Return to the Past Chapter 1

Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze stood on top of the Hokage building looking out over Konoha. The 21 year old man had grown up a lot since becoming a ninja nearly 10 years before. No longer was he dressed in an orange jump suit; instead, the only orange on he had on were the flames that danced around the bottom of his cloak. He wore an all black armored shirt with dark grey pants and black ninja sandals. His black forehead protector rested just above his eyes. No longer was he the runt for he stood 6' 1". No more was he innocent; his hands had been stained with too much blood to be called innocent by anyone's standards. The wind whipped his cloak, snapping Naruto back to the reality at hand; he looked over what was left of his home village. The fires still raged around what was left of the village. However, the fires were only a delay. The fox sannin knew, just like the few ninja left under his command that today was the day that Konoha would fall. Konoha had seen its last sunrise.

"Naruto-kun," said a sweet voice from behind him. He turned around, already knowing who it was. There stood the pink-haired ninja and love of his life, his wife Sakura Namikaze, formerly Sakura Haruno. Like him, she had changed a lot since she was a genin. She stood about 5' 8", and her pink hair reached to the small of her back. On her feet was a pair of combat boots. She wore tight black biker shorts with a red skirt over it. Like him, she had her kunai holder on her right leg, and, again like him, she had over her hands black fingerless gloves. She wore a red sleeveless shirt. Over that, she had on her white but bloodstained medical jounin jacket. "We're ready."

"Good. Let's hope we can end this and save them all Sakura-chan," said Naruto.

"Don't worry, Naruto-kun, we will," said Sakura as he placed one of her hand on her husband's cheek.

"Sakura-chan, what did I do to get someone as good as you?" asked Naruto as he leaned his head down, putting his forehead against hers.

"You waited for me to open my eyes," said Sakura before they kissed. However, it didn't last as long as they would have liked. "We have to get going, Naruto-kun."

"Yes, we have a date with the past," said Naruto as he and Sakura walked down toward what would have been the Hokage's office if she was still alive. On the office floor was painted a large seal in the form of a star, at each point stood a good friend. "Jiraiya you and the others don't have to do this"

"Yes, we do." said Jiraiya as he used his crutch to stand up with his one good leg.

"You are not going to talk us out of this." said Lee as he stood at another point of the star.

"Yes, this is the only way to get our friends and family backs." said Anko at another point

"It is the only way to get our love ones back. It is the only way to get back my Tenten" said Neji

"To get back my Kakashi-kun" said Shizune as she looked at her wedding band

"Just deal with it." Said another of the time travels as he walked in. He had on black saddles with black pants, that lead up to a black long sleeve shirt, with fish net under it. He on a green jounin jacket with cuts and rips in it, his leaf headband was wrapped around his arm. He also had a light cigarette in his mouth and his black hair was back in a short pony tail.

"Shikamaru, how are doing?" asked Naruto

"Well, I just want to get this troublesome task over with so that we save our home, friends, and family." said Shikamaru

"We will, little boy." said Shikamaru's wife, Temari. She was dressed in a black robe with a red sash in the middle, with red lining. She still had her fan on her back, she no longer had the sand headband instead below her blonde hair sat her leaf headband. "However we have to save the sand village as well."

"We will destroy the Akatsuki and the Sound village before they have a chance to get all the other demons. If we do that we will end this war before it even begins." said Naruto

"It is time." said Jiraiya as the four travels gathered in the center of the seal.

The five ninjas at the edge of the seal started to run through hand sides. Suddenly all four of them stopped in a different hand sign. For a few seconds nothing happened suddenly all five of their friends fell to the ground dead. Their offering was taken by the Death God. Naruto felt his whole body start to get rip apart cell by cell. Soon a flash of red light filled the room and all four of them disappeared followed by that time line being destroyed because the past was being rewritten.


"You know forehead you can stay here forever." said Ino as she stood next to her friend near the gate waiting for her friends to come home from their mission to save Sasuke from Orochimaru.

