part two... im sorry for taking so long and this is the end... just so everyone knows

Edward's POV

"Anything I want Bella?" I asked with a barely restrained growl.

She threaded her fingers through my hair and tugged my face down to hers. The moment my lips touched hers she thrust her tongue into my mouth before biting my lower lip harshly, causing my cock to twitch at the sensation.

"Yes Edward, anything," she whispered against my mouth.

"So if I wanted to pin your arms to the bed and fuck you so hard that you passed out again, that would be okay with you?" This time as I asked the question there was no way I could contain the growl that rumbled throughout my chest.

Her hips lifted up against mine and she moaned loudly.

"Yes Edward please, I need you inside of me now."

I chuckled lightly and slowly trailed my hand down her gorgeous body. As soon as my fingers touched her sensitive clit her entire body bucked beneath mine.

"I need to taste you first Bella, I'm dying for it," I said as I followed the path my hands had taken until I could lap up her sweet juices.

"You can't die remember," she panted as I began to lick softly at her sweetness.

"Silly Bella, it's only a figure of speech," I mumbled against her wet flesh. Her only response was a sharp cry as I pierced her snug opening with my tongue.

She tasted like fucking sunshine and summer; it was the single best taste in the entire world and I could happily gorge myself on it for forever.

I pumped into her faster as her hips started to writhe uncontrollably; she was so close, I could feel her inner walls starting to ripple around my tongue.

"That's it love, come for me, I want to feel your juices running down my throat," I growled out the demand right before I sucked her into my mouth and bit down gently.

"Oh God Edward," I heard her scream seconds before I thrust my tongue into her again. Her sweet juices spilled into my mouth and I swallowed it down greedily. That was it, my control was shot and the only thing I could think of was being deep inside my Bella.

I eagerly crawled up her body and spread her legs far apart.

"Wait Edward," she whispered. I looked up at her in confusion as she sat up on the bed.

Before I knew what she was doing the tip of my cock was being sucked into her hot little mouth.

"Oh shit Bella, I don't think I can take this," I said through clenched teeth as she took more of my length down her throat.

As she started to move up and down her tongue began taking little licks all along the length of my shaft. I couldn't deny her anything, so I grabbed fistfuls of her silky hair and pulled lightly. Her approving, lust filled moan accompanied the action causing the vibrations to shoot straight to my balls. I pulled harder as she sucked faster and I felt myself falling helplessly into my own orgasm. The tingle at the base of my spine started and I knew I was only seconds away from spilling my release down her throat.

"Bella, baby I can't hold out any longer, you need to let go before I hurt you."

Her short little nails dug into my thighs as she pulled me closer to her, and refused to let up.

"Bella!!!," I roared as I felt my come shoot directly into her mouth. She swallowed down every drop before releasing my still hard erection and licked her lips slowly.

I pushed her back down to the bed and covered her still wet lips with my own. She moaned into the kiss and raised her legs up and around my waist. I knew what she was asking for and instantly thrust into her dripping core. In the back of my mind I knew I was acting somewhat like a wild animal, it was a good thing Bella was gaining pleasure from it because I had no sense or control left to stop. As I had threatened earlier I pinned her arms to either side of her head and fucked her hard and fast.

"Edward yes please just like that, more," she was screaming and moaning loudly and every sound she made pushed me that much further.

I transferred one of her wrists to the other hand so I could use my free hand to pinch her clit between my fingers. She tightened around my cock even more as her creamy hot juices flowed over my cock. That was all it took for me to once again fall over the edge and I felt myself release deep inside her warm and willing body.

"Bella my wife, I love you with everything that I am," I whispered as I rolled off of her and wrapped her in my arms.

"I love you Edward, forever," she whispered back.

We stayed like that, riding on the aftermath of out climax just waiting to arrive and enjoying each other.

We were in our own little bubble, we were happy... just like we would be for eternity...

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