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So Close And Still So Far

Ch. 1: Teardrops On My Guitar


… looks at me, I fake a smile so he won't see
That I want and I'm needing everything that we should be
I'll bet she's beautiful, that girl he talks about
And she's got everything that I have to live without

-Taylor Swift


Where was William, and what was so important that he had to tell her? Sammi pondered this as she gingerly stepped through the underbrush along the path that took her to their clandestine location, which she had appropriately dubbed Paradise Cove. Their secret spot truly was a paradise, its twin pools holding gallons water were mostly shaded by a plethora of overhanging palm trees. William had discovered it a few years back, and she had been the only one he had brought there, as far as she knew. Sammi was surprised that they'd been the first of all the natives of St. Maarten to find the place, but she was glad this was indeed the case. For this place was held great meaning to both her and William, and they had made it their own. It was a bit of a refuge from their parents and other family members, which they both needed at times.

William Turner the Third had been her best friend since infancy, which had been inevitable really, seeing how much time their parents spent together. Some seventeen years ago, Sammi had been born to Jack and Anamaria Sparrow. Five months later, William entered the world, thanks to the assistance of Ana and Jack, who had kept his mother calm and lucid during the birthing process. Elizabeth Turner, née Swann, had been incredibly grateful for their help, as William's father hadn't been able to attend the birth of his firstborn due to the minute detail that he'd been forbidden to step on land for ten entire years. Will Turner the Second had in fact been made immortal as well as appointed the Ferrier of Souls as the new captain of the Flying Dutchman, and those were the restrictions that went along with the job, or rather, the curse. Those lonely ten years away from Will had been absolute torture for Elizabeth, but time spent with her son along with the Sparrows, helped the time pass by quickly. Before she knew it, on the day Will's ten years expired, Elizabeth had outwitted the wily sea goddess Calypso, and had permanently regained her husband.

After Will had been reunited with his wife and introduced to his enthused son, he'd come aboard the Black Pearl, where he met Sammi for the first time. He'd received quite a shock by her presence, as he hadn't known of her parents' involvement at the time of his departure. Ana surprised the poor lad further by showing him Sammi's two-year old brother, Teague, who looked eerily similar to Jack only in a much smaller form. Sammi remembered that night when Will returned very well, as her father had held a Sparrow-Turner celebration on deck, and she'd gotten to dance with William.

Following Will's return, life for the Sparrow and Turner families grew more complicated. About a year later, Sammi and William had received a sister each, ironically on the same day. Privately, Sammi believed that William received the better deal, as Danielle, or Dani as they called her, was a well-behaved child most of the time. Eva, on the other hand, was a nightmare. The devious girl constantly framed Sammi for wrongdoings she herself had committed, and usually succeeded in getting her older sibling into trouble with Ana. And as if Sammi didn't have enough children to look after when her parents and the Turners asked her and William to watch the lot, James Turner had been born a year later. Thankfully, Jamie was a sweet-natured, optimistic little boy, but he could be mischievous at times. Needless to say, Sammi automatically looks in her chair now before she sits down when eating at a table with the young lad. By then, Sammi was sure that size of her extended 'family' had reached its peak for awhile, but she'd been mistaken. Two years after James's birth, Charlotte had been born to the Turners. Sammi got on alright with her, when she wasn't asking to play Tea Party or something equally prissy.

Over the past few years, Sammi and William's lives had changed drastically. Finished with their formal education, the eldest Sparrow and Turner children turned their focus to that of their future careers. While William had promised that he eventually wanted to go pirating with Sammi, he wasn't above earning money the honest way. He gave sword-fighting lessons to the younger boys of St. Maarten, but his reputation was so advanced that he'd been attracting older customers as of late. William had also been spending some time in the smithy with his father, as he'd expressed an interest in learning the basics of blacksmithing.

