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Title: Well It All Started With a Hat

Chapter Name: PlannED

Warnings: None, yet.

Disclaimer. I do not own Ed, Edd, or Eddy, or anything else that has to do with them.

Summary: Double D's life is turned upside down when the gang uncovers the secret of what's under his hat. Could the secret also be the key to turning it right side up again? Future Kevin/Edd SLASH

Well, it all started with a hat. Who knew an object so simple was capable of causing large-scale events, and strong feelings of love, hatred, anger, and fear. Wait, no.

Perhaps it was not the hat. Maybe it was what was under the hat that ravaged the boy's life who tried so hard to keep it a secret. And perhaps it was what was under the hat that led him to find love and acceptance in the most unexpected places.

It was Wednesday night when two figures hunched themselves over a large piece of paper. It was a hastily drawn schematic of a bedroom in a certain boy's house. Paths leading into and out of rooms were drawn to make sure no one noticed what they were planning; Xs were placed where areas would be the most dangerous and circles had been sited precisely where their objective would be.

"Ed! Back off, you big lump. You're in my face!" Eddy said hoarsely, smacking Ed in the face.

The tall boy remained unfazed, but slowly backed off. "Sorry Eddy. It just looks like the plan in Space Invaders #47 when the-"

"Yeah, whatever. Do you want to do this or not?" Eddy snapped, jabbing his finger into the paper. Sometimes he wondered if Ed would ever change.

"Yes, Eddy! Do I ever!" Ed replied, waving his arms around and smiling that trademark smile, gums and all.

"Then shut up."

The two young boys were sitting on Eddy's floor in his bedroom. At first glance, the room seemed tidy, but that was until you decided to look under his bed. There was an abundance of dirty clothing, CD's, and, to put it lightly, less than appropriate magazines hidden underneath. They had spent about two hours making the plan, er, Eddyhad spent about two hours making the plan and drawing it onto the paper. It was Operation "Double D." Eddy took pride in naming it. It was so original, right? He drew a large red line with his sharpie onto the plan. It went from Double D's bed to his desk.

"Alright, you better listen, Ed, because I'm not saying this again. If this works, whatever is under that hat I can sell for a lot of cash," Eddy said chuckling darkly.
Maybe he had a premature receding hairline. Photos of that would sell big. Or maybe it was a bad dye job. Whatever it was, Eddy was sure he was going to get rich from it. I mean, how could he not get rich off it? He knew for a fact everyone wanted to know what was under that hat. And with the knowledge of someone actually knowing what was hidden, they would all draw to him like a moth to light and be wiling to pay for it.

He began tracing his fingers along the lines of the plan.

"Ed, I'm going to ask Double D to help me study for the chemistry test tomorrow. When he's at Math Club after school, you and I are going to break into his room and you're going to hide under his bed, here, with rope and duck tape. I'm going to leave through here. When he and I come back, I'll be distracting him. And when I give you this sign," He scratched the back of his head, "you'll come out the front of the bed and tie him to the chair, and duck tape his mouth." He took a deep breath.

"You got all that, big guy?"

Ed looked at him with that dumb smile and saluted.
"Yes! Eddy Sir! I will except this position and vanquish the evil doers from-"


"Uh, yes, Eddy?"

"Shut up."

He knew very well that what he was doing was wrong. And he knew Double D would probably hate him for it afterwards. But sometimes, he got tired of it, of each little scam that failed. Every quarter that slipped out of his hands, he could feel himself get more and more tired. Eddy knew he had a problem. The undying thirst for wealth that always eluded his grasp was in fact a huge problem, but...it was so addicting. All he had to do was to keep telling himself that the next one would work, no matter how tired he was.

He shook himself from those thoughts. He needed to focus on the thing at hand, especially if he wanted it to work.

Whatever thing that was hidden under Double D's hat was his last chance at making it big. . .before he had a breakdown.

The bell had just rung at Peach Creek High School. Edd, better known as Double D, walked down the crowded hallway to his locker. So sad, another day of school over, but at least there was math club to look forward to.

As he was concentrating on his locker combination, he felt a hand on his shoulder.
"AH!" He squeaked and dropped his books all over the floor. Frowning, he turned around to look at his predator. It was just Eddy.

"I'd like to ask you to refrain from doing that, please." Double D asked quietly.

Eddy rolled his eyes. "Whatever. Hey, that chemistry test is gonna kill me tomorrow if I don't study. So, help me study tonight so I don't totally flunk?" He was using his puppy face with the extra-long eyelashes.

"Well actually Eddy-" Double D began.

"Thanks, man," Eddy interrupted, "I knew you would help me."

Double D sighed. Part of him wanted to refuse, knowing Eddy would just goof off or force him into another scam, but the other part of them, the academic side of him, could not dare to refuse a fellow student's plea for help.

"Okay. Well. . . I have Math Club until four-o-clock. Meet me at my house at around, say . . . four fifteen?"

"Sounds good. Later," Eddy waved, and took off down the hallway.

'That's weird. He's never asked me to help him study before,' Double D thought, then shrugged.

Maybe he was just having a really hard time in chemistry. Actually, he wouldn't be surprised if he was having a hard time in all his classes. He leaned down to pick his books up off the floor and started to put them into his backpack.

"Dork," A boy's voice said.

Double D didn't even bother to turn around. He had already passed by, only pausing long enough to throw the customary insult at him.


He never really liked Kevin. Then again, none of the Ed's ever really got along with him. Maybe that's the way it was destined to stay. Double D shut his locker door and swung his backpack around his shoulder, walking down the nearly empty hallway to Math Club. It was going to be a tough night, especially when you had to tutor someone who doesn't even care enough about their grades to begin with.

And yet, he had no idea there wasn't going to be a lot of tutoring going on.

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