Come on Eragon, if we are to leave it should be now before we are needed again. Eragon shut the gate as he flung his pack on his shoulders. He would normally tie it to Saphira but he didn't want to burden her before he had to. The pair crept as quietly as possible for a man with a dragon, through the dark moonlit streets of the now renamed city of Uru'baen.

The elves had been keen to restore the name of Ilirea to the kingdom's capital. Eragon and Saphira were planning on leaving. They believed that their services were no longer needed to the kingdom now that the war was over and it was obvious that the riders were incapable of being restored.

They could have left by themselves as it was doubtful that anyone would try to stop them in light of what they had done for the kingdom but they had still sought permission, which was granted. They agreed that they would return if the kingdom was in need of them again but for now they just wanted to live in peace.

Hurry Eragon. Saphira hissed again. She was eager to leave the populated city and live in isolation. Eragon had noted a change in her behaviour since the final battle and she was no longer her usual 'happy' self. He shrugged it off and picked up his pace.

They could see the outskirts of the city now and were hoping to pass through the portcullis before anyone could stop them. They drew closer and closer tasting freedom on their tongues when a hand reached out to Eragon's shoulder.

He sighed. He was hoping to not be pestered but alas it was not to be. He turned to see that the hand belonged to a soldier that Eragon thought looked familiar. He had a scar in throat which Eragon immediately noticed and remembered. This soldier had been saved by him when an arrow struck the poor man in his throat when he walked past Eragon.

The arrow was from an assassin that he knew was there and he had planned to deflect the arrow once it had fired. The soldier however passed right by him as the arrow was loosed, lodging itself in his throat. Eragon had quickly killed the assassin with a word of dead and began healing the soldier. He had done quite well despite him being unable to not leave a scar.

"Shadeslayer, I was hoping to catch you before you left and it appears luck was on my side." He chuckled as he extended his arm to Eragon which Eragon grasped with his. The soldier had a strong grip. "I never had an opportunity to thank you for what you did for me on the battle field it was mighty good of you to say the least."

"Do not mention it I'm glad I was able to save you although I do regret not being able to rid you of the scar." The soldier chuckled

"If a scar is what it costs to survive an arrow to the throat then I will gladly wear it. Besides my wife think it rather pleasing and it will be an interesting story to tell my children," Eragon smiled. "Well Shadeslayer, I hear you are leaving and I do not want to keep you, I wish you a speedy journey to wherever it is you travel and I hope to see you again someday to further thank you for my life."

Eragon nodded to the man who nodded back as he turned to leave the streets empty once again. That was nice of him Saphira stated as they began to leave for the portcullis again, it's not every day that you get thanked by the soldiers who fight by your side. Eragon chuckled as they passed under the city wall and under the portcullis. Once outside he tied his pack to Saphira and mounted her. Saphira spread her wings looked up to the sky and then lept towards it.


It was dark as they flew across the kingdom. The sky was cloudless and the stars were shining brightly as if in a celebration. But they didn't feel like celebrating. This made them feel as if the stars were mocking them. Yes they may have liberated the kingdom from Galbatorix's reign but both Eragon and Saphira lost many friends during the process.

Queen Islanzadi was killed in the battle of Du Weldenvarden and Arya was forced to take the throne early, Orik, after the thirteen clan chiefs elected him had been made King of the Dwarves and Nasuada was made Queen of the new kingdom. With their new duties and responsibilities his friends had very little time to spend with Eragon. This upset him but not as much as he was upset about Saphira.

Through their mental link he felt extreme pain over the loss of the green egg. Thorn also fell in the battle with Galbatorix and although Murtagh survived he had gone into reclusion and had not been seen since. Although everything was done to try and save him from the King's control Shruikan fell in the battle when he intercepted a ballista bolt aimed at Saphira. The last male dragon alive was Glaedr but he had been injured in the battle of Du Weldenvarden. His injury was deep and damaged his spine causing Glaedr to be paralysed from the neck down.

All this meant that each and every last male dragon was either dead or soon to be meaning that Saphira was now the last dragon and with her death the dragon race will fall into extinction.

Are you ok Saphira? Eragon asked as they flew over Bullridge. A few people below shouted in cheer as they saw the dragon rider soar above. Her reply was sorrowful and made Eragon wish he hadn't spoken.

I am fine, little one. I was just thinking.

Would you like to talk about it? he inquired further, rubbing the neck of his dragon to comfort her.

No little one. You know very well why I am upset so and it would be pointless to discuss it. I am sorry.

Don't be sorry Saphira, I feel what you are feeling through our link and if I was you I wouldn't want to talk about it either.

They travelled onwards in silence for a while. Eragon looked at the moon and found that it was two hours before midnight. They should begin to look for a new place for him and Saphira to live where they could be left in peace without the conflicting interests of the elves, dwarves and humans.

Where would you like to go Eragon? We could return to the spine if you so wished. I know you have happy memories of your childhood there.

Well Saphira, he replied scratching her between the scales. I seem to recall you saying you wouldn't mind living in the desert when the war was over. Well, the war is over and I do believe I promised you we could. I can use the same spell we used to extract water from the 

desert and I also know magic to protect my skin from the blistering sun. Besides, it is your ancestral home after all.

Saphira thought for a moment. Her wings beat in a steady rhythm and Eragon soon found himself nodding his head in the same rhythm. Saphira had not answered in several minutes but this did not worry Eragon. He knew his dragon inside and out and knew that she was still thinking on a decision that would affect them for possibly a long time to come, so he just relaxed and waited as he watched her wings.

Yes, I would like that little one, she replied after some time, It would only seem fitting...for the dragon fall extinct in their ancestral home.

SAPHIRA, Eragon exclaimed, do not say such a thing, you know as well as I that there is a possibility of us living forever and we do not know for sure if you are the last dragon. The Hadarac desert is vastly unexplored who knows what we could find.

I hope you are right little one, I well and truly do. As she said this Eragon felt a wave of emotion pass over him. He sighed as he comforted his depressed dragon, he then looked towards the desert as Saphira changed course.

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