"I know piggy but I can't help but worry about them and Sasuke-kun." said the young Sakura

"Yah, I know." said 12 year old Ino as she looked at her friend. Suddenly Sakura fell to the ground holding her stomach. "Forehead what is it?"

Suddenly Sakura screamed in pain.

"My body feels like it is being torn apart." Screamed Sakura

"Don't worry I'll get help." said Ino, suddenly a blind flash of light happened and her friend was gone. Instead of her friend there was a woman maybe in her early twenties and she looked like Sakura. Slowly the woman stood up and looked around. "Who are you? Where is Sakura?"

The woman just looked at her before smiling.

"It is good to see you again Ino but I am afraid I have to get going. Everything will be explained later." said the woman as she ran through the gate so fast that Ino had trouble seeing it. The moment after the woman disappeared Ino ran to the Hokage's office.

It only took about a few minutes to reach Chouji's location. He was pressed up against a tree, holding his heart.

"Don't worry, Chouji you'll be fine." said Sakura as she reached into her medical jacket and pulled out a pill. Do to the war the medical squad had developed a pill that would save a ninja's life after taking the Akimichi clan solider pill.

"Eat this." said Sakura as she placed the pill in his mouth and massaged the throat until he swallowed the pill. "Good. Now Chouji I am going to go check up on the others. The other medics are on the way. Stay strong Chouji that is an order."

"I will thanks." said Chouji still unable to open his eyes to see who had saved his life.


"Well it looks like I took care of that sound ninja." said younger Temari "Something you couldn't do."

"I had to figure everything out, I told you so you didn't have to figure it out." said Shikamaru before they both suddenly fell to the ground.

"My body feels like it is being torn apart." said Temari as she tried to stand up but couldn't.

"Same here." Said Shikamaru suddenly both let out a scream suddenly in a blinding flash of light they were replaced by their older selves. Slowly they stood back up.

"I guess it worked little boy." said Temari as she looked at her husband.

"Yes, it did. Now we just to deal with the troublesome task of explaining everything to everyone." said Shikamaru as he crossed his arms "Still it is better than watching everyone die."

"Anything is better than that." said Temari as she rolled her eyes.

"So let's carry out our part of the plan. I will go take a look at Lee, you go to your brother and Kiba." said Shikamaru "Sakura should reach Neji and Chouji pretty fast."

"Sure thing little boy but remember the other part of the plan." Said Temari as Shikamaru raised an eyebrow.

"How could I forget my promise to you." said Shikamaru "Of course I will keep it."

"Good because it will be so nice to have a whole room to ourselves and with no threat of attack we can have some real fun." said Temari as both of them grinned before leaving to do their jobs.


Sasuke stood on top of water holding up Naruto with on hand and a chidori in the other.

"This is it. I am finally going to get the Mangekyo Sharingan." Thought Sasuke as Naruto opened his eyes. Suddenly Naruto's entire body felt like fire, without even a thinking he let go of Naruto who started to scream in pain.

"What the hell is happening to him?" Sasuke just watched as Naruto was engulfed in a blinding flash of light. When the light faded a man dressed and black was kneeling on top of the water. Suddenly the man started laughing in what could only be decided as an evil laugh that sent a wave of fear down his spin.

"Who are you and what have you done with Naruto?" asked Sasuke as the man slowly stood up, his face still down, still laughing.

Going off instinct Sasuke charged forward his chidori in hand. However the man didn't move instead in he grabbed the chidori with his hand which was glowing in red chakra that over powered and put out the chidori.

"THAT IS IMPOSSIABLE!" Sasuke yelled to himself as he tried to break free the man's grip. The man suddenly let go which sent Sasuke tumbling back.

"To answer your first question." said the man as his head snapped up. His face scared Sasuke to the core; it did look like Naruto's only older, thinner. The only noticeable difference was his eyes, his eyes were blood red with slits like a wild animal in the mood to kill. Just then he smiled showing off slightly pointed teeth.

"I am Naruto."