.

#07 – Chocolate

Zuko pulls a wrapped parcel from his tunic and hands it to a Toph that is throwing her arms around him the very next second.

#08 – Happiness

They are crowded and all different heights and nothing more than a mass of flailing limbs and laughing mouths but they are friends and they are all hugging and it is enough to face the next day with smiles.

#09 – Telephone

"They are coming," whisper the cells at her sides, but she can't afford to believe it so Suki takes a deep breath and punch, kick, stab.

#10 – Ears

Mai really only wishes he had told her.

#11 – Name

"Katarra," he says and when she looks up at him from her sprawl on the ground – scarred face, outstretched hand, and concern-filled eye – she takes his help and smiles.

#12 – Sensual

She runs her water-coated hands over his flat stomach and tries to summon a blush to make this all less real and horrible– she only manages a stifled sob.

#13 – Death

Even though they know – each and every one – that the chances of them living to see another winter grow less with every sun-filled day, there is not one that will back down now.

#14 – Sex

He looks at the group, the little GAang, from Teo and Duke to Toph and Aang, and thinks that if it's bad to die a virgin, it's worse to die a child.

#15 – Touch

The feel of steady earth, sure and reliable and ready to move to her will, is nothing at all compared to the steady squeeze of another human's hand.

#16 – Weakness

Until that very last fight and that very last moment, Zuko truly, honestly believes that he is weak because of the heart that beats so damn persistently in his chest – but then, in a flash of brilliance and clarity, he knows how wrong he was.

#17 – Tears

And they all cry some nights, alone in the halls of a dead people, but they are all careful – ever so excruciatingly careful – to let no one else hear.

#18 – Speed

It takes a great deal of effort to be happy when you know fate looms only weeks away, but for one another, they all pretend it's the easiest thing in the world.

#19 – Wind

He wants to fly over his problems or rush around them, but Aang won't, because he is the last airbender and he is tied to the water, the earth, and the fire.

#20 – Freedom

On a near impossible mission with death and destruction likely outcomes, a group of misfits and orphans find something like freedom.

#21 – Life

Children don't understand death, not even this group, but they do understand how bad it hurts when someone is gone.

#22 – Jealousy

She once envied him, when he bended her element as easily as his own, but now she can only thank the spirits it was him to bear that burden.

#23 – Hands

Mai's hands are pale and long-fingered, curved around her knives with impossible familiarity, and they are bloodstained and cruel, but they are – this time – going to mean salvation.

#24 – Taste

Here love has the taste of bison drool and grudgingly shared jerky.

#25 – Devotion

The difference between the Earth Rumbles of before and the battles of now, Toph decides, is that now she worries; now there is someone at her side that can be lost.

#26 – Forever

"Even – Even if we don't… don't make it… I'll see in the next life, ok?"

#27 – Blood

For them and only for them will she call to the moon and answer the thudding power that gives her ultimate control.

#28 – Sickness

Nerves are nothing, nothing compared to the churning, burning, dying sensation in Sokka's stomach as he watches his family prepare for what will be the end.

#29 – Melody

The shaking gasps and watery sniffs are the only indication of everyone's tears until finally, at once, they latch onto each other and let the sobs come.

#30 – Star

"It's just some stupid rock," Toph hisses, "Just some stupid rock blasting through space to kill us all and I can't even bend it away."

#31 – Home

The Duke's life doesn't make sense – especially not to him – but somehow he knows that this is where he belongs.

#32 – Confusion

Before she sends the earth to come crashing down around him, Toph feels the solider smile.

#33 – Fear

Terror is looking into blue eyes and not knowing if you ever will again.

#34 - Lightning/Thunder

This time, his heart is clear and his path undivided and Zuko feels a rush like none he's felt before.

#35 – Bonds

They don't make sense and they don't have to because at the center there is Aang and he makes both none and all the sense in the world.

#36 – Market

It's ridiculous and petty, but Katarra really wishes she had better clothes for this event (and she won't let herself think of corpses and death and why she wants to look not like a peasant).

#37 – Technology

He's the idea guy, the planner and the plotter, so he's the one that's praying he isn't wrong.

#38 – Gift

There is no hesitation and no remorse as Sokka trades his weapons for the life of a little blind girl he loves.

#39 – Smile

If there were one reason he should fail, it would be all the reasons behind his smile.

#40 – Innocence

"It," Katarra grabs his sleeve and pulls him towards her, close enough for him to see the red around her eyes and smell the smoke of her burnt sleeves, "wasn't you Zuko – It never was."

#41 – Completion

In every move he makes there is a little of Katarra's determination, a pinch of Toph's assuredness, a speck of Zuko's passion, a bit of Sokka's pride, and nothing but their love.

#42 – Clouds

In the sky they were above everything: the ocean, Zuko, and reality.

#43 – Sky

In those few spaces between heartbeats, with the Fir Lord at his mercy and the world on his shoulders, Aang looks up past the splintered glass skylights and wants to go back to simply soaring.

#44 – Heaven

"We – We did it."

#45 – Hell

For a second, a single second that burns his heart and kills his soul, he can't find them.

#46 – Sun

It takes him a long, painful moment of reflection and determination before he can make himself sit in the throne he must now call his own.

#47 – Moon

She looks down on the children she had saved when she was nothing but a child herself and shines as brightly as she can.

#48 – Waves

The ocean crashes and rages throughout the entire night: Katarra cries for reasons she doesn't understand.

#49 – Hair

When Zuko is Fire Lord, his hair will be short and shaggy and he will let Katarra ruffle it and tell him he needs a trim.

#50 – Supernova

"I love you."

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