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Gibbs hadn't put the phone down before Abby was in his arms and taking them both down to the ground in celebration.

"I'm so happy, I'm so happy, I'm so happy." She had her arms wrapped around his neck and laid on top of him as if it were nothing. "You were right, he's gonna be okay…oh…" she squeezed him tighter and looked up to see a crowd forming. The crowd was scarce as most people had gone home, but they were there none the less. "Hi guys…McGee's gonna be okay."

They responded with grins and couldn't help but look down at the helpless Gibbs lying on the floor. Little did she know her knee was lodged in a not so comfortable place. "Up…"

She leaned down. "Huh?"


"Oh." She got up quickly and watched as the group assisted in standing him up. "Sorry boss man, I'm just so…"

"Happy…yeah I got that." He nodded his thanks towards the other agents and straightened out his jacket. He picked up his desk chair and set it back up before receiving yet another celebration hug. "Abs…I gotta call the team."

"Right sorry…"

He set himself down in his chair and watched as she skipped across the bull pen to Tim's desk; a constant grin on her face. After calling Tony, Ziva and Ducky; he did his best to get Abby home.

"How can I sleep at a time like this Gibbs?"

"Time like this? Abs, he's gonna make a full recovery. You should able to sleep fine now."

She nodded. "Oh I know…but I'm just so excited."

He agreed. "Yeah. Guess it's been a while since we've had some good news."

She smiled at him and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Aw, well hopefully this is a sign of things to come."

Over the course of the next three months, Tony had become relatively efficient at computer skills; Ziva had learned a lot more about computer forensics and Abby was just about worn thin. Gibbs had enjoyed having fewer kids to look after; but was happy to hear Tim would be returning. After all, anything to take the edge off of DiNozzo was a blessing.

When Tim strode into the bull pen, Gibbs just about closed his eyes as Abby came racing through. Tony tried to catch Tim's fall, but it was inevitable. He and Ziva quickly helped McGee off the ground as Abby maintained her death grip. "Oh Timmy…I missed you so much…" She laid a big fat kiss on his lips before Tony interjected.

"Hey now, save that for later." He shook Tim's hand a smiled. "Good to have you back Probie."

"Good to be back Tony." He leaned into another kiss on the cheek, only this time from Ziva.

"Thank God you're back…I could only take so much more of DiNozzo…"

"I have feelings you know." Tony shot back.

"Do you?" Ziva had to laugh.

Gibbs then approached the group and watched as the three team members moved aside. "How you feel Tim?"

McGee managed a smile. "Good as new boss. Ready to get back to work."

"Good. Cuz you got a hell of a lot of catching up to do." He pointed to his desk and continued. "DiNozzo, David…start debriefing him on the lasts months cases…Abby I need you compiling all the work you've done in his absence as well." He clapped his hands. "Let's go people, we don't have all day."

The four couldn't help but smile. Gibbs always had a way of making any situation seem trivial. After a few minutes Tim was back at his desk and watched Gibbs shadow cast itself over him.

"You okay? Really."

Tim nodded. "I'm fine boss. Really."

Gibbs hid a smile. "Glad you're back. Missed you kid."

McGee mirrored his smile. "Ditto."

As Gibbs watched his whole team leave for the weekend later that night; he had to smile. He leaned back in his chair and played the events of the last few months over in his mind. It was then his gut started to churn and he reached for his phone. After dialing each member of his team, he had only one word of wisdom to share.