Chapter 30 The New World

The early morning sunlight came flooding into the room, hitting Sakura on the face, forcing her awake. She felt her husband's arm holding her tight. "Naruto-kun what time is it?"

"To early, go back to sleep." Whispered Naruto back.

"Baka, that doesn't answer my question." Said Sakura back, suddenly the door busted open and in ran a young boy who jumped on the bed.

"Mom, Dad wake up it is time to get ready for the party!" yelled the little boy as he looked at his parents who now had snapped up to see their hyper active six year old son.

"Son, it is six in the morning." groaned Naruto as he looked into his son's blue eyes.

"Naruto-kun, he is just as hyper as you where a kid, that is all." said Sakura as her son smiled just like his father did and put his hand behind his head. His head of strangely mixed hair colors. His hair was blonde and wildly spiky just like his father's and grandfather's. He had pink highlights the same shade as his mother going to each tip but the tips themselves where red like his grandmother.

"So Minato what are you up for?" asked Naruto as he rubbed his son's hair causing him to laugh.

"I am sorry about waking you up but I can't wait to see everyone." said Minato as he looked at his mother and father.

"Don't worry about it son, but we aren't getting together with everyone till 1 so we have some time." Said Naruto "Now why don't you go back to sleep."

"But Dad…I can't sleep. I am too excited." Said Minato

"Son remember we are going to be at the party for a while so you need to rest now so that you can stay up latter with them." said Sakura as Minato nodded his head.

"Ok, mom I will head back to bed." Said Minato as he jumped off the bed and ran back to his bedroom.

"He is so like much like you Naruto-kun." said Sakura as she and Naruto lied back down.

"And our little girl is just like you Sakura-chan." said Naruto as he heard the light breathing coming from down the hall where his four year old daughter, Rin slept. Rin looked almost like Sakura only she had all blonde hair and accordion to her grandmother she acted like her at that age as well. Sakura lied back on her side for more support for her growing belly as Naruto wrapped his arms around her and their unborn child.

Hours Later in one of the Villages parks.

Nineteen year old Ino sat in the park looking at her new golden ring. It had only been three months since the wedding but she still couldn't believe it. She was now married to a wonderful man and the village was at peace. "What are you thinking about blondy?" whispered a voice in her ear. She knew full well who it was.

"Just us Dog boy." said Ino as she used her nickname for him.

"Having regents are we?" asked Kiba worry in his voice. Then Ino just smiled before pulling him down into a deep kiss.

"Of course not." said Ino

"Good to hear." Said Kiba as he looked up to see that they weren't alone there was Neji and Tenten with their small daughter in Tenten's arms. Shino, Lee and Guy where not far behind those three. They talked with each other for a bit before Kakashi and Shizune walked up.

"So how are you two doing?" asked Ino as she looked at them. It had taken a few years but just last year those two had tied the knot.

"We are good." said Kakashi "Nikta will be here hopeful she and Aemi went off to do something, I don't know what?"

"They are doing what we did when we where that age, Ino chasing boys." said Sakura as she Naruto, Minato and Rin walked up to the scene.

"Well how are you doing today, forehead?" asked Ino as she looked at her eight month pregnant friend.

"The normal pains of pregnancy, nothing big." said Sakura as she sat down. Suddenly dozens of Naruto appeared each one carrying a dish of food. Soon Shikamaru with Temari and their daughter Aemi. Aemi was a carbon copy of Temari in everyway.

"Once Tsunade and Jiraiya arrive we can start eating." Said Naruto

"Dad can I go play on the swing set?" asked Minato

"Sure but take your sister with you and stay where we can see you." said Naruto as they ran off to play. Soon everyone was talking as Naruto and Sakura sat watching their children and some of the other kids play.

"Aren't they beautiful Naruto-kun?" Said Sakura

"They are perfect, Sakura-chan." said Naruto before he let out a sigh. "Truth be told Sakura-Chan sometimes I still see the old world."

"So do I Naruto-kun, those images are hard to get out of your mind." Said Sakura "But just seeing our kids playing and laughing makes those images fade."

"True but I don't want to see our world come true." Said Naruto

"Then you will have your chance." Said a new voice as Naruto looked behind him to see Tsunade standing there.

"What are you talking about?" asked Naruto

"Simply put the council wants you to be the next Hokage." said Tsunade "You can make sure that your future never happens."

"That's great isn't it Naruto-kun?" said Sakura

"So Naruto do you want the job?" asked Tsunade for a moment Naruto just sat there looking at his kids.

