A/N: This is my solo Lost Boys story, inspired by the song "Cry Little Sister" from the movie soundtrack. My other Lost Boys fic that I am co-writing will be posted as soon as I get the notebook that it's in back. I have most of it typed up, just not posted. Well, hope you enjoy this and keep a look out for Say Hello to the Night, my co-produced fic.

"..."spoken dialogue

'...' mentally spoken dialogue

Unchain Me Sister

Summary: What if David had a younger sister? Samantha was orphaned when her older brother killed their parents as his

first kill….but she doesn't blame him. How does she become one of the Lost Boys, and what is her relationship with David?

Set during the movie; DavidxOC; yes, this contains incest.

Snarling and cries were all the little girl could hear as she clenched her eyes even tighter together to rid her young mind

of the horror she had just glimpsed. At 12, Samantha's innocence had been ripped away as her older brother, David, had

brutally shredded the throats of both their parents; not knowing his young sister watched from the shadows. As her mother

gave one finally scream, Sam sobbed openly; unafraid if her found her now. David whirled around to find Sam huddled in the

corner with her hands clutching the side of her head. "No more….please, brother……please." Her voice pleaded with the

animal her brother had become, and as though realizing what he'd done, David's face slid back into his human form. "Sam…"

He came closer to her, but she shrunk away from his outstretched hand; crying a little louder as he knelt next to her. "I'm

not going to hurt you, little sister. Shhh" He gathered her into his arms and rocked back and forth in an attempt to calm her.

"Dav….David….what-what are you?" Her crystal blue eyes locked with her brother's as she whispered her fearful question;

afraid of his answer. David sighed and hugged her tighter. "I'm sorry you saw that, Sam….I-I can't tell you what I am. I'm

leaving tomorrow night…" Her eyes widened and she clutched tighter to her brother's jacket. "You're leaving me? But, but

David…" He cut her off; his words rushed and clipped as the room began to lighten; heralding the approaching sunrise. "I'm

taking you to Santa Carla…to live with the Lattimores. You remember them, right?" He tried to smile and lighten his tone

despite the fact that it nearly killed him to leave his sister alone in the world; even if he would be living in the same city as

her. Her nod came after a while, and he kissed her head. "Good. They'll take care of you, and when I can…I'll come for you

Sami. I promise." Sam sniffled and relinquished her death grip on her brother's jacket. "Ok, David…what about—" She looked

over at the still forms of their parents' corpses and shuddered. "Don't worry about that, just go pack a bag…we'll be leaving

tonight." She gave him a quick nod, and practically ran from the room; hastily throwing her clothes into a faded back pack.

"Ready, Sami?" Another nod, and then they were walking out into the night. The roar of flames erupted into the night,

causing Sam to look back as her childhood home erupted into bright orange flames. "Keep walking, sis…" David's arm

wrapped around her shoulders as he ushered her away from the burning building. As they reached the end of the roadway,

David lifted Sam into his arms, and without warning, took off into the night air. Somewhere along the journey upwards,

Samantha blacked out, only to reawaken in another bed miles from her home. Looking around with bleary eyes, Sam

searched for her brother. Disappointment set in when all she found was his favorite earring attached to a quickly scrawled



The Lattimores have agreed to take you in as their daughter…they'll look after you. Take care little sister, and know that I love you.

I'll keep my promise,


She re-read the note two or three more times, before tears ran down her cheek to stain the page. Her brother had left

her, leaving her fully alone in the world. Stroking the beaded earring she held in her hand, Sam let herself sink back into the

pillows of the unfamiliar bed; her tears lulling her into a tormented sleep.

…6 years later…

Samantha Lattimore sat in her room overlooking the ocean; homework spread out in front of her. The open window

allowed the breeze to carry the smells of the ocean and boardwalk right into her room, and Sam reveled in the coolness of

the night air blowing throught the curtains. Her fingers tapped lightly on the cover of her World History book as she stared

at the same page she had been on for the past 15 minutes. Sighing in defeat, Sam closed the book and threw it down next

to its brethren at the foot of her bed. With a stretch, she got up and walked over to her window and stuck her head out into

the warm Californian night. A breeze ruffled her short hair and she smiled. "A trip to the boardwalk is just what the doctor

ordered" she spoke to the night and it answered with another cool breeze.

