This takes place in Series 3 and I have taken the liberties of changing around a few things, which I'm sure you'll discover over time—this includes couple pairings as well as certain events. I hope you enjoy. I don't own Robin Hood, and neither does the BBC if you think about the myth that's been around for so long, but I do "own" the original characters and such behind this particular story. Please give me critiques, I appreciate them.

Prologue: Nottingham Castle

He sat near the only unoccupied window, gazing down at the courtyard below. The feast had been going on for nearly three days already and he was bored half to death. It was a celebration of the king's birthday and all the lords and ladies of England were ordered to celebrate. He found it mildly amusing that people had to be ordered to enjoy themselves, for the sake of their monarch.

As he continued to watch the empty courtyard he sighed. He at least had the "privilege" of being up here with the adults instead of being cooped up with the nursemaids elsewhere in the castle. He smirked. Robin and Isabella would both be down there suffering even more than he. At least he wasn't being hovered over. He glanced around the main hall at all the lords and ladies and sighed. Sitting here, surrounded by these people, he felt just as stifled as if he'd been surrounded by immature children and hovering nursemaids.

"Why Guy," he looked up as Lord Malcolm Locksley approached him, "you seem out of sorts today. Is anything the matter?"

Guy clenched his fists. He did NOT like this man who appeared too friendly with his mother. He didn't know yet if his mother reciprocated the lord's interest, but surely, if she were smart, she didn't. Father had been gone for many years already, and by all accounts it would not be seen as unseemly should she decide to reciprocate Lord Locksley's advance, but Guy still didn't feel that his father was dead. Perhaps it was childish of him, but he still held onto that sliver of hope that perhaps his father was just captured or lost in coming home.

Lord Locksley drew closer, reminding Guy that he had yet to reply. The only thing he could hold against Lord Malcolm was the way he looked at his mother, and of course his impish son. Robin was arrogant and impetuous and one of these days his impulsive actions were going to bring hell down on their shoulders. Guy had a gut feeling that the Locksley's were going to alter his life in some fashion, and soon. However, as he watched Lord Malcolm, he knew better than to let his true feelings show and so merely shrugged casually and glanced around the room, feigning interest in the goings-on.

"No, your lordship, I merely wanted to sit closer to the window for some fresh air."

Lord Locksley smiled as he too stepped closer, "That is a fine idea. It is a bit warm in here isn't it?"

Guy inwardly groaned as the older man stepped opposite him and leaned against the wall. That hadn't been an invitation. But no matter, he would leave soon anyway. His very bones were itching for movement. He still felt the pull of impulsive adventure even though he was a teenager, almost a man—at least in his eyes.

"Good heavens." Guy looked back to Lord Locksley and followed his gaze where it was directed toward the courtyard below. "What on earth is going on?"

Guy looked closely and found himself smirking at the sight before him. If this wasn't proof to the older man that his son was truly an imp then he didn't know what would be. Robin stood beside two girls near a tree, gesturing madly about something.

"I wonder if the maids know that those two girls are loose without an escort."

Guy frowned. Of course the man would only notice the girls and not the fact that his son stood right beside them. Locksley turned and would've moved off but Guy stopped him.

"I'll take care of it my lord." He stood up straight and nodded to the older man. "No need to leave the festivities."

Lord Locksley smiled and nodded, "Thank you Guy."

Guy nodded before stiffly walking past. He would have to be careful when he admonished Robin, for fear that Locksley was watching from above. It seemed that where Lord Locksley was involved his mother tended to take his side—maybe that was proof that she was softening towards the man. Guy shook his head, unwilling to think about such things.

Meanwhile in the courtyard, Robin was indeed impishly encouraging the girls to climb the "forbidden" tree. It had been called thus for some reason or another that had long been forgotten. It wasn't the name of the tree that so drove him. It was the delight at seeing these two girls struggle up the tree, risking getting caught. He loved the thrill of it.

"The view is great from up there! There's nothing like it anywhere else in the castle!" Robin enthused.

The elder of the girls glared at him. She was closer to Guy's age but still held a girlish air about her. "If it's so great then why aren't you climbing it?"

"Oh I climbed it earlier. Besides I just want to see if a girl can climb as well as me." He stuck his tongue out at the pair of girls, earning another glare from the elder and a huff from the younger.

"You'll be choking on your arrogance soon enough." Without another word, the younger hoisted up her skirts and took to the tree like a monkey, not caring when an audible ripping noise should've made her pause.

"Ashley you do realize that if we get caught we are going to be in a lot of trouble?"

The younger girl paused in her climbing long enough to look back down at her cousin. "Do you see anyone lurking about waiting to catch us? Come on Maggie, where is that sense of adventure our family is famous for?"

Maggie rolled her eyes, "That sense of adventure runs in your side of the family not mine. My side is the more intellectual type." She corrected, looking from where her cousin was currently perched precariously on a tree branch back down to Robin and the surrounding area.

It was true that the keep was deserted of all life, save for a lazy dog. Most everyone was already in the main hall at the feast. According to her parents, it was a very large gathering, and of course, being children, neither she nor her cousin had been invited to mingle with the adults. They had been in a room with at least a dozen other children, all watched over by nursemaids that, according to her rather ludicrous cousin, had a strange resemblance to pigs.

She'd been bored to tears herself, but being one of the older children in the group, she'd felt the responsibility to keep from clawing the walls in frustration. However at Ashley's request, they'd left—she'd allowed her younger cousin to make the opportunity for escape she'd so been looking for. It was in their "daring" escape that they'd somehow "recruited" the likes of Robin, the impish boy currently haggling them. He was around Ashley's age, perhaps a year older, and just as impulsive. Maggie honestly didn't know why she'd allowed herself to be dragged into this but-

"Maggie will you stop gawking at that rather boring looking wall and get up here?" Maggie jerked at the sound of her cousin's voice and looked up from yes, a rather boring looking wall. "It is absolutely beautiful up here!"

