A/N: sorry that this has taken so long to be posted. I just started college and have been so caught up in adjusting to a new setting away from home,

but here it is ladies and gentlemen!!!! The end that you've all been waiting for!!!!

Sam woke and froze. Her body didn't feel groggy or heavy…hell, it didn't even feel tired. Sitting up, she squealed a bit as it dawned on her how

strong her body felt; how alive she felt right at that moment. Then, it hit her. Hunger, terrible hunger burned its way through her abdomen and

through her bloodstream. It tore at her and she felt her face shift and contort into the face of her other side: her vampire.

Gasping through the haze of pain, Sam staggered out of the alcove and into the lobby, where the Pack waited. David caught her suddenly falling

form right before she hit the ground; pulling her close to his body. The scent of his blood called to her and despite her reluctance, Sam felt her fangs

lengthen and her thirst increased. "David…." He simply smiled and set her back on her feet. "It's alright, love. You'll learn to control your hunger in

time. Come on…it's time to hunt." The Pack moved out into the night air with Sam joining them. She marveled at how sharp the landscape appeared

to her at such a late hour and she couldn't stop the laughter that bubbled from her throat. David smiled fondly at her as she danced around the boys

and their bikes as the wind whipped her hair around her face.

The Pack reached the boardwalk a little while later; Marko and Dwayne going one way while Paul, David, and Sam took a path around the

carousel looking for the night's meal. Sam's keen blue eyes scanned the crowd hungrily and she had to keep reminded herself to stay in control.

David kept a close watch on her though he knew she was keeping a good lock on her urges. The group moved down to the beach and David smil

ed as they came upon a clan of Surfer Nazis. David motioned for the pack to stop and move into position. Dwayne and Marco appeared on Sam's left

while David and Paul flanked her on the right. Sam watched as the boys moved along the outskirts of the fire's glow; stalking the group of partiers.

David motioned for Sam to join him by the large tree where the group's stereo was blaring away. "Just follow my lead, and go for the neck." Sam

nodded and smiled; fangs glinting in the amber light. David kisses her deeply once before springing out of the shadows and grabbing the closest

surfer and tearing into his neck.

Sam watched as the rest of the Pack grabbed a surfer each and began feeding. She caught sight of a girl fleeing from the campfire and lunged

after her. Sam caught the girl around the throat and pulled her close. "Naughty naughty. Trying to run away from all the fun." Eyes widening in fear,

the girl opened her mouth to scream, but didn't make a sound. Sam unerringly found her throat and quickly latched on; drinking greedily from the

young girl's neck. David came over just as Sam had finished and thrown her meal to the ground. "Feel better, love?" Sam nodded and wrapped her

arms around his waist. "Much better…but, now I'm hungry for something else, brother." Her voice was a husky murmur, and David bit back a groan as

her hands moved under his jacket to slide beneath the waistband of his jeans. The rest of the Pack snickered before giving Sam a pat on the

shoulder, or in Paul's case her arse, and disappearing into the boardwalk's crowd.

David growled low in his throat as Sam moved in to lay open mouth kisses on his neck; fangs tracing lightly over the skin covering his collar bone.

She easily pushed his heavy duster from his shoulder and pushed him to the ground so he was laying on it. She grinned down at him before pulling

her shirt up and over her head before joining him on the makeshift blanket. David pulled her to him roughly and claimed her lips in a hunger kiss

which she returned eagerly. He lay down and she moved on top of him; legs parted on either side of his chest. "David…" his name was a rushed

whisper as her mouth moved over the exposed skin of his neck and he hastily tore his shirt off to allow her more access. Sam took eager advantage

as her blunt teeth nipped a path from his collar bone to just above his navel, then moving back up to nibble on his ear. "Samantha….need you…now."

David's voice was etched with barely retained need and Sam grinned at the control she wielded over her brother. "What is it you need brother

dearest? This?" Grinding her hips into his, Sam began pulling her shirt over her head. "Or, is it this that you need?" She deftly unhooked her bra and

leaned down so David could catch one of her nipples in his mouth. His mouth suckled gently at first on her hardening nipple, then moved to the other

to give it equal attention, all the while Sam was grinding against David's very present erection.

Having enough of her torturing, David flipped them over so that he was now on top; smirking down at his flushed sister. "My turn little sister."

David's mouth crushed any protest Sam would have made as he began ripping the rest of her clothes from her body. Not letting her brother get the

upper hand, Sam to began to hastily rid David of the remainder of his clothes and soon they were pressed skin to skin; mouths welded together as

they fought for dominance. David eventually broke away and looked down at his panting sister. "Sami…be mine?" She looked up at him through half

closed eyes and stroked his cheek "I'm already yours, brother. Eternity, remember?" David smiled and kissed her softly before explaining. "No…be MINE,

only mine." Sam pulled away a fraction then soundly kissed David on the mouth. "Of course silly. Always yours…no one else's. But you better damn well

be mine for eternity too. Only me. Promise?" David's smile broke out into a full blown grin as he pulled her even closer. "Only yours sister, only you can

touch me the way you do." Sam nuzzled his neck and wrapped her legs around his waist. "Good."

The rest of the evening was spent entwined in each other's arms; their vampiric souls mating for all eternity. They would spend the long

centuries ahead of them together, always together, and when they decided to great the dawn several dozen centuries later, they did so

hand in hand and they both were unchained from everything. Everything that is except their continuing devotion to each other.