"Jackpot." The noble whispered weakly and smiled.

Kazuki smirked slightly and went back to that spot, nuzzling it softly before his tongue reached out to prod at the spot. He took pleasure in the fact that it was this treatment that rendered the noble squirming and wriggling underneath his body. He was, to be honest, relieved that Yunoki was being understanding and wasn't forcing him into this. Moving down, the tip of his tongue found the hollow of his neck and brought out soft moans from Yunoki. The trumpeter felt the other thread his long slender fingers into his hair, and looked up to see the noble's face contort in gentle pleasure.

The flutist opened his eyes to the ceiling as Kazuki trailed down his chest and found one dusky nipple, his breath hitching as he caught it between his teeth gently. Is he really straight? He thought blurrily as he felt the warmth of his mouth enclose its captive and sucked. Fingers curled in green messy hair as he groaned out into the night air. "Kazuki…" he breathed, arching slightly into the delicious warmth that made his blood race both to his head and down south. This was when he realized, dimly, that the sneaky brat had slid one hand down and cupped his almost forgotten errection. He groaned aloud, and the seme (for now) showered the other nipple with the same treatment as its twin while fondling with his balls.

Yunoki gathered him back in his arms and flipped them back to their original position. Kazuki pouted sullenly as he looked up at his friend - or possibly lover -, saying, "I'm not done yet." The other only chuckled and kissed his lips. "Well, at least I know you'd come back for more." He grinned as he watched his reply contribute to the darkening shade of red on the fellow third-year's cheeks. He descended, and licked the shell of his ear slowly. Kazuki shivered, his arms wound around his captor's neck, closing his eyes as he gave in to Yunoki. The noble took his time, mapping out his skin with his tongue as his hands rubbed his sides slowly, which served to heighten the trumpeter's temperature. And craving.

Kazuki jerked up suddenly in a yelp as he felt unbearable heat envelop his pulsating member, held down by Yunoki's hands that rested on his hips. Amber eyes watched heatedly as pale rose-coloured lips slid themselves along his length. He could feel the wet muscle that had explored his mouth earlier curling around his shaft on the upstroke, and tracing his throbbing veins on the downstroke. His heart palpitated faster. Beads of sweat formed upon his brow. The sheets twisted under his grip as the erotic image sunk into his mind, never to be wiped away. This moment would last forever.

Yunoki pulled out just before he felt himself tighten, and the green-haired trumpeter whimpered softly and gazed at the noble for an explanation. He felt that oh-so-soft lips press against his forehead and heard the instruction, "On your fours, Kazuki." Knowing what was about to happen, knowing that he would pass the point of no return if he did what he was told to do, all this only turned him on, for some reason, and he rolled over to prop himself up on his hands and knees.

Yunoki traced the curve of his round behind with one finger, admiring the way the moonlight reflected off the globes of flesh before reaching over him to the drawer and grabbed a bottle of lube, rubbing his erect member up the crack of the trumpeter's butt in the process and groaning inwardly in arousal. Preparing him had almost escaped his mind. A faint smell of osmanthus and jasmine wafted into Kazuki's nose, and he felt a finger press into his asshole. He clenched tight in alarm, making Yunoki wince slightly as the muscles threatened to cut of the blood supply to his finger. "Try to relax a little, sugar, I promise it'll feel better later." He whispered reassuringly, wriggling his finger to coax him to do as he said. Slowly he tried to relax, and the noble stretched him slowly. When he had two fingers in comfortably, he searched that one spot that would bring the promised pleasure.


Kazuki didn't know what he did first; he felt like he gasped, arched his body and cried out at the same time. This feeling, this sensation, that literally made him see stars… The noble smirked, and leaned over to whisper into his ear. "Say hello to your prostate, Kazuki." The trumpeter heard the smooth voice against his ear, and cried out again as Yunoki stabbed again at the spot. The stabs changed into caresses, and the flutist had him moving like a contortionist and panting. Yunoki took the chance and sealed their lips together, sliding his tongue in to lap against the other.

"Yunoki… please…"

His length jumped into attention at Kazuki's insistent begging. Yunoki smirked and pulled back from their French kiss. Taking his member, he guided himself into the virgin asshole that he had been stretching. The noble groaned, restraining himself so that he didn't jerk and cause more pain than needed; but it was so tight, and so hot… When he had himself fully sheathed, he stopped and allowed Kazuki to adjust and for his hormones to stop creating havoc in his head. Once the trumpeter responded by pushing back, they began a dance of two bodies moving as one, the noble driving home, the jester moaning and drooling as his prostate was pounded into. Hard. The cries of passion that echoed throughout the room only got louder as slim fingers wrapped around the neglected errection and stroked him in time to his thrusts. Slapping skin only represented Yunoki's deliriousness. Kazuki's fingers had gripped the headboard so tightly his knuckles turned white. The moonlight glinted off their bodies as they made love under the scrutiny of the stars.



And before any of them realized it, the waves of climax rolled over and crashed onto them. Kazuki spammed around his schoolmate as his seed splashed across his abdomen and onto the sheets. Yunoki gritted his teeth and bucked deeper, feeling himself squirt his semen against the walls of his rectum. They remained in this position for a while, shuddering deeply, before the green-haired music student pulled out and collapsed onto the bed. The flutist braced himself on his arms, and lowered himself slowly onto his … friend. He kissed his ear lightly, and then feathered more of them down his neck and across his shoulders. He heard Kazuki exhale a shaky breath as he did so, and grinned, sinking his teeth into his shoulder lightly, which drew out a breathless gasp. They shifted slightly, and lay side by side to each other. The trumpeter threw his arm lazily across the noble's torso and pulled him close to whisper into his ear, nuzzling his neck as he did so.

"Forgiven, but tonight will never be forgotten. Thank you, Yunoki."

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Contortionist: somebody who bends his or her own body into unusual shapes, especially as entertainment

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