Maggie sighed. Robin was grinning ear to ear, gesturing for her to join her cousin. He was probably getting perverse pleasure out of watching girls hoist up their skirts—he was young but she was sure he was at least aware of girls in "that" manner. Finally resolved to not let her cousin outdo her, she hitched up her skirts and reached up for the lowest branch.

The going was slow and rather difficult, given that her shoes were not made for tree climbing and her skirts were rather cumbersome, however she was quite proud of herself once she sat, or rather clung, on the first branch. When she looked down she found that Robin had disappeared. Oh well, he was more of a nuisance anyway.

"Will you hurry up already?" Ashley glared down at her from her much higher perch. "The sun will be gone before you get up here at the rate you're going."

Maggie took a deep breath and slowly let it out before she carefully inched her way into a standing position. She was just reaching for the next branch when she lost her balance. In her attempt to right herself she overcorrected and let out a sharp yelp as she toppled off the branch. She felt herself falling and braced for the painful impact of the ground but was startled when a pair of arms wrapped around her and she landed on top of someone with a rather audible "oomph."

"Maggie!" Ashley yelled.

Maggie blinked as she lay in a daze. It had all happened so suddenly that she wasn't quite sure what was happening now. She blinked a few times and was only aware enough to notice that she was being held against someone's chest. When she raised her head she found herself staring into a pair of beautiful green eyes. Then she was aware of being pushed off of whomever it was she'd fallen on and then helped up into a standing position. By this time, Ashley was by her side brushing off her dress and thanking the figure that stood in front of her. Maggie blinked up at the tall boy and was struck by three things.

First, he was at least a few years older than her, second, he was handsome, of course his eyes had been lovely also, and third, he was glowering at her. He looked almost angry with her for falling on him, but if he were angry why would he have caught her in the first place?

"Maggie aren't you going to thank him?" Ashley nudged her rather sharply in the side.

Although Ashley was five years younger than Maggie she certainly made up for her junior status by being more vocal and assertive than Maggie could ever dream of being.

Maggie winced before giving a quick curtsy, "Thank you for catching me."

"You're lucky I caught Robin sneaking about and he told me about you two." The boy glared over his shoulder and Maggie peered past him to see Robin shifting sheepishly by the wall. "Girls need to remember their place. Their job is to always obey and keep out of sight unless called for." Maggie's mouth dropped open as she watched him turn and head back to Robin, whom he almost dragged along beside him by his tunic sleeve. "You should go back to your nursemaids where you belong."

Maggie continued to stare after him, open mouthed, for a moment while Ashley rolled up her sleeves and pursued the boys with a fight on her mind. Maggie quietly followed, still in a state of shock and confusion, indignation having not caught up with her yet.

"Now just who do you think you are talking to us like that?" Ashley growled at the boy, having stepped in front of him to block his retreat.

Robin jerked his sleeve out of the boy's grasp, "He's Guy of Gisborn." Robin didn't sound too enthusiastic about the introduction and Maggie could understand why if the glare Guy was currently shooting Robin belied his regular temperament.

Ashley leveled her gaze on her new opponent and began, "Well Guy of Gisborn you should-"

"I do not have to answer to either of you," he glared at Ashley and Maggie then turned his gaze on Robin, "and most certainly not you."

Maggie cleared her throat, "Be that as it may," she winced when his glare turned on her but did not allow his scowl to intimidate her, "it wasn't very kind of you to say all that from before. Before you go around insulting people perhaps you should wait to know who they are and what they are like." She stepped forward and boldly looked up at him, again noting the unique coloring of his eyes framed by his dark, curling hair. "However, despite your surly nature, I'm still grateful for your help." She gave another curtsy before looking over her shoulder at her still fuming cousin. "Let's go Ashley, before we end up in worse trouble."

She gave Guy another firm yet shy look before stepping around him and moving back towards where they should have stayed to begin with. She was horribly embarrassed, both by her fall and by what she felt was her obvious attraction for this Guy of Gisborn. Her rather recent discovery of the opposite sex as pleasant to look at and dream about was becoming a nuisance. She heard Ashley marching behind her, grumbling about rude and arrogant boys that would eat their words. Maggie quietly listened before she peered over her shoulder and blushed when she found Guy's eyes following them. She quickly averted her gaze and tried to forget the incident. He may be arrogant and rude as her cousin so adamantly declared, but his eyes remained in her mind. She hoped to forget this moment and her embarrassment, but if her cousin continued to rant much longer, she feared ever forgetting anything ever again.

"Go back with them Robin." Guy spoke as he continued to watch the girls until they disappeared around a corner.

Robin shook his head, "You aren't the boss of me. I can do whatever I want."

"You're father saw you earlier and wasn't too pleased." Guy smirked at Robin's sudden panic. "So I suggest you return with those girls before he realizes just what you were doing out here."

Robin gulped before squaring his shoulders and brushing past Guy. Guy remained until he was sure Robin was at least heading in the right direction. As he headed back to the festivities, he couldn't help but reflect upon the girl who'd quite literally fallen into his arms. She'd been pretty enough, not that he'd ever tell anyone, and even though she'd reacted with much more decorum than her companion, he had sensed a firmness inside her that intrigued him. He glanced over his shoulder towards where they'd disappeared one more time before shrugging. If he saw her again he'd be sure to ask her name.

Little did he know that within months, both his parents would be dead, his rightful lands passed onto Robin, and he and his sister cast out into a cruel world. Any warm thoughts he'd entertained about anyone or anything were to be crushed as the realities of the world he lived in came to shape him into the cold-blooded murderer the people of Nottingham understood him to be.