As William perfected specific skills, Sammi preferred to develop a broad range of her piratical talents. Much to her delight, her father had taken her under his wing and decided to give her some one-on-one instruction. He took her out on the Pearl on several occasions, allowing her to gain more experience commanding a pirate ship and her crew. Jack gave her plenty of advice about how to become a successful pirate, one that the masses would both fear and respect. One of the first things her father had mentioned that would help her on the road to captaincy was the creation of her own legend. So Sammi had begun to do just that, starting with changing her name. Oh, she didn't wish to make a major change, as she rather liked her name. However, she thought Samantha sounded more grown up than Sammi. When her father asked why, Sammi cited pirate Anne Bonny as an example. Anne Bonny was famous for being a fearsome female, but Sammi doubted that the nickname 'Annie' would've had the same effect on her enemies. Jack couldn't argue with that. And so, when she turned seventeen, she insisted that everyone call her Samantha, which everyone did. Everyone save for her father and William, who claimed that they wouldn't be able to adjust to the change. (She suspected they just preferred calling her Sammi.)

Another piece of advice that Jack had brought up was the importance of prevention of a crisis. Sammi needed to know all the ins and outs of a pirate ship, every position and duty of her crew, and how to chart a correct course in all different weather conditions. She also needed to be in top physical condition, so she'd be able to defend herself against any enemies she might encounter. Taking this to heart, Sammi built upon her existing exercises to increase her muscle tone and her endurance. It wasn't a hardship, as Sammi loved to run, climb, swim, sword-fight, and take part in any other physical activity.

As she waited for William, Sammi wondered if there could be the slightest chance that William would confess that he had feelings for her. She also wondered if her best friend finally felt like he was old enough to have a girlfriend. About a year ago Sammi's only female friend, who was also the daughter of a pirate, asked William out behind her back, even when she knew that Sammi had liked him for a long time. William had politely turned her friend down, much to Sammi's relief, claiming that he wasn't mature enough to enter a romantic relationship. She hadn't really thought that William would be interested in Thérèse, who could be quite vindictive at times, but it was good to know that he had rejected her advances. Sammi smiled at the memory; William had been quite traumatized as he tried to explain to her what Thérèse had done. For some unexplained reason, William seemed tense around Sammi for about a month after that incident, which she chalked up to his embarrassment about being asked out by a girl who was his best friend's friend no less. Needless to say, Sammi's friendship with Thérèse was strained after that incident. While it had improved recently, Sammi still didn't trust the girl at all.

Regardless what William was about to confess to her this day, Sammi had decided to finally tell him of her longtime amorous feelings. While she was slightly worried about losing his friendship, she knew in her heart that nothing would stop him from being her friend, not even this. She remembered the first time that she began to think of William as possibly more than a friend. He had just saved her from being kidnapped by two evil agents of the EITC when they'd been seven, by alerting their parents of the situation. Ever since, Sammi had been in awe of her best friend. She finally admitted to herself that she liked William when she'd been nine, one night when she and William had snuck out on the Pearl and had gone for a midnight swim. Since then, she'd had a hard time keeping thoughts of her and Williambeing madly in love from taking over her brain. It didn't help that on the Christmas Eve when she'd been ten, just when William had been about to kiss her under the mistletoe, his lips found her cheek instead. She'd been so frustrated that when the next day arrived, she barely enjoyed opening her presents.

Sammi masked these feelings, however, for at the time William had been much too preoccupied with his impending fate worse than death to be concerned with liking her. Not to mention that he firmly stuck by the notion that girls as a whole were gross in terms of love and romance, that is until he turned twelve. That was the year that Sammi's hope for them grew especially strong for the future, as William's 'predicament' had been resolved. The Turner family lost someone dear to them, but his sacrifice allowed Will to remain with his family, and had given William a normal future. As they grew into adolescents, Sammi thought she might've spied certain clues that William might see her as more than a friend, but she could never be certain.

"There you are!" Sammi exclaimed. She stood up from her spot on the soft grass when William stepped out from behind the leafy entrance to the cove. "I was worried about you when you didn't show up on time."

"Sorry," William said sheepishly. "I offered to help Jamie with his reading, and it took longer than I expected."

"Even in your home, you're always putting others before yourself," she complained with a roll of her eyes. "It's a wonder your father hasn't turned you out on grounds of too much competition." But Sammi was secretly impressed by her friend's dedication to his younger siblings, and to the wellbeing of others in general. It was one of the many things she admired about him.

