Anakin freed himself from Obi-Wan's embrace and sat up, looking as his Master slept on. The older man was beautiful in his slumber. His thick hair, still auburn but for the sprinkling of grey at his temples he insisted had been put there by Anakin's pranks as Padawan, was tousled, giving him a carefree look.

Anakin felt his heart swell with love, as it always happened when looked at the members of his beautiful extended family.

The younger man put on a robe and left the bedroom, leaving Obi-Wan quarters and walking into his own. He went to the kitchen, looking for something to eat.

He smiled when he saw he was not alone. Padme was there too, feeding—or trying to—little Qui-Gon.

She smiled brightly when she was him. "Anakin!"

"Padme, my Angel," he answered, bending down to kiss her cheek. "How is the little man doing?" he asked looking at the auburn-haired, blue-eyed toddler.

"He has decided he no longer wants to eat his breakfast. He wants "grown up" food." Padme answered, trying to spoon some cereals in the stubbornly closed little mouth.

Anakin shook his head. "Your father won't like it, young man," he admonished sternly.

"Daddy no like?" Qui-Gon Kenobi asked in a small voice. "But I am a good boy! I am eating, Unca Anakin…" the child munched down the cereals while staring wide eyed at Anakin.

Padme smiled as she fed her son. "One would think that Obi-Wan is some kind of ogre by seeing his reaction, while instead he is such a gentle man…"

"I know," Anakin smiled at her, as they both thought of Obi-Wan's kindness and of how the older man's inclusion in their family had brought them so much joy.

After their first time, he and Obi-Wan had often shared the older man's bed, while Anakin divided his time and attentions between his wife and his lover.

That had gone on until the night Padme, after much coaxing, had convinced Obi-Wan to join her and Anakin in their bed.

Obi-Wan had proved a very adaptable lover and they had discovered many ways to make love all together.

There had been nights when Padme went on her hands and knees as Anakin took her kneeling behind her and Obi-Wan had done the same with him.

Other nights instead, Anakin had reclined on his side, with Obi-Wan thrusting in him as he spooned against his back, while Padme pleasured her husband with her mouth, her body facing his feet, as he did the same for her.

Another position they had tried had been with Obi-Wan lying on his back with Anakin straddling his hips while facing toward the foot of the bed, while Padme rode on her husband's lap, embracing him. However this position had not been appreciated because Obi-Wan could not move his hips the couple's weight on him, and Anakin too had been unable to do much rocking.

Things had gone on like that, with Anakin being the link between Obi-Wan and Padme, until the day his wife had taken him apart and had asked him if he had noticed the way the older man looked at them when they played with Luke and Leia.

Anakin had nodded. "Yes, I noticed it. It looks like longing, doesn't it?"

"Indeed. Listen, do you think he might have wanted to have children with Master Unduli after she agreed to become his Fever Mate? They are friends and now that attachments are allowed, he might have hoped to become a father," Padme had suggested.

Anakin had been silent for a while, lost in thought, then had nodded. "It could be possible. He has never mentioned it, but it's not surprising given how reserved he is."

"Well, you could ask him…" Padme murmured.

"Why should I? What good would do if he said he wanted a child? Oh." Anakin's voice had died when he had understood what his wife was implying. "Do you mean you…?"

"Only if you agree…and if Obi-Wan wants it. Yes, I would be delighted to give him a child. He is part of our family, and I wish to see him happy."

"Me too." Anakin had smiled, pulling Padme into an embrace. "You are a real treasure, Angel. Of course I agree. I confess I have had the fantasy to see you two together for a while, but I didn't want to press anything…Our situation is already weird enough as it is."

"No, Anakin, it's not weird. It's is special—like us." Padme had stated quietly, before rising on her toes to kiss him.

Thus the campaign to convince Obi-Wan to become Padme's lover too had started.

It had taken long to wore down the older man's reserves. Obi-Wan had not wanted to come between them or to cause problems or jealousies in their three-ways relationship, but in the end Padme's persuasions had won and Obi-Wan had agreed to become her lover.

However, he had kept postponing doing it until the night Anakin had Padme had decided it was enough.

Anakin had sat against the bed board with Obi-Wan sitting between his spread legs, his back leaning against the younger man's chest, as his lover had played with his nipples and stroked his cock.

When Obi-Wan had been sufficiently aroused, Anakin had nodded to Padme and his wife had lost no time to straddle the older man's hips, taking his erection deep inside. Obi-Wan, who had been reclining his head on Anakin's shoulder, his eyes closed, totally relaxed, had been taken by surprise.

His eyes had snapped open in shock when he had his most intimate flesh being engulfed by Padme's heat.

"Padme!" he had cried out, whipping his head up.

Anakin had tightened his arms around his chest and whispered, "We were tired of waiting, Master. Now, enjoy it," into his ear as Padme had started rising and falling onto his cock.

After that first time, now confident it was really what Anakin had Padme wanted, Obi-Wan had no longer hesitated to act as a second husband to the woman, and there had been many nights when the two men had filled her in turn, sometime challenging each other to bring her to pleasure as many times as possible.

When Padme had announced she was pregnant, it was impossible to say who was more excited between her and Anakin, while Obi-wan, while happy, had been more cautious.

"We don't know for sure who is the father," he often said when Anakin teased him for his impending fatherhood.

"Padme insists it's yours. She says it's too well behaved to be mine," Anakin would reply, praying the Force it was really so, for he could not bear to see disappointment replace hope in Obi-Wan's eyes.

And then, finally, the wait had been over when Padme had given birth to a healthy, beautiful, auburn haired boy.

There had not been any doubt about who his father was, nor there had been any uncertainty on what his name was going to be. The three of them had looked at each and said together, "Qui-Gon," after the man that, in a way, had brought all of them together.

Anakin smiled, as he returned to the present, watching his wife feed his mate's son, as the light of the new day bathed all of them in warmth, and could not help but think life was good.

So very good indeed.