I've recently read this book (Persuasion) and I fell in love with it. It also occured to me that it could be adapted into a Titanic fanfic, so I thought I'd give it a try. What do you think?? Read and let me know, okay? Thanks.

As usual, I own nothing but the DVD and -in this case- the book. The characters, most of the plot, all of that belong to James Cameron and Jane Austen. Lucky them!


Based on situations originated by J. Cameron and J. Austen


Rose DeWitt Bukater had the childhood every girl would wish for: she had a loving father that gave in to her every wish, a mother who bought her all the dresses she wanted, tons of maids to take care of her hair, clothes and education and she was also friends to some of the most important kids in the East coast. And yet, as she grew older, she realized that she was happier chasing her dog Dexter in her back yard than when she held tea parties for her friends. She tried to talk to her mother about this, but she had laughed and said:

"Nonsense! Girls are supposed to organize parties, play with toys… not chase some dog around the house."

She had also tried to talk to her father, who gave her a better answer:

"Oh well… I suppose not all of us are meant to drink tea and chat solely of hats," he said laughing. "Good for you, Rosie. I'd like to see what you make of your life; something big, I imagine."

Her father was Rose's hero. She enjoyed shopping with her mother, but the best time of the day for her was when her father read her a book before bedtime. When she turned thirteen she was sent to a boarding school in New York. She missed her family a lot, but Ruth sent her new dresses every week and Robert visited her everytime he was in town.

And then she received a letter from her mother telling her that her father had died of a heart attack the previous night. Rose had felt her whole world falling under her feet, but by the time she pulled off the train in Philadelphia she was completely serenaded –the one thing she had learnt from her mother was to keep a straight face and never show her true feelings.

Robert was buried the day after Rose's arrival and his will read two days after that. Of course she wasn't allowed to be present when they did so, but Ruth then told her that her father had left them nothing but debts hidden under a good last name.

From that moment on, Ruth's purpose in life was to find a suitable husband for her only daughter. Rose was returned to Philadelphia with no prospect of coming back to school. She was introduced to every bachelor aged between 20 and 40 years old in hopes to get her married before the little money Ruth had saved run out.

Finally, a Caledon Hockley appeared. Although he doubled her age –he was 32- his bank account tripled that of the others, so Ruth quickly chose him as future son-in-law. Rose, however, wasn't so keen on him. Despite the gifts he bought her and his gentle behavior around her, she got a bad vibe of him and pleaded her mother not to force her to marry him, but she received the same answer over and over again:

"Nonsense, Rose! Mr. Hockley is perfect for you!"

He even took them to Europe for six months. Although she still felt somehow uncomfortable around him, she had to admit that she liked the lifestyle Cal was offering her, so she agreed to marry him.

As a prove to them of what he was offering, Cal bought them tickets back to America on the most luxurious ship ever built: the Titanic. Little did he know that that voyage would change all of their lives forever –and not necessary in a good way.

You should know this: unlike most of my stories, I haven't finish writing this yet, so it might take me a while to update. So be patient, please!!