She herself was just starting to grow close with her ten year-old brother, but her relationship with her youngest sibling Eva was the complete opposite. Sammi wondered if she'd ever have enough patience to get along with her feisty sister, who had a short temper and an even shorter attention span. Just carrying a conversation with the girl took too much effort! As Eva was already difficult to get along with, Sammi couldn't bring herself to be the one to help her sister with academics, as she just didn't have the patience for that sort of thing. She told herself that would-be-pirates didn't need to be wasting their time with their hellion siblings when they gained nothing from the experience save for the occasional bruise. However, a small part of her wished she could be more like William, and give unconditionally without any regards to what she would be receiving.

"A good man once told your father that he would do well to remember to serve others and not only himself," said William, with a twinkle in his eye.

"Who said that?" She asked, for she'd never heard that saying before.

"The man who my brother was named for. As you know, he and your father had many dealings." Ah yes, former Commodore James Norrington. Sammi knew the name well, as her father still bragged about being only pirate recorded who eluded Norrington's capture.

"Right," said Sammi. She could care less about Norrington, who was long gone, killed while saving Elizabeth from Davy Jones's crew days before the famous clash between the pirates and the EITC. "So what did you want to tell me, Will?" She figured that while William was telling her his news (she highly doubted he was about to profess his undying love for her) she would gather her courage to tell him how she felt. William sighed, running his fingers through his sandy brown tendrils.

"Didn't you tell me yesterday that you had something to tell me as well?"

"Aye, I did," she admitted. "But I'd rather you go first."

"Fine," William sighed. "I knew you'd ask me to do that."

"Wonderful," Sammi beamed at him. "So, your big news…"

"Yes, my news. This is so strange to be telling you of all people this," he muttered. "But you're my best friend and I need to tell someone!" Sammi smiled.

"You know you can tell me anything." He gave her a quick nod.

"I know. I don't know why this is so difficult; I just have to say it." He winced. "No, no… I can't."

"Yes you can," she encouraged him, taking both of his hands in her own. "I have faith in you." William's cheek twitched.

"I've been keeping this inside for so long, I'm afraid to share it with anyone. Sammi, I… I'm in love with the most amazing girl!" Sammi was so startled, she almost let go of her friend's hands. Please let it be me, please let it be me…

"That… that's great," she exclaimed, sounding a bit more fake than she had intended. William frowned.

"You're not happy about this."

"No, you misunderstand me," she lied. "I'm just surprised, only because you've maintained for awhile that you aren't mature enough for a relationship. Which is, of course, ridiculous. You're one of the most mature people I know."

"I'm glad you think so," said William with obvious relief. "Because I'm going to ask this girl to court me." Her eyes grew wide.


"Yes," he replied, looking down at his feet. "As soon as I work up the nerve." She chuckled, thinking her chances were looking good if William was exhibiting his nerves in her presence.

"There's no need to be nervous," she said firmly. "You could have any girl of age on this island, William, and that's the honest truth. In case you haven't noticed, they're all very interested in you." He sighed sadly.

"Not all of them." She frowned.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing," he said, a little too quickly for her taste. Whatever. William tended to be a bit enigmatic at times. She let it go, caring more about who held her friend's affections.

"So who is it?" She prodded, needing to know. "Who's the lucky girl?"

"She has everything I could want in a woman," he sighed dreamily. "She's kind, she's beautiful, she's very musically talented, she loves the sea..."

"Alright, I get the picture!" She interrupted, chuckling. Sammi wasn't positive about the first two, having never thought of herself as kind or beautiful, but the last two traits were definitely true of herself. She was feeling rather good about this, but doubt still lingered. "What's her name?" Sammi's palms grew sweaty, her heart hammering in her chest. Every beat was for him.

"Her name," William swallowed, "is the loveliest word in the English language."

"And what might that word be?" She teased, fully expecting him to say Samantha.

"I'm not worthy to say it," William blushed so deep, even his ears grew hot.

"Just try!" She pleaded, about to throttle him for making her wait. For it was true that William never called her Samantha. Even when she'd asked him to call him by her real name, he had refused.

"Her name is…" William trailed off.

"Yes?" Sammi prodded.