"No." said Naruto as Sakura and Tsunade looked at him stunned before he grinned "Just kidding, yes."

"you baka." Said Sakura as she slapped his chest.

"Hay that is Lord Hokage baka to you." said Naruto

"No, you are just baka." said Sakura "But you are my baka." With that she kissed him.

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All are Un-Edited

(A Shikamaru/Temari story with Naruto/Sakura on the Side)

Shikamaru was on the way to the medical tent carrying a knocked out leaf jonnin on his back. As he walked by Naruto laying on the ground with a large cut across his chest for a second he feared the worst until he saw Sakura walk up to him with a wet cloth and Naruto's chest rise up and down at a steady pace. He stood there for a second as Sakura used the cloth to remove the blood so that she could help the Kyuubi heal the wounds.

"What happened Sakura?"

"Oh, Shikamaru I didn't see, you." said Sakura as she used her blood covered hand to move some of her short pink hair behind her ear. "Don't worry he will be fine just used a little too much chakra killing the cloud kage."

"Well that's good news with him gone the war will be over." Said Shikamaru as Sakura started to feel around for any other injuries.

"Yes, Sai he gave his life to give Naruto the shot with his rasengan." Said Sakura with tears in her eyes at the lost of her teammate suddenly her hand stopped.

"What is it?" asked Shikamaru as Sakura's eye brow raised.

"Naruto-kun vest has a kunai impact mark on the front but not on the back." Said Sakura

"So it hit his armor." Said Shikamaru as Sakura felt the impact zone.

"No it went all the way through the armor it hit something." said Sakura as she reached into her boyfriend vest. Her eyes widened as she pulled out a small black box, a ring box. The top of the box looked like it had taken an impact.

"Is that what I think it is?" asked Sakura as she slowly opened the box to see a simple ring with a diamond in the center and in that diamond was a clearly visible cut. "I can't believe it."

Shikamaru had to smile for the first time all day. "One in a million shot, Sakura that diamond saved Naruto's life." Sakura wasn't paying much attention to Shikamaru her eyes where transfixed on the ring and her blonde boyfriend.

"So what do you say Sakura-Chan. Will you marry me?" groaned as he opened his blue eyes open to look at his pink haired angle. Faster then even Shikamaru could follow Sakura pressed her lips against his.

(A Naruto/Sakura. Danzo takes over the village and Naruto has to run for his life and returns years later.)

"No, I am never coming back!" yelled Sakura

"Yes, you are." said Sasuke as charged forward only to be swiped across the chest by a sword held by the all black ninja (Naruto). He jumped back holding his chest as blood flowed down and onto the ground below.

"Sasuke-kun are you alright?" asked Ino as she rushed up to Sasuke.

"Shut up woman!" yelled Sasuke as he ran though hand signs before slamming his fist into the ground. "Summoning jutsu!"

A huge cloud of smoke filled the air and out of the smoke came a huge purple snake.

"I am Munda lord of all snakes." hissed the purple snake

"Now see who ever you are I am unstoppable." said Sasuke with a grin.

"This is all you have, Sasuke?" said the man as he took some of Sasuke's blood from his sword. "I will show you a true summon."

"Do you best nothing can stop me." said Sasuke as his red sharingan eyes blared in the setting sun as he stood on top of the giant snake's head.

"Very well then. Sakura stay behind me." said the man as he started to run through hand signs. He slammed one hand onto the ground and formed the other into a ram sign before yelling out load "I use the blood of my enemy as median to release the chains that bind you in order summon you into this world."

When he was finished for a second nothing happened then suddenly the earth started to shake and even Manda looked around in confusion as fire shot out of ground between the groups.

"I summon you through fire and flames, through rock and stone. To unleash your unending power." yelled the ninja as a giant gust of wind blew them back. "Now honor our convent and show yourself." With that the wind became hurricane strength as the fire shot up into the air and started to dance. The Dancing flames became the image of a huge red fox.

"It can't be?" said Sasuke as he looked at the beast that started to take form as he looked at the strange ninja.

"I Naruto Namikaze summon you Kyuubi the nine tails fox!" yelled Naruto as he ripped off his mask showing his face to his stunned former friends. When he finished the earth shook with even more as Naruto, Sakura and her little brother started to rise far above the rest of the ninjas because they where now standing on the top of Kyuubi's head. With a mighty gust Kyuubi unleashed a load roar as saliva dripped off the razor sharp white teeth.

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