With another small smile, Sam went over to her closet and pulled out a faded pair of jeans, a tank and her leather riding

jacket. She'd been surprised on her 18th birthday a few days ago when her adoptive parents had gifted her with a sleek

black and silver Harley, along with the coat and boots that she was now pulling on. Hastily securing the short strands of her

hair with an elastic, Sam grabbed her wallet and keys before heading downstairs. "Hey Mom, Dad, I'm going to the

boardwalk for a few hours. Be back later, and don't wait up for me this time!" Her declaration was met with a mumbled

sound of approval from Hank, her adoptive father, and Margarette, her adoptive mother. This caused Sam to simply shake

her head and run down the porch steps to the garage that housed her bike.

Gunning the engine, Sam tore down the semi-quiet street of her neighborhood and into town. Parking her bike near a

bunch of others, she walked easily through the crowds gathered on the strip. Her eyes scanned the crowds as she window

shopped for a bit; landing on a very familiar black clad form. The chill of familiarity swept through her body as she watched

the figure move a head of her further into the heart of the boardwalk. Unable to shake the feeling, Sam followed the person;

keeping a few feet behind just in case. As the figure stopped near a pack of three other guys, he turned to lock gazes with

his pursuer. Sam's eyes widened as she gasped. The eyes locked with hers were the same crystalline blue that stared back

at her in the mirror every morning…only these were much colder and harder. "Dav-david…." She moved forward as if

hypnotized by the figure of her brother standing there before her; stopping a few inches from him and the gang behind him.

David regarded her with an emotionless, analyzing gaze as his eyes swept over her form. She watched him watch her, then

threw her arms around him when she couldn't stand the emotions running through her head any more. "You came back!!"

Her voice was filled with happy tears until she felt him stiffen under her embrace. Pulling back to look up at him, Sam's eyes

searched his own. "David, don't you remember me? It's me, Samantha…your sister." David kept his hard eyes on her as he

forcefully removed her arms from his body. Turning from her, he climbed onto his bike and revved the engine. Before pulling

out of the spot his bike now occupied, he sent a scathing look her way, muttering as he rode by "I don't have a sister." The

bike roared by her; leaving Sam alone on the increasingly deserted boardwalk.

Samantha walked frozenly down the boardwalk back towards her bike. She'd dreamt of that meeting for years, and it

hadn't happened how she had imagined it. Her brother had always been warm, loving…he'd adored her, and she him. The

David she had seen tonight was not the brother that had promised to come back to her. Absent mindedly, she fingered the

earring in her left ear; the one David had given her the night he'd disappeared from her life. The sting in her eyes intensified

as a new wave of tears streamed down her face. How could he not recognize me? He was so cold…David…what's happened to

you? Her heart ached for her brother. She'd always loved him more than she'd even loved parents. He'd been her

everything…and now he was gone. Forever. No promise of returning. Sam openly cried now as she leaned against the railing

by her bike; not noticing the sound of another bike pull up next to her. Trying to calm down before she returned home, Sam

stiffened as a pair of arms wrapped around her. A kiss was pressed into her hair and the arms hugged her tighter. "Sam"

The voice whispered against her hair caused new tears to wash down her cheeks, and she struggled. 'Let me go." Her voice

was weak and he just held her tighter. "Sam, I'm sorry. So sorry…." Gathering her strength, Sam broke free from his grasp

and moved away from him; arms wrapping around her suddenly chilled body. "I find that hard to believe, brother. You

certainly weren't sorry a few minuets ago." Her voice was bitter, and she hoped she had hurt him at least an inkling of how

he'd just hurt her…continued to hurt her with his silence. "Sam…please, just…just look at me." Her tear reddened eyes met

his briefly before flicking back out to the ocean. "I'm not sure I like what I see, David…maybe it's best if we pretend you don't

have a sister…and that I don't have a brother. Here." From her back pocket, she pulled a worn picture out and handed it to

him. The sight of it brought more tears to her eyes, and unknown to her, it also brought a single tear from the man in front

of her. The worn, and well loved picture was of a twelve year old David and six year old Sam sitting on their Father's old

pickup. "Samantha…" With a shake of her head, Sam mounted her bike and gunned the engine. "Goodbye, David…" Roaring

past him, Sam fled into the night. David just continued to stand there; his fist clenched around the picture of him and his

beloved sister. 'My darling Samantha…you have no idea how hard that was for me…letting you go, and then having to disown you

in front of the pack. sigh I'll make it up to you…and you'll understand how much I love you…I swear it.' With that, David climbed

onto his own bike and took off down the beach towards his pack and the cave.