"It's Ophelia… Ophelia Grace," he blurted out. Sammi's heart constricted at that. It was as though someone had shoved several large barrels of rum directly into her stomach. But she'd had the wind knocked out of her before, and this was much more painful.

What?! No! Not her! Anyone but her!

"You're in love with the magistrate's daughter," Sammi said slowly, trying her best not to fall apart now that her hopes for them had been cruelly slashed. He nodded.

"Is that so hard to believe?" Yes. How could he have fallen for a beautiful girl of noble birth like Ophelia and not for me? As far as she knew, William didn't associate with the upper crust. She didn't understand it at all…

"No," said Sammi, with a smile that came out as more of a grimace. "But how did this happen?" And why didn't I pick up on it sooner?

"You know that day your friend asked me out last year?" Sammi nodded, wondering what Thérèse had to do with all of this. "After I finished talking with you that day, I went down to the docks to think. It was then that Lord and Lady Grace returned from their holiday in the colonies. I just happened to look up as the most gorgeous creature descended, no, floated down the gangplank. She smiled at me for a moment and kept walking. That was when I lost my heart to her forever."

Sammi raised her eyebrows at him, grateful to her father for teaching her the art of keeping her emotions on her face carefully concealed. She wasn't sure if she wanted to vomit or bawl her eyes out – both sounded like excellent options at the moment. Keep calm, stay composed… he must never know of your feelings for him; not now, not ever.

"But you don't even know her," she protested. "You've fallen in love, if you can call it that, with this girl based on her appearance!"

"That's not entirely true," William defended himself. "I happen to know she has a beautiful singing voice as I heard her once. And, she has a very kind heart; everyone I talk to about her says so. Apparently she volunteers her time at the schoolhouse after house, helping the less fortunate children with their studies."

"That's bloody great," said Sammi, inwardly cursing the girl, her lovely voice, and her generous heart. "But have you actually talked to this girl?"

"Her name is Ophelia," William reminded her, a bit more vehemently than he could have.

"You haven't, have you?" She asked, shaking her head. William blushed.

"I doubt she knows my feelings for her exist," he said, his expression adorably pitiful.

Maybe there was still hope! Perhaps Sammi could talk him out of it, especially if she could bring to his attention exactly how a high-class, well-bred girl would cause him more harm than good.

"Will, even if she did like you, you know her family wouldn't allow her to court a pirate, don't you?"

"Yes, I know that," said William with a chuckle. "That is reason is one of the several reasons why I've decided to renounce piracy for good." Oh, God! This news is worse than hearing he likes Ophelia. Almost.

"But but but…" Sammi sputtered. "You can't!" This was not the answer she'd been hoping for, or even expecting. Hell, she doubted even her father, who was so good at reading people, could've foreseen this response. "You've wanted to be a pirate captain for almost as long as I have."

"Piracy is wrong, Sammi," William said, furrowing his brow. "I want no further part in it." This couldn't be happening. What had caused her friend to think this way?

"Sometimes laws are wrong, and so are the authorities who enforce them," she cried, particularly referring to laws that legalized slavery. "But never mind that. What about your family and your pirate heritage on both sides? What will your mother say?"

"She won't mind," he said with confidence. "She's always said that her children had to choose for themselves whether we wanted to follow in our parents' footsteps or not. Mum said she'd support whatever occupation we chose."

"And your father?"

"I suspect he'll be proud of me, seeing as he was forced into a life of piracy and didn't get to make the choice himself," William mused.

"So are you not allowed to associate with pirates now? Are you too good for us now?" She asked with a steely edge to her voice.

"Of course not!" He shook his head. "Sammi, just because I'm not going to be a pirate doesn't mean I will think ill of my family and friends who are pirates." He had completely lost her there.

"But I thought you said you believe piracy is wrong?" William shook his head.

"It's complicated…." He trailed off helplessly. Sammi frowned – she distinctly had the impression that he was keeping something from her.

"Apparently!" She said frostily as she crossed her arms.

"Look, this isn't going to change anything between us, alright?"

"How can it not!?" Sammi glared at him. "Piracy is my future, Will. And I thought it was yours too, as we'd made all those carefully laid plans about sailing together on our own adventures. Or was that all a game to you?"

"Of course it wasn't a game," he stared at her, affronted. "It's just that sometimes, one's plans have to change."

