It was a typical morning at NCIS…well as typical a morning as it could be, given the occupants of the bull pen. Anthony DiNozzo looked more disheveled than usual while Ziva David was beaming from ear to ear. Timothy McGee seemed more spaced out than an astronaut and Abby Scuito was clearly out of place when she entered.

"Weekend reports people…" She clapped her hands and stood first at McGee's desk. After getting nothing more than a blank stare, she moved on. "Tony…weekend report…?"

Tony managed a yawn. "Nothing out of the ordinary…unless you count getting kicked out of Lucky Sevens club and getting drenched in the rain hailing down a cab…because my car got impounded…" He finished with a violent sneeze.

She leaned over and patted his head. "Aww…poor Tony."

"I usually slap him Abs…" Leroy Jethro Gibbs weaved his way through the traffic at the elevator and arrived into the bull pen with ease. "Weekend reports are gonna have to wait Abs…we got a case."

Ziva grabbed her things and stood up quickly. "Details?"

Gibbs was taken aback at her quick response and watched as Tony struggled to get up from his desk; sneezing incessantly. Then stared straight ahead to see McGee's eyes barely open.

"Hey!" He yelled out, in an attempt to wake up his Agents. But when even that didn't work, he reverted to plan B and slammed his fist on his desk. That was more effective. Tony snapped his head up and followed suit with Ziva. Timothy McGee was still a step slower but eventually grabbed his things as well. "That's better…and since I'd like to live past my first cup of coffee, I'm driving." He watched the three pile out of the bull pen and quickly pulled Abby aside. "What'd you get out of the reports?"

"You mean you really want to know?"


"You wouldn't ask if you didn't…right. Well, nothing much. Tim wouldn't say a word, so I moved onto Tony. He said he'd gotten kicked out of a club and had to wave a cab in the pouring rain cuz his car got impounded….I didn't get to Ziva…"

"Find out more."

Abby scratched her head. "Uh…"

"Just do it Abs…gut feeling…." He pointed at her and picked up his pace to catch up with the team. The elevator descent was silent and Gibbs gut hadn't stopped turning. He fought back the urge to interrogate each of them about their weekend escapades but he'd made a rule for himself; to never get too involved in their personal affairs. After all, there was work to do…