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"Mmmm!" I moaned into Harry's mouth as he palmed me through my tight black jeans. He smiled under my lips and resumed unbuttoning my shirt as I ran my thin fingers over the toned muscles of his back. He ran his fingers through my long blond hair, now messy from our snogging. After only a few minutes I could feel both of our arousals through our pants.

Together we collapsed onto the nearest bed in the Slytherin dormitories. Trapped under Harry's weight, I couldn't struggle or protest (as my mouth was otherwise engaged) when he removed my shirt and pants. I shivered when I felt the cool emerald silk under my pale skin. I couldn't help but notice how the color matched Harry's eyes. When only one item of clothing remained on my body, he snickered. "Black boxers?" he teased. "Racy, aren't they?"

"Shut up." And with that endearing sentiment, I forced him to obey by crushing my lips to his. I growled when they left my own, after much too short a time, but moaned again when I felt them playing with a now-exposed nipple. He bit and licked at the skin there, using his fingers to pleasure the other. I writhed against the bed at his touch.

"Draco?" Harry gasped between kisses.

"What?" I returned (a little breathily, I admit).

"I—Mmmmm…." Harry moaned as I stroked and fondled him clumsily through his jeans.

Somehow by this time my boxers had gone, too, and Harry's hand stroking me was—Goddamn Jesus—the best thing on this earth…it was—mmmm—divine…I could feel my groin tightening…We were kissing and it was fucking heaven, and—

"You can't be getting much gratification, I'd expect," snickered Pansy Parkinson.

"Wha—huh? Pansy?" Draco Malfoy woke to find himself on a couch in the Slytherin common room, snogging a pillow and—Oh, God—moaning. And just to make things worse, he had the worst hard-on of his life.

Pansy stood there giggling. "Draco, oh my God, are you—are you hard?" She muffled her laughter with her hand. "If this is how you spend the Christmas holidays I really should stay behind more often!"

Draco's already pink cheeks flushed. "Fuck off, Pansy."

She flashed an evil grin. Oh, will Blaise just love this!" She gazed upward and laughed again in anticipation of Blaise Zabini's reaction to her story of Draco's situation.

Draco's recent blush left his cheeks immediately as they paled. "No! You can't! I'll…I'll…"

"No, don't bother yourself. I won't tell…" She narrowed her eyes and smiled wickedly. "…That is, if you sleep with me."

"No." Draco didn't even stop to think.

"Fine then," said Pansy breezily. "Well, if anyone asks, I'm off to the Owlery."

"Wait," cried Draco as she began to leave.

Pansy smiled. "See, I knew you'd see it my way." She walked over to Draco, who had stood up. "Don't worry, Draco. I won't tell anyone…it'll be our little secret." She caressed his neck and chest as she said this, then kissed him hungrily. She broke away to kiss up his jaw to his ear. "If you want, Draco," she purred softly, "you can even invite Harry."

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