Well, dear readers, it's been a while and I do apologise. However, the first chapter of Little Bat and the Chamber of Secrets is going up tonight – and here's a snippet from the second chapter to whet your appetite. Enjoy!

Little Bat and the Chamber of Secrets: Trailer

Dear Laura,

Did you get my last letter? Anyway, when you get this one, please write back just so I know you haven't broken your hand or something. Or if you have, could you get someone else to write to me so that I know you have? I hope your holidays are going well. Mine have so far been uneventful. Do write back soon and send me all your news!


No sooner had she sent the letter off with Mopsus and sat back down at the desk than there was a tap at the window. Without looking up from her parchment, she reached across and opened it. "That was quick, you're not telling me-" She glanced at the bird to realise that it was not her pet at all, but a rather haughty-looking Ministry owl with its distinctive, embossed letter pouch. "Oh. Sorry. Grab yourself an Owl Treat if you like… Thanks." The moment she had removed her letter, the owl fluttered across to the bowl of treats, which was somewhat unusual as Ministry owls rarely accepted anything from their recipients, and began rapidly transferring treat after treat into its pouch. Cassie found this mildly amusing, but her attention was drawn to the envelope she had just received. It had a stamp on it.

Miss C. Prince

c/o Miss Eileen Prince

c/o M.O.M


There must have been wizards working in the Muggle postal service for this to reach her. It had clearly been sent the Muggle way as far as the Ministry, but Cassie didn't know any Muggles. Who could have sent her the letter? She ripped it open, curiosity overcoming her.

Dear Cassandra,

I know you'll be wondering who has written to you. You won't recognise my handwriting, and you know nothing about me. But the fact remains that I am your father.

That's all you get, I'm afraid, folks! I'll try to update soon!