"I can't believe this," Sammi muttered. "It's like you've gone completely mental!"

"I knew you'd be angry about the piracy thing," said William with a sigh. "And I can't blame you for that. But I thought that you of all people would've wanted me to be happy with someone, no matter what her background."

"I do want you to be happy," she said, her bottom lip starting to quiver at the injustice of it all. I want you to be happy with me. "You deserve someone really special, Will. I just hope she doesn't break your heart. Because if she did, I'd have to hunt her down and beat her up." William laughed.

"You're such a good friend, Sammi," he said, gracing her with one of his knee-weakening grins. "I can always count on you to always have my back." Friend. That's all she would be to him, and she had to learn to accept that, however agonizing it would be. Unfortunately, that was easier said than done. "Now what was it that you wanted to tell me?" He asked.

"Nothing; it doesn't matter," Sammi said hurriedly. "I-I have to go… I forgot I promised my parents I'd watch Teague and Eva tonight." William nodded, both of them knowing perfectly well that she was lying.

"I'm sorry I broke my promise to you about our future together as pirates. I just can't be a pirate anymore," William explained, his handsome visage marred with anguish. Sammi couldn't take anymore of this.

"It's fine. I'll see you tomorrow, then," she mumbled before she took off, not bothering to wait for a reply. Sammi disappeared from William's sight behind the palm leaves, forcing the tears to stay inside as she was determined not to break down before she reached home. As she tore through the underbrush, thorny vines reached out and grabbed hold of her bare legs. She didn't feel the little prickles of pain from the thorns, as her fury at William outweighed any physical discomfort. It wasn't long before Sammi's feet carried her back to the road which took her straight to her house.

"Mum, Mum, Sammi's legs are bleeding!" Eva gleefully announced before Sammi had even taken two steps into the foyer. Her brother Teague regarded her solemnly from his place at the kitchen table across the room, wondering what had caused his sister the hurt he saw in her eyes.

"Don't you ever shut up?" Sammi snarled. Not waiting for her mother to show, she darted past her sister and up the stairs to the sanctuary of her room. She wrapped her legs in an old shirt, and sat on her bed, not caring if the blood dripped on her floor. Still, she had no desire to cry. The reality of the past hour's events hadn't seemed to have sunk in yet…

"Samantha?" Perfect timing, she thought as she heard her mother's voice through the door. "Can I come in?"

"No," she said stubbornly. "I'm fine."

"Eva said your legs were bleeding."

"When has she ever told the truth?" Sammi heard her mother sigh.

"Teague said you seemed pretty upset. Did something happen when you were with William?"

"Nothing I want to tell you about," Sammi retorted, crossing her arms on the bed.

"Please, love, let me in. I want to help you," Ana pleaded, for it was killing her not knowing what had happened to her daughter, who she dearly loved. Unfortunately, Sammi had seemed to be rather closed-lipped to her mother as of late, something Jack assured her was normal for girls of Sammi's precarious age. That didn't make things any better for Ana, however. It seemed that the minute Sammi hit fifteen, all they ever did was fight. Sammi's relationship with her father, on the other had, had only strengthened, something Ana had to remind herself everyday not to be jealous of.

"Just go away, Mum," Sammi cried. "You didn't even like boys when you were my age; you were too busy trying to act like one! You don't know what it's like."

"Samantha, I know very well what it was like when I was dealing with your father before we were committed."

"That's not the same thing," she wailed. "You were much older then. Can I talk to Father?" Ana sighed – she hated not being the one to help her daughter work through this.

"He's not home yet."

"Can you tell him to come see me when he gets here?"

"I'll let him know," Ana promised. "Sammi, whatever William did or said to you, I'm sorry he hurt you."

"Thanks," Sammi said miserably.

She heard Ana's footsteps leave the hallway, much to her relief. It was then that she finally realized that William's new outlook on life meant. It was now clear that her dream of becoming a pirate captain would have to be one without William at her side. Automatically, she reached for her most prized possession, a gift from her grandfather Teague, which she often turned to for solace. Sammi clutched her precious guitar to her bosom as she finally allowed her sobs to come and her tears to fall.

End Ch.1

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