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Sophie and Dean had a thing when they were 18, until Cassie came along and Dean started to stray away from Sophie eventually leaving her for Cassie. Around that time Sophie found out she was pregnant and told Dean, which resulted in him panicking and suggesting them not having it. So with that, and a slap from Sophie's part, Sophie packed up and left Dean and hasn't looked back since. Now it's been about 9 years and when a supernatural situation comes up in her town, Sophie calls John Winchester for help.

Sophie Carter busied around the laundry room going between separating lights, darks and colors

and putting a load into the washer. Hearing the doorbell ring she sighed and and yelled, "Be there

in a minute!"

Shutting the door to the washer, she turned the dial and pulled the nob out then hurried out of the

room to answer the door.

As she walked through the living room she stopped and picked up a pair of dirty sneakers, making

Sophie roll her eyes and smile.

"Joshua James." She said as she opened the closet door and placed them inside it, finally getting

to the door she opened it. "Sorry about that." She said to the two men that had their backs turned

to her.

The shorter one turned around and smirked, dropping his I.D. badge as he looked at Sophie.

Sophie stared at him for a little bit, a soft whisper escaping her lips. "Dean."

"Sophie." Dean said.

She smiled a little. "Hi."

Dean gave a soft smile back. "Hi."

"Hi." She said again.

"Hi." Dean repeated.

The other man turned around and stared at them, "Okay." He said.

"Sam?" Sophie's jaw dropped.

Sam gave her one of his puppy smiles. "Sophie, wow. You look good."

"Look at you. You got so tall. Oh God, wow!" Sophie laughed.

They all stood there for a little bit, then Dean cleared his throat and nodded his head towards the inside

of the house.

"So, uh, what are you guys doing here?" Sophie asked.

"Dad told us that a good friend of his was having a problem in their town. So--here we are." Sam told her.

Sophie narrowed her eyes slightly. "John." She sighed.

Sam looked at her, then to Dean. "Uh, you don't mind us working the case, do you?"

"No, no. It's fine." Sophie assured them, stepping aside and opening the door wider. "Come in."

Sam smiled, walking into the house waiting for Dean to join him.

Sophie bent down, picking up Dean's forgotten badge. "You, uh, dropped your badge Captain Ron...

seriously, Dean?"

He smiled sheepishly, taking the badge from her and walking into her house, looking around at all

the pictures on the walls and entertainment stand.

"So, do you guys have any idea what it is?" Sophie asked, closing the front door.

"We're not sure just yet, still looking at papers and researching a bit." Sam replied.

Sophie nodded then clapped her hands together lightly. "Would you guys like something to drink?

Coffee, water--"

"Beer?" Dean asked quickly.

Sam smiled, clapping his brother on the back as he bit out. "Coffee would be great. Right, Dean."

At Dean's nod, they followed Sophie into the kitchen.

"What exactly has been going on?" Dean asked as he and Sam sat at the island.

"Umm, I'm not sure. The neighborhood kids are always playing down the street on Mrs. Jennings

lawn, then when they go home and go to bed and wake up the next day, they have what looks like

rope burns on their necks and wrists." Sophie informed them.

Sam and Dean looked at one another, thinking, then looking back at Sophie.

"Have you noticed a change in Mrs. Jennings behavior?" Sam asked.

Sophie looked at him for a little bit, shaking her head. "No. Mrs. Jennings died about two months


"Huh." Dean said. "That about the time this whole thing started?"

"Yeah." Sophie replied slowly.

"So I'm thinking she's getting revenge on the kids." Dean said.

Sophie laughed. "Mrs. Jennings? Are you nuts? She was a nice old lady who wouldn't have hurt

anyone. Especially not children."

Dean shrugged then Sam asked, "How did she die?"

Sophie thought for a moment. "Umm, she had a stroke. She was coming home from her son's house,

got out of the car and just collapsed on the front lawn. There was no body around when it happened,


"So she died on her front lawn?" Dean confirmed.

Sophie nodded as the front door opened.

"We're here!" A boy's voice called from the front of the house.

"In the kitchen!" Sophie smiled at the clunk of Joshua shrugging his backpack off and onto the floor

then the sound of his footsteps as he ran into the kitchen.

Joshua lifted a medium sized paper brown bag up, smiling he said, "Check out the candy I got during

Field Day today!" With that he up dumped the bag onto the counter in front of his Mom.

Sophie eyes widened at the amount of candy in the bag. "The school gave you that much candy??"

"No." Joshua snorted, his father's arrogance showing through. "Sean and Cameron bet me all of their

candy they got if I ate an earth worm!"

"Joshua James! Gross!" Sophie said, scrunching her nose up. "No amount of candy is worth eating

an earth worm for!"

Joshua shrugged. "Well the jokes on them! I just kept it under my tongue while I 'chewed', then spit it

out after they walked away."

"It was indeed pretty cool." Evan said, coming into the room and ruffling Josh's hair, causing Joshua

to shake his head to make his hair fall back into place.

Sophie sent Evan and Joshua both looks. "Are you staying for supper, Evan?" She asked as she poured

Sam and Dean their coffee.

"Sure. I don't see why not." Evan replied, grabbing a mug for himself and getting some coffee.

Joshua stopped poking through his candy and stared at the two unfamiliar men across the island from him,

he narrowed his eyes, looking them over closely. "Who are you?" He asked.

Sam smiled at him and replied, "I'm Sam," he nodded to his brother. "this is Dean."

Joshua nodded. "I'm Joshua." Joshua then went back to staring at Dean as Dean stared back at Joshua,

only with a different look.

He had a look of amazement and guilt on his face, as Joshua had a look of curiousness.

"What are you doing here?" He asked arms crossed across his chest.

Dean laughed. "You're pretty straight forward, huh?"

"I can be." Joshua said, and there was that smug smile he got from his father.

Sophie forced a laugh, running her fingers through Joshua's hair. "Honey, why don't you go outside and


"Can I have some Kool-Aid first, Mom?" He asked, turning his puppy eyes on to his Mom.

"Yes, you may." Sophie replied, grabbing him a glass from the cupboard and getting in the fridge to grab

the Kool-Aid.

Handing him the glass after filling it for him, Sophie ran her fingers through Joshua's hair for a little bit,


"What's for dinner?" Joshua asked as he leaned his back, back against his mother's stomach as he

drank his Kool-Aid.

"Hmm." Sophie contemplated, wrapping her arm around his stomach, kissing the top of his head. "What

are you hungry for?"

Joshua thought for a moment. "Chinese?"

"Evan, I hate to do this to you, but could you run and get us some Chinese?" Sophie turned to ask him.

Evan smiled, and nodded. "Yeah. Sure."

Sophie unwrapped her arm from Joshua and reached into her purse, which was on the counter behind her,

getting money out and handing it to Evan. "Just get our usual, then whatever you want for yourself."

Nodding, Evan set his coffee mug in the sink and left for food.

A knock came from the back door and Josh went over and opened it, stepping aside and letting Ryan, his

best friend, inside.

"Hey there Ryan." Sophie smiled at him.

Ryan waved and smiled sheepishly at Sophie, causing her to stifle some laughter.

"Can Josh come and play football with us? We'll just be within the block."

Sophie nodded and turned to Joshua. "Yeah, you can go."

Joshua looked excited but then turned to Dean and Sam.

Sophie laughed. "Go play."

Rolling his eyes, Joshua looked over at Sam and Dean uneasily. "I can stay here and talk to you."

Sophie smiled softly at him and cupped the back of his head. "I'll be fine, Joshua. Dean and Sam are old

friends of mine. I knew them when I was a teenager."

Joshua ran into the living room, calling out, "Mom??"

"Hall closet!" Knowing that he was talking about his sneakers.

"Thanks!" He called, then there was some rustling, soon after Joshua came running back into the kitchen.

Sophie walked to the back door with them. "I'll come get you when dinner's here."

Nodding, Joshua hugged his Mom then took off running with Ryan.

"Have fun and be careful!" She called out to him then closed the door, then walked back over to the island

and leaned against the counter behind her.

"Wow." Sam said. "I can't believe your a mom."

Sophie smiled at him. "Yeah. He's great. Best thing that's ever happened to me."

Sam nodded smiling softly. "He acts like you."

"Just a little." Sophie laughed.

There was a silence for a little bit then Dean cleared his throat uncomfortably.

"Okay, so," Sophie said, rubbing her hands together then wiping them on her jeans. "I can walk you guys

to Mrs. Jennings' old place, by the time you get a look around it'll be time for dinner, so I can get Joshua

when you're done."

Dean looked to Sam, and the nodded slightly to one another.

"Sure, yeah." Dean replied.

After checking out Mrs. Jennings' old house, Sam and Dean walked with Sophie to the small park in the


"Joshua! Come on!" Sophie called out to him.

Joshua looked over and nodded walking over to his Mom, Garrett Hudson in tow.

"Hello Garrett." Sophie said to him as he and Joshua walked, wrapping her arm around his shoulders and they

started walking.

"I'm just gonna walk with you guys til you get near my house." Garrett informed her.

Sophie turned to look at him and nodded. "That's fine, Sweetheart."

"Dude, your Mom so has the hots for me!" Garrett whispered loudly to Joshua, causing Sam to snort with laughter,

covering it up with a fake cough.

"Garrett!" Joshua whispered back. "Leave her alone, Mom can go to jail for that, you know??"

"But she's so hot!" Garrett said.

Another snort of laughter from Sam.

Joshua rolled his eyes and exclaimed, "It's called Pedophilia!!"

By now Sam couldn't take it anymore and finally busted